Part of what gets us out of bed in the am (besides coffee!), is discovering amazing and talented mamas and great products we think you might like! Although this series is sponsored by Fisher-Price, the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Collection totally knocked us out with it’s incredible design and quality so we were thrilled to collaborate with them and the authentic women in these posts.

Lynzy Coughlin is the mama behind the blog Lynzy & Co. Having started it as a creative outlet while she was working in the ER, it slowly developed into her full-time gig. Blogging principally about motherhood, this mama has all of your questions answered, and if they’re not, she wants you to ask them! Read below to find out more about her thoughts on baby-proofing, what the #latenightnursingfeed is, and how her experience with postpartum was different the second time around.

Interview with Lynzy Coughlin


check out the interview with Lynzy Coughlin of Lynzy & Co


What was the most exciting thing waiting for Ellie to be born? Did you find out what you were having before hand?

We had NO idea that Ellie was a girl. The best thing EVER was to wait to find out the gender! We actually picked out her name the day I went into labor. We went out on a long walk to a nearby bookstore and we were reading name books and both saw “Eliora” and KNEW that it was going to be her name (if it was a girl) 🙂 I swear that she was waiting until we figured out a name before she decided to make her debut!


As a second time mama did you feel like the experience of getting your home ready for baby was so much easier than the first time? What are some things you didn’t know the first time that you had in your mama toolkit this time around?

It was MUCH easier. In fact, I was so laid back that her nursery wasn’t even ready when she arrived! Doing everything the second time means that I got to enjoy everything a bit more and be more laid back. I was able to soak up the newborn snuggles instead of worrying about how much I should be breastfeeding her and when her last dirty diaper was. 😉


After two kids you must be an expert on baby gear. What are some must have items you would tell your newly pregnant super stylish friend she needs to add to her registry? What’s on your go-to gift list to buy for you friends?

I used the Motorola Wireless Two Way Baby Monitor for Olivia, which was great! However, I didn’t even use a monitor with Ellie. I can easily hear her throughout the house and I became crazy about watching the monitor at night, so I decided to get rid of it! 🙂 I also love the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher Price Collection. My favorite item has got to be the Deluxe High Chair. The colors and design work so well with our kitchen. It’s also super easy to clean, which we all know can be a hassle with messy babies! The DockATot has been a lifesaver when it comes to transitioning the baby into the crib. As for clothes, I love shopping small. There are so many small shops that I love. Some of these include: Blu Pony Vintage, Hide & Cotton, Bebe Organic, Misha and Puff, Petite Coo, Rylee & Cru, & Marlowe and Mae!

check out this interview with Lynzy Coughlin of Lynzy & Co featuring fisher price

With two girls in totally different life stages, it can be hard to be present for both of them at the same time. I’m here with an almost 1 year hanging from me, while my 5 year old wants me to play dress-up! What do you do when Olivia wants you to play with her but Ellie isn’t ready for a nap and wants your attention at the same time?

I always try to involve both of them with whatever activity we may be doing, even making dinner! I explain to Olivia that when Ellie goes down for a nap, then it’s “Mommy & Olivia” time! I always have Olivia pretend to be “mommy” and help me change Ellie’s diapers and even feed her bottles!


Safety is always a big deal with a new little one and baby-proofing is definitely a hassle! With a background in the medical field, you must be extra aware of the dangers mamas need to look out for. What some things you did to baby-proof before Ellie arrived? Any funny stories of things that she gotten into?

I have to be honest and say that I am the worst at baby-proofing! I always make sure any chemicals/cleaning supplies are up on the highest shelves and unreachable to the kids. I also have a few gates that I put up to block them off from the stairs. Overall, they are both very well behaved and they don’t get into much trouble! I feel so blessed. I am a bit crazy when it comes to having the crib completely bare for sleeping! Olivia just got a blanket this past year when she turned two!


As you know, everything is so hectic with a newborn. What did you do when you were home alone and needed to have a quick shower? Where did you feel safe leaving Ellie for a few minutes?

I always brought her into the bathroom with me in the Deluxe Rock ‘N Play Sleeper! I can strap her in and know that she’s safe. You can even control the rocking motion and the soothing music and vibrations with the Smart Connect app on your phone, which is pretty amazing.

lynzy coughlin interview and reading a book

They say that having a second child can feel like you have 200 children! What was your biggest worry when you were pregnant with your second and how did that play out?

I was a bit worried that I would feel overwhelmed all the time. I have to say that I don’t agree with what everyone says about it being so difficult. Some days are definitely tougher than others, but for the most part, it’s great! They are playing together now which also helps!


As new mama you hosted #LateNightNursingFeed talks on your feed. What were some of the most intriguing conversations that developed out of that? Most interesting thing you learned?

The biggest thing I took out of those talks is that everyone perceives motherhood differently and everyone has their own challenges. We need to be mindful about what others’ may be going through and lend a helping hand whenever possible.

Introducing the bottle can be so nerve racking. How old was Ellie and what was the experience like? If you’re closest friend was about to start introducing the bottle, what secrets would share?

I went back to work when Ellie was 3 months and she WOULD NOT take a bottle! It was so frustrating! You have to be persistent and try consistently. The trick with Ellie was that we had to walk around bouncing her while she was drinking the bottle. The second we would sit down, she would fuss and refuse it! She also wanted it warmed up, just like breastmilk! 🙂 Our go-to bottles with each babe were the Comotomo bottles! We swear by them!

lynzy coughlin interview featuring the fisher price bouncer


Sleep is always the most elusive and sought after thing in the early days with bebe. Any tricks you found to help get her to sleep? What’s her napping routine been like? Where does Ellie like to nap?

Ellie was transitioned into her crib at 4 months old, same as Olivia. It’s always a tough transition but after a few weeks, it always ends up being for the best. Ellie still takes two solid naps most days and sleeps through the night 60% of the time! 🙂 I actually used sleep coach, Melissa Perry from The Cradle Coach to “sleep train” both of my daughters and she was a god send!


My favorite part of the day is putting my girls to bed and getting in some extra cuddles. What’s your bedtime ritual like with the girls? Any Fave books you like to read?

Every night we all go up and put on PJs, brush our teeth, and hop into bed for story time. Olivia’s favorite books include “Pout Pout Fish”, “Paddington”, “Fancy Nancy”, and “Stuck”.


We talk so much about the experience of having a baby as it relates to the new little person in your life, but so much happens to us as women as well. What was your postpartum experience like?

My postpartum experience the first time around was pretty horrific. Honestly, I just don’t think we are prepared enough for handling all the things that come along with it. I had no idea what to expect and I was unpleasantly surprised. All of that being said, I was VERY prepared the second time around and everything was so much more enjoyable. My labor was 12 hours less than the first and my body was able to recover much more easily overall.



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