Let’s be honest. I love to shop. I pride myself on finding interesting and unique items for family and friends and I’m sort of obsessed with shopping for my kids. Give me anything in miniature version and I’m pretty much sold. Lately however, my finds for my littles have not been as popular as I would expect them to be. When my daughter declared that she’ll only wear dresses and prefers them without sleeves, only in pink and ideally with glitter/sequins/jewels, I’m pretty darned happy with myself when I find exactly that. Except, she hates it. I don’t get it. So, I’ve resorted to taking my littles with me on shopping trips which end up in tears (mine, not theirs) as they have the time of their lives using the display tables as forts and changing room curtains as hiding spots. It’s. So. Stressful. So, when Mac & Mia asked if I wanted to try their box service, I thought, “why not!”.

Normally I don’t gravitate towards curated boxes because as I mentioned before, I really love the art of the hunt. But, as the kids get older, schedules get busier, and their tastes get more, um… refined? I thought I could use a little help. Turns out, if I present my kids with a selection of clothes on my dining room table, it’s much more enjoyable for us all and my daughter isn’t married to pink, sleeveless and sparkly afterall. Who knew? She loved a dress that was light grey (huh?), had long sleeves (wha?) and was something I kind of wished came in my size. She looked adorable and I wasn’t left feeling like I had to hide her outfit under an oversized coat (sorry bedazzled Unicorn tee, I’m just not that into you!). My son on the other hand, really hasn’t showed any interest in what he wears. At all. But, as he unpacked his customized box, he was awestruck that these selections were just for him and he had a constant stream of commentary for each thing he carefully unwrapped, “this is cozy!”, “this is cool!”, “this is something an 8 year-old would wear!” (he’s very big into the idea of being a big kid). Success.

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With some newfound time on my hands this week (my son was in desperate need of some new pants that I no longer needed to hunt for), I decided to plan a special after-school outing. Lately I’ve found myself feeling really nostalgic for when my kids were little and I’ve been holding on to our moments together a little tighter. Living in New York City, there are all kinds of adventures that we can squeeze in between pick up and dinner and we try to make the most of the plethora of activities we have at our disposal. One recent favorite is visiting museums. The Whitney is a great choice due to its manageable size, interesting art and stunning architecture. It’s also located on The Highline if we want to get our sillies out running around before and then is situated across the street from our favorite family restaurant, Bubby’s. I may or may not have bribed them to be good at the museum with a sundae after our visit. Maybe.

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I love to start on the top floor to see the latest exhibit and make our way down through the building via the light-filled stairwell. On each floor I give the kids a “mission” to help to keep them engaged and also make the visit a little more fun. From giving the guard a high-five to finding the painting that has the word “head” in the title, they love trying to figure out what materials the artists used and what he or she may have been thinking about while creating the piece. If only there was audio to accompany this story as their thoughts were amusing to say the least.

explore nyc with littles wearing Mac & Mia

It may have only been two hours out of our day but it’s two hours that I may have used for dragging the kids around town to different stores. Mac & Mia was created by a working mom of 5 kids (yes, 5!) after all, so you’ve gotta think she knew what she was doing to make it as efficient and effortless as possible. I was super impressed with all of the choices that came in our boxes and felt the pieces were unique and interesting to boot. I even discovered some brands that I hadn’t heard of before and I’m always appreciative of some good intel. You can also work with an individual stylist who will talk to you via email or text and really get to know who you are so it’s truly a personalized service.

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I loved our afternoon together and plan to continue these adventures for as long as the kids will let me. Using our imaginations and exploring together is much more fun than watching them roll across the changing room floor.


Mac & Mia is founded by Marie Tillman. To read more about how she got started, check out our interview.

Lucky for us, Mac & Mia is offering heymama an exclusive discount. Enter code HEYMAMA to receive $20 off the items you keep! Credit will be applied at checkout. Happy shopping!

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