IMG_7050Through heymama we’ve had the pleasure of meeting  so many cool women. When we met Nicole Gonzalez from Lillies & Leon,  we had a total girl crush moment.  How can she be so sweet, so down to earth, AND this gorgeous?!  Nicole was toting her main man Lucas and bubbling a mile a minute with ideas. We were bonding over fashion and cupcakes when the words “I love Hatch” came out of her mouth. DONE. We love HATCH too and it’s effortlessly chic founder Ariane Goldman. If you haven’t heard of Hatch it’s a maternity line created by designer and mama Ariane with style, beauty, and fluidity in mind. Each piece is meant to grow with your pregnancy and be just as functional AFTER the baby arrives.


IMG_6613(1)This is the stuff we live for.  Getting amazing women together to collaborate, support each other and have fun.  Introductions were made and we set out to the Conservatory Garden to shoot the new Hatch Plage Summer Collection with one or our favorite NYC photographers Mary Grace. The stunning photos capture the grace and ease of the collection, but you can’t see Mary and Nicole’s littles, Lucas and Olive popping out of the bushes and chasing each other through the garden like adorable little monkeys. We hid from the grounds staff and pretended to be trying to keep the kids off the grass to get the shots. Such is the way a creative working mama gets the job done.


To learn more about all three of these creative members, check out our Discover page.

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