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Thara Natalie is a music exec, holistic nutritionist, yogi, studio owner and mama and has the most adorable family in the Garden State. We’re inspired by this insta-mama’s quest for living a healthier, more holistic life and we’re hoping some of her good habits will rub off on us as we reach for the 10th cookie of the day this holiday season. New Year’s is just days away now and we’re ready to go into 2017 on a high note. Thanks for getting us motivated Thara!

Thara Natalie

On Following Your Passions: Having our daughter Ayva, was the start of a really amazing journey for me and helped me to find my personal purpose. I had always known that I wanted to help people, getting certified as a holistic nutritionist in 2003 and as a yoga teacher in 2008.  But it was only after the birth of our daughter that it all really came together.  After heaving a healthy pregnancy and being able to get back to feeling my best within just 4 months of delivery, it really inspired me to help others on their weight loss journeys and I started Get Toned with Thara.  In the interim, we also found an amazing space for our yoga studio which we finally opened when Ayva was 18 months old. The opening of the studio was a much longer process than we had anticipated but since opening the doors, it has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Yoga is  a truly trans-formative process for people both physically and mentally and helping people on their journeys has been my biggest gift.


On Life Lessons: Let go of the things you cannot change. This is something I learned many years ago but probably didn’t truly put into action until more recently!  My yoga practice really helped me find that inner contentment with those around me. I can’t change you. I can only change how I react to you.  And when you realize that, things become so much simpler. I think as women, we have a tendency to think we can fix everything and everyone around us, but we can’t!  We can only change ourselves. When I understood that, life became much simpler.

On Motherhood: Our amazing tiny humans are born with a personality all their own!  I think before having your own kids, you often see other children and assume that their behavior is related to something that their parents are or aren’t doing. But, then you have your own, and you realize that these little beings are truly born with a mind all their own. We can influence and guide them of course, but they really do have their own ways from the moment they enter the world. Our job as parents, is just to help and guide them to make the best decisions possible. Last summer our daughter fell by the swimming pool and bruised her knee.  After that experience, she didn’t want to wear her bathing suit in the pool because she associated her bathing suit with falling and would only wear her pajamas. Instead of fighting and forcing her to wear the bathing suit, I just let her wear her pj’s in the pool if that meant she was comfortable. It took about 3 months, but she finally got over her fear and put a bathing suit on when we took a trip to Hawaii.  The beauty of it was that I let her feel what she was feeling and eventually she found her way out of it. It was a great reminder that we’ve got to let them have their feelings, even if we don’t always understand them. This experience was also a great reminder to really support other parents because sometimes what we see going on on the outside, isn’t as simple as it may seem to the eye.


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