Meet the ladies of Mama and Tata, who we have tapped to provide our heymama mommies with their curated guide to the Hamptons…

We are two sisters born and raised in New York City who have lived downtown, uptown, east-side, and west-side, over the past 30 years. We love our city and all of its resources, and are passionate about the culture, fashion, and lifestyle it provides us. Through our many years of scouring different neighborhoods to find the best of the best, we have researched and gathered an extensive list to provide our followers with a guide to this city. As Mama and Tata (auntie in French), we tell our story from the perspective of a fashionable mom of two, Candice, and a newly pregnant and inquisitive mom-to-be, Jenna, who lean on each other and pass each other sisterly advice. As moms and aunties, on this journey of motherhood together, we would like to share our experiences and impart our insights on how to be a great mom while maintaining beauty, style, and glamour in everyday life. We have teamed with the rad chicks of heymama to give you a glimpse into our strong sisterly bond as Mama and Tata while providing you with our Hamptons Secrets!

Mama (as described by Tata) – Candice Miller is the head buyer for Tenet shop in Southampton, New York. She wears so many hats and has so many talents; on top of her buying experience, she is a certified learning specialist and worked at the Dwight School in an educational and charitable role for over 5 years. I would describe her as a type A mom, a creative planner, who always puts her kids first. I rely on Candice for EVERYTHING! She is my go-to person for advice in all aspects of my life. Her style in 3 words is feminine, cohesive, and original.

Tata (as described by Mama) – Jenna Crespi left her law profession behind to work at the e-commerce and marketing platform Gilt City, a division of Gilt Groupe. She spent her years there researching New York’s best services across all categories, including beauty, fitness, travel, and food, making her an expert on her city. Jenna grew up raiding my closet and now leans on me to answer all of her questions regarding motherhood. I continuously rely on Jenna for sound judgment and relaxed energy, which will make her a great mom. Her style in 3 words is comfortable, casual, and simple.




Mama & Tata's Guide to the Hamptons

First Blue LLC at Rose Hill Farm

Our closest friends recommended Rose Hill, where they sent their daughters to ride every summer.  Their children learned so much about love, courage, and discipline, not to mention, they are all major award-winning, competitive riders to this day.  My daughter showed such excitement about pony riding that I set up private riding lessons for her.  Her two favorite, sweet, gentle ponies at the stable are named Blacky and Willow.  The instructors, Amanda and Jess, are wonderful and take it very slow with beginners to build confidence and give encouragement.  My daughter loves her time at Rose Hill, and is now trotting around the ring with a smile on her face, eager to learn whatever comes next.  At the end of each lesson, she is invited to groom her pony, brush his hair, and feed him.  My daughter looks forward to this portion of the lesson, since she is very care-taking and loves animals.

Mama & Tata's Guide to the Hamptons

Babinski Farm Stand

As a Mama, it’s very difficult to find fresh, boneless fish to feed my children.  After a long search out east, I found Babinski Farm Stand, where they had a fresh catch from Thursday-Sunday. Mama and Tata’s highlight here are their fresh lobsters that they chop up on site.  Their fish is so clean and delicious, we have it cooking in our home almost every night, and all it needs is a pinch of sea salt and a touch of olive oil!  It makes healthy eating easy!  If you’re in the mood for a splurge, they also have the most spectacular cheeses, fresh coffee crumb cakes, and chocolate chip banana bread!  The kiddies can go ride on the big red tractor out front, pick beautiful wild flowers, or feed the chickens out back!  Family fun for all!

Botanica Baazar

Botanica Baazar, which recently opened in Amagansett Square, is our new go-to beauty boutique. They sell all of our favorite product lines like Shiva Rose skincare, Captain Blakenship hair products, and the beautiful co-owner Leilani Bishop’s fragrance oils. This is the perfect spot to find serenity with their selection of natural oils and scrubs. We highlight this shop as our top beauty destination in the Hamptons.

Mama & Tata's Guide to the Hamptons

Parrish Art Museum

The Parrish Art is the perfect indoor activity during summer days when taking a break from the beach. The architecture alone is astounding, set on 14 acres in Water Mill and designed by the incredibly talented duo Herzog & de Meuron. It provides our family with the perfect dose of cultural fun and learning about contemporary art. Check out their current exhibition through July titled Radical Seafaring, that explores boat trips around East End.

Wolffer Estate

Sunset Fridays and Saturdays at Wolffer, running through the end of September, provide the best setup for our weekly family picnics. When Tata isn’t pregnant, we take down our Wolffer rose and cheese while the girls play with their friends and dance to the live music. It is such a special setting in the vineyard and the wines are delicious, so we recommend taking a case home!

Mama & Tata's Guide to the Hamptons



More from Mama & Tata

The phrase “Mama & Tata” was derived from my two-year old daughter, Leelee, who decided to call my sister and me the “Mamatata” whenever Jenna came over to play.   The sister relationship is extremely significant in our family as our grandmothers each came from two sisters, our mothers were two sisters, and of course, we were two sisters, and then I had two little girls!  As a Mom of two children, I feel there is a high demand for honest, reliable, beneficial information in all aspects of our lives.  We simply do not have time to do the research it takes to find the “best.”  We are far too busy feeding our children, bathing them, taking them to activities and playdates, getting them dressed for school, drop offs, pick ups, birthday parties, cleaning up their rooms, watching their favorite Disney movie, and answering the question “but why mommy?” a gazillion times a day.  Some days it’s hard to even get a shower in or take a bathroom break. There are SO many things moms need to know about even before becoming one.  The scariest part of becoming a mom is the unknown, and all of the unspoken crazy things that go along with the transition into this role.  I wanted to have a web guide to openly address all of these unspoken occurrences. I wanted to provide my sister (Tata) and the rest of the moms out there with ways to feel better, get better, and be the best mom that you can be.  As it turns out, a happy, healthy mom is what ultimately creates the best environment for a child’s development.  So, be good to yourselves, and let me help you get through this beautiful, wild, magical, yet sometimes challenging journey.


Carrying my first baby has been an unexpected and exciting journey. I have so many questions, and of course my sister has been an amazing resource, but I enjoy researching and exploring what NYC has to offer. My curiosities range from nursery decor, to prenatal massages, to exploring organic food stores and skincare lines, to what should be in my hospital bag, which classes are available for early childhood development, to baby food recipes and more. I intend to document this process of searching for what is best for me and my first baby boy, and do all of the research for pregnant moms in NYC asking these same questions. There is so much to learn as a new mom, and I can’t wait to share it with you while preparing for the best gift life has to offer.

Guide to the Hamptons


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