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Welcome to our new contributor serieswhere you’ll be hearing from different women in various industries ranging from health and wellness to business and everywhere in-between. Our first featured contributor is Kimberly Johnson, otherwise known as “The Vaginapractor.” When we met Kimberly at one of our LA events, we instantly felt a bond and wanted to share her wisdom with everyone we knew. She’s smart, funny, compassionate and has made it her mission to heal women from trauma they may have experienced through childbirth. Today, we are launching Kimberly’s six-part series with a quick Q&A so you can hear firsthand how she started her business, juggles motherhood and career, as well as a few tips she’s picked up along the way. Read on…


Welcome to the heymama team! We’re so thrilled to have you on board as a featured contributor. Let’s cut to the chase! You are also known as “The Vaginapractor.” Tell us more about that and your career.

Health care in general is more segmentalized than ever. If a woman feels different in her pelvis and sexuality after she gives birth, who does she go to? Her OB already told her she was good to go for sex and exercise. She doesn’t talk to her therapist about sex. The chiropractor works externally on her pelvis. The physical therapist gets uncomfortable when she cries. Her personal trainer and yoga teacher tell her to avoid a couple poses and take care of herself. What happens when there is pain inside the pelvis? There aren’t many places to go to get a holistic approach to our health as women, and as mothers. So women who have questions about their body and their sexuality can come to me, and I am able to serve them as a vaginapractor.

the vaginapractor

How did the idea for your business come about, and how did you turn this idea into a business?

I never had a business idea per se. My greatest wounds, and the lessons from them, have always become my greatest teachings. I had an incredibly unexpected and difficult postpartum recovery and knew there had to be a better way. Once I was able to heal myself without the surgery that my doctor had recommended, I knew I had to help other women get access to the information that I had. As a result, I got more serious about the best ways to reach women.

What sort of topics can our readers expect from you?

Sexuality, holistic health care, and all the sides of motherhood: physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual.

What do you think is the biggest misconception between work/life balance for working mothers?

I think it is an absolute misconception that we can do it all and that we can do it all well. Balance is a dynamic process that happens over an extended period of time. If we try to do it all, something suffers, whether it is our health, our children’s health, our marriage, or our work. It’s okay to follow the natural flow that happens throughout life as certain parts of our life require more attention – like new motherhood.

the vaginapractor

What advice would you give to a mama wanting to start a business?

Make sure that you are really clear on what your motivations are. Make sure your goals are your own. Resist the urge to want growth or more for growth’s sake. Reflect on the bigger picture of how you want to feel.

What has been your most rewarding experience through your work and why?

Every single work day is rewarding for me because I help women put the pieces together of a puzzle they haven’t been able to solve, in a relatively short period of time. I get to see women’s eyes brighten when they understand the reason behind why they have been experiencing the pain they’ve been feeling. It is such an honor to walk in this intimate territory with another human. I love being the bridge between worlds to help people understand all of the information they are getting about themselves externally and internally.

If there was one thing that you wish more women would do for their daily well-being, what would that be?

Pause often and regularly to check in with how your body is feeling. And to regularly remember everything that you are doing (rather than what you are not doing).

What is your morning routine? Do you set a daily intention or have any rituals?

My morning routine is to wake up before my daughter and go to Fitwall, a 40-minute functional training workout, and then I come home, get her out of bed, make breakfast and pack her lunch. This is only now that she is 10, because I am a single parent, so now she is old enough that I can leave her alone for a bit.

How do you stay sane with the work/motherhood juggle? What is your way of coping when you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed or burned out? How do you treat yourself? 

Friends are my food. I rely on great friendships with people who can listen when I feel overwhelmed or frustrated. I also have weekly Somatic Experiencing sessions with a therapist who can hold space for me since I am holding space for so many. I treat myself in different ways, but mostly when I am feeling frustrated, etc. It’s because I am out of balance in the giving and receiving balance, so connection is where I replenish. I also get regular bodywork.

What are you currently reading?

Are there any amazing shortcuts, apps, or rules you swear by?  

I love the Muse meditation device. It is science-based and such a helpful tool for meditation.

You live in San Diego. What does your dream day look like?

Every day is a kind of a dream day for me, whether it’s an office day where I am working with women in the Dome, or whether it’s a writing day. I am passionate about what I do and the people I love. It’s a supreme day when I get to melt at the beach, take a swim, and/or explore a new part of town with friends.

Name one thing that you have found to be really frustrating in your professional career. 

I know that I need support to grow my business to the next level. It has been really frustrating for me to try to figure out what that support looks like, the step-by step approach to take. I am an idea person. I have so many ideas and they all have so much heart behind them, but I limit myself when I don’t choose, focus and move forward.

the vaginapractor

3 pearls of wisdom


Good enough is best. Forget perfection.


It’s who I am more than what I say.


Repair is always possible.

xx Kimberly Johnson

Photos courtesy of WMN Space and Edica Pacha 

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