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Philly mom and HeyMama member Jenny Meassick has two jobs. She runs Chocolate and Lace, a lifestyle blog that is as lusciously aesthetic as it sounds. The mother of two also happens to be a financial advisor. With a client base of 80% women, she took on this career path to empower women when it comes to personal finance.

Just when you thought her plate was full, Meassick has taken on another passion project. She’s the local ambassador for HeyMama in Philadelphia, and that involves helping the global network build a local community for working mothers. But to be a HeyMama ambassador isn’t just about hosting events. It’s also about contributing to the narrative for women in the workforce. 

“With Philadelphia being the sixth largest city in the United States, we want to be at the forefront of these changes that make working more conducive to mothers,” says Meassick. For Meassick, that means seeing more local companies offer resources such as on-site daycare, extended and/or maternity leave or flex schedules for working moms. Unfortunately, these parental benefits are still far and few between. She says, “From drop off to pick ups to lengthy public commutes to unaffordable daycares and proving ourselves in our 9-5, Philly moms face the same challenges that other working moms face in other cities.”

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That’s why HeyMama teamed up with The Lincoln Motor Company to bring Mama Mentors to Philadelphia. We gathered successful career-oriented mothers from the Philly area to mentor our groups of excited mentees on how to juggle all things career and motherhood. Mothers from across the city of Brotherly Love and surrounding suburbs gathered at the Fitler Club, a new lifestyle, co-working and social club in the heart of the City Center. Its sleek and industrial (yet ultra-urbane) décor graced by culinary bites were a treat for moms taking a break from office and home. Mamas were able to check out Lincoln’s newest vehicle, the Lincoln Aviator, before heading inside the space for their mentoring sessions.

“I met so many great working moms that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise,” says Meassick. “From Center City to the Main Line, like-minded mamas came out to get connected and learn from each other.”

Whether it’s how to be your own boss while or heading back to work after maternity leave, attendees learned that they are not alone in their day-to-day juggle as working moms.

“Some of the stories and companies I learned about from the HeyMama tribe are incredible inspiration to continue to grow, flex and mold to do the impossible,” adds Meassick.

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Mama Mentors included local moms Gabrielle Raymond McGee, COO of the Tory Burch Foundation and Nicole McGee, founder of Hip City Veg. Another mentor on board was Danielle Davies, cofounder of Moms Running, a Philadelphia-based business that trains and supports women to run for office. As a mother to a 14 and 10-year-old, former journalist and author, Davies is well-equipped to mentor the next wave of new moms. But she found that so many women were already crushing it.

“They reframe the situation to fit them,” Davies says. “When moms need something that’s not there, they create that resource for themselves and others—that’s what moms do best. They make things happen.”

Davies met with four mamas in her group, including a social entrepreneur, an aspiring writer and last but not least, a new mom contemplating running for public office.  “She was awesome, we still talk and I hope she runs—and wins.”

HeyMama is building our local community in Philadelphia. If you’re a local Philly working mom, we’d love to have you at our next event. Email Jenny or our Membership team to learn more! 

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