Heymama Co-founders Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin, along with super stylish Miami influencers Ana Linares of Ana New York and Amanda of The Fashionable Hostess, co-hosted Pottery Barn SoBe’s opening party. The new store is located on the pretty outdoor shopping area of The Lincoln, at 1691 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach.

Guests mingled and checked out the gorgeous space stocked with stunning pieces perfect for Miami entertaining, while nibbling on bites like tiny cuban sandwiches and ceviche from Eggwhites Special Event Catering. Towards the back of the store, Melanie Fernandez of House of Lilac created flower crowns with fresh blooms. Guests were encouraged to try their hand at making their own but Melanie would make a custom headpiece on request.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to find some great interior styling tips from Ana, Amanda, and our very own Editor in Chief, Amri Kibbler.

Heymama Pottery Barn
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Heymama Pottery Barn
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There was an in incredible sense of community as women clustered in the cozy “living room” and posed for pictures in the Sharing Box photo booth. The flower crowns and adorable pillows, with sayings like “Home”, made for perfect props as we posed.

Inspired by our setting, we shared entertaining tips with one another (check them out below!) and had the chance to ask the onsite experts and party co-hosts to share a few of their secrets as well. 


When decorating a new space I always start with a theme or one print that I’m in love with. I was totally crushing on these Astrid Trellis Embroidered pillows from Pottery Barn and dreamed up a whole Moroccan theme for our patio. I then pulled out the bits of orange on the rug with pretty colorful napkins and small printed bowls. Accessories can make or break a space and napkins are a fun, inexpensive and easy way to change up your entertaining vibe. Something as simple as switching the color or print can add whole new feel to your setup. In this set up, I chose to use contrasting napkin holders to the copper tray so the metals wouldn’t be overpowering. A few other tips are:

  1. Stock-up on a selection of pretty plastic glassware for outdoor entertaining. I like to vary them depending on the decor or party theme. Plus, there is nothing worse than broken glass at a party, especially near a pool.
  2. Keep your pantry stocked with a few specialty items (nuts, fancy crackers, or chocolates) that you can bring out for guests in a pinch. I hide these in the back of the pantry so they’ll be on hand for any unexpected visitors but out of sight from the littles.
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Frog Drum Accent Table || Copper Tray || Mill Acacia Serve Platter || Burnished Gold Cheese || Knives || Trina Rug



I just love “nautical” blues come spring/summer, and ever since I re-did my patio with more color, I have been itching to add that same fresh feel to the interior of my home. When I saw all of the blue pillows on the Pottery Barn website, I knew they would be the perfect update from my sea of neutrals. The end result was a huge impact on the space and I feel so ready for the season.

If you are looking to make an instant change in your space, pillows and throw blankets are the perfect place to start. With a quick refresh you can add new colors or textures to a space. From there, compliment with bright flowers and a cool tray!

I always seek out inspiration photos before starting a project. Whether its browsing my Pinterest , or taking a screen shot of favorite photos on Instagram, I keep endless “inspiration” folders on my phone and computer. Once I have decided on a theme, I analyze what I love about the inspiration… what stuck out… was it something served, a pillow, an accessory? I then create a shopping list to bring this to life in my own home. A few of my tips include:

  1. For day time entertaining, I always have fresh flowers, a clean and airy scent from a diffuser or candle, and some sort of snack and drink set up. For snacks, I usually serve something healthy like fruit, cheese, plantain chips and guacamole. And for drinks, my go-to is fresh lemonade or peach tea in a pretty pitcher. I want people to feel welcome and relaxed from the moment they come in.
  2. For evening entertaining, I always make my bar self-service! I place opened bottles of wine in a pretty ice bucket and I also place mixers, fresh lemons and limes and other garnishes on a tray. Of course, don’t forget a mix of glassware and cocktail napkins.
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Home Sentiment Lumbar Pillow Cover || Kyla Embroidered Pillow Cover || Trellis Velvet || Appliqué Pillow Cover || Textured Linen Pillow Cover || Leona Metal Console Table



I love decor that is modern and colorful and I love finding inspiration from my travels. When hosting a party, I love creating a theme or color story behind it. I was really drawn to the Puebla Collection from Pottery Barn and it’s colors brings back memories from my trips to Mexico, which hold a special place in my heart. I was able to design a couple of different settings, one inspired by the beach and neutral tones, which are always a favorite and a second, inspired by my love for Mexican patterns and blues. Both of these were designed around the idea of layering elements, shapes and textures to make the table feel lived in and timeless. A few additional tips include:

  1. Have a great centerpiece which will decorate the table and possibly double as display for hors d’oeuvres.
  2. Always have a pop of color!
  3. Layer the table with all items needed to entertain, but always keep in mind that less is more! All you really need is good company, a beautiful table, some rose and music to set the tone to a wonderful night!
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