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Name: Amy Nobile

Company: ASH + AMES

Title: Co-Founder

Website: www.ashandames.com

Instagram accounts: @ashandames and @amynobile

Kids: 2

amy nobile

We love spending time with heymama member, Amy Nobile. This bestselling author, turned television producer, turned jewelry company co-founder is juggling work, life and motherhood with style and grace. This mama is also whip-smart, has an inner stand-up comedian waiting to get out and spends her free time building schools and houses in Haiti. Oh, and she is one of the friendliest and loyal women we know.  

Words you live by?

“Everything happens for a reason” and “Life is about connecting with others on a meaningful level without expectation”.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

The only guarantee in life is change.

amy nobile

Your business partner is also your best friend. What advice do you have for women wanting to collaborate with friends?

That’s such an excellent question – and we get asked it a LOT, since business partnerships with close friends statistically don’t work out well. We started out writing books on motherhood and marriage and had a shared set of values both personally and professionally that were really strong. We also trust each other implicitly, and when there’s an issue between us we confront it, get through it, and poof! It’s gone after that. Also, we have very complementary skill sets – so we can divide and conquer pretty easily. But definitely expect some bumps in the road in that first year as you’re figuring roles and responsibilities out.

A portion of your proceeds go back to women in developing countries. Tell us more.

We founded ASH + AMES almost instantly after a volunteer trip to Haiti, where we saw female artisans making bracelets out of cow horn and wood. For us, there was no point in creating a company unless there was a tangible give back component.  Currently, we give back 100% of the proceeds from all the jewelry made in Haiti right back to those communities. We travel back frequently and enroll kids in schools and build homes. Also, anyone who hosts an ASH + AMES trunk show can donate 10% of revenue to any charity of her choice, which we love.

amy nobile

Can you think of a really challenging moment in your career? Why was it so difficult and how did you overcome it?

After we wrote our best-selling books and did a whirlwind of media including Oprah, Today Show, etc., we did NOT expect to feel so totally stuck. We knew we had more to do – but had no idea what direction to go in, so we dropped everything and headed to Haiti with a group of women to volunteer. Once again, everyone was scratching their heads thinking ‘What are they up to now?’, but we just had a feeling – that really cool feeling when you just know something exciting is around the corner – and followed our gut. ASH + AMES was born so quickly after that.

What does the perfect day in NYC look like to you?

To me, NYC is like a mystical, magical friend that I want to spend every minute with. I honestly don’t love a place more. This city is just as gorgeous to me on a crisp sunny Fall day as it is on a mucky after-the-snowstorm slushy one. And, I feel blessed and lucky to live here every single day.

amy nobile

What’s your happy place?

I love being curled up with my kiddies and husband just about anywhere. Preferably with a buttery Chardonnay and a Sefte blanket around me.

What are your 3 pearls of mama wisdom?

1. Don’t stress the small stuff.  My kids are now teens, and how I wish I wouldn’t have worried about them not eating peas and carrots, or how quickly they learned to read.

2. Savor the really good moments, because in a flash, they’re gone. Don’t worry so much about the really tough moments, because they’ll also pass quickly.

3. Your kids are NEVER too old to cuddle with. My 14 year-old son will drape his arms around me (in public!) and my daughter still lets me crawl into her bed every morning to cuddle.

amy nobile

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