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Part of what gets us out of bed in the am (besides coffee!), is discovering amazing and talented mamas and great products we think you might like! Although this series is sponsored by Fisher-Price, the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Collection totally knocked us out with it’s incredible design and quality so we were thrilled to collaborate with them and the authentic women in these posts.

Someone with amazing taste and a love for bold colors when decorating her house, Morgan Hutchinson of Shop BURU has a knack for not only fashion, but interior design as well. Her eclectic interior has made her home a target for magazine spreads. A house can’t look more magazine ready than that! She spills her secrets on how her recent spread got to be so picture perfect, ahem staging!, how to decorate your house like a pro and her favorite baby digs. Moral of the story: Getting stylish baby toys and supplies that don’t ruin your vibe!

Morgan Hutchinson’s Eclectic Interior Design

Morgan Hutchinson


Morgan Hutchinson


Congratulations on being featured in Lonny Magazine! Your home looks so polished, perfect and gorgeous in the feature! Does your home look this neat on a daily basis? (If so, we are so JELLY) How did you get ready for the shoot? Any simple room styling tricks you can share?

Well thank you for the kind words, but seriously, it’s impossible for a house to be magazine worthy all the time with an almost 4-year old running around! There is editorial and there is real life—and on a good day, it overlaps 75%. The other 25% is full of messy piles of toys, the dishes, the dirty clothes, the disheveled throw pillows and the tiny (but super cute!) fingerprints on EVERYTHING.

As far as getting ready for the shoot, I did a bit of delegating (something that we should all give ourselves permission to do in this crazy, fast-paced world we live in!). I called upon the stylists at Alice Lane Home to help me fluff for the photos. From steaming the bed linens to adding fresh flowers to adjusting furniture, rug and accessory placement to ensure the best pics, they were lifesavers. The truth is that what looks good in a photograph might not actually look the best in real life and vice versa. Less can be more when it comes to staging, but we all know how much stuff it takes to keep a kiddo entertained at home, right!?

As far as tips go, here are 3 quickies:

– Have a toy bin/basket and have a designated spot on where to stash it, that way cleanup is mindless as you know where everything will seamlessly fit!

– Layer your rugs. It adds texture and often saves money. Case in point, our formal living room. The antique, over-dyed rug in size 9×11 fit our look and our budget, but not our room. So—we layered it over a larger, but much less expensive 11×14 black and white print rug to fill the space as needed.

– Don’t take it too seriously. It’s amazing how we can stress over the smallest things. Design shouldn’t be one of them. Go with your gut and have fun with it. Rules are guidelines but they are not the end all be all of good style!

Morgan Hutchinson

Olive’s room is so colorful, with the printed wallpaper, chevron rug and pink curtains. What was the jumping off point? Where do you start when decorating for kids?

Olive loves color. (Wonder where she gets it, ha!) In the case of her bedroom, we started with the wallpaper. While I didn’t actually let her “pick” it, I did make sure that she liked it. As she was made in China, we thought the whimsy style Chinoiserie print was perfect. When it came to the window treatments, I let Olive have a say. I gave her 3 pre-approved choices and she selected the hottest pink of all! All children are different, but for mine, it was very important that she feel a sense of ownership in creating her own space.


That room is a hard act to follow. What do you have planned for the new bebe’s nursery?

Olive and Baby Boy share a Jack & Jill style bathroom that is custom tiled in black, white and kelly green. While Olive’s room expands this color wheel even further, Baby Boy’s room is taking a more black and white approach. As a big fan of the artist Hunt Slonem and his darling bunnies, I was thrilled to be introduced to his collaboration with fabric company Kravet by my interior designer friend Meredith McBrearty. It was love at first site and directed the entire plan for the nursery. We used the black and white version of the fabric (funny enough it’s called the Hutch print!) for roman shades and to re-upholster the crib. The space is a bit more serene than Olive’s room, but it still has its own identity for sure.  I was thrilled to discover the Jonathan Adler baby collection crafted by Fisher-Price, because the black and white motif perfectly fits in with our look. It’s chic, modern and functional! They do the job without messing with the style of the room. I call it a win!

morgan hutchinson's gorgeous baby room featuring Jonathan Adler baby collection crafted by Fisher-Price


We love the way you play with colors and prints throughout the house. What are some of your favorite decor resources for finding amazing kids’ designs and more grown up decor pieces and inspiration?

I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the beautiful homes and spaces out there in the world. Though I love hunting for ideas in shelter magazines and on social media, I often find more attainable inspiration at vintage stores, estate sales or street art fairs. Sometimes the oddest, most unexpected thing can become the focal point of a room. It’s really about the balance. If you go with a retro piece of furniture with a few noticeable imperfections, then elevate your drapery game with a show-stopping print or textile. If you splurge on your dining room table, then try scouring Etsy for a one-of-a-kind chandelier that compliments the table without breaking the bank. Reality is—when you have kids, there are so many obligations and needs. It doesn’t mean your home has to suffer, it just means you have to get more creative with your resources. Believe me, if I could have a Stark rug in every room and Porter Teleo textiles on every window, I would—but as long as I am a mama (and I’m banking on forever for that), one splurge per room will have to do!


How are you able to make all of those colors and prints play off each other and compliment without being overwhelming? Do you have any go-to decorating rules you follow for mixing?

Well I am thrilled to hear you say “I’m pulling it off!’  It’s always a risk, but in my opinion, the best thing you can do to give yourself the greatest chance to succeed with a colorful mix is to keep your walls white. It might sound boring, but if you love colorful art, rugs, prints and textiles, then keeping your “canvas” clean is a smart way to start.  I also use the rule that black and white can be very grounding—so if you have a lot of color going on, but still need filler with art or textiles, try adding some classic black a white to tie it all in. We did this with the Kelly Wearstler Channels print wallpaper on the ceiling of our living room and with black and white tile floors in Olive’s bathroom.

morgan hutchinson of shop buru's gorgeous home Jonathan Adler baby collection crafted by Fisher-Price


What part of the house do you spend the most time in with your family and why is it special? Any funny memories at home with Olive you can share?

We live in the kitchen. It’s a bright and happy space that has most everything we need—space for prepping and cooking as a family, a living space for lounging and playing, and a custom banquette for eating together as a fam.

Olive also loves to “cook” in our new kitchen. Cinnamon Soup is her specialty. The focal point and my number one inspiration for the kitchen design is our white and brass La Cornufé Range. Let’s just say within the first week of moving into the house, after 6 months of renovating top to bottom, an entire container of Cinnamon was spilled all over the new stove. It was one of those mom moments when you take a deep breath and realize that all your nice things are just things. With Cinnamon rising in the air, Olive and I just laughed and laughed. And guess what, it all cleaned up. So I suppose there is also no use crying over spilled Cinnamon.


You look so fresh with amazing hair when we see you in New York and on Instagram. With a newborn on the way, things are about to get hectic (or even more hectic!). What do you plan to do when home alone and want to have quick shower? Where do you feel safe leaving baby? Any tips for new moms to look their best on a time crunch?

I think that freshness you are referring to is also called Dry Shampoo! I’m addicted. Specifically, I’m addicted to Detox by The Drybar. I just love the smell!

But in all seriousness—when it comes to showering with a newborn at home, it’s a challenge. I suppose my initial strategy will be to pull my Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock n’ Play Sleeper into my bathroom so baby is contained and entertained while I quickly rinse off. It’s actually amazing to me how much baby products have advanced in the 4 years since Olive was an infant. For starters, this handy thing can be controlled by your phone! With the new iPhone 7 being water resistant, I can take control in the shower LOL!

After showering, I try to let my hair air dry as often as possible (it’s crazy dry out here in SLC), so I will mousse it up to get some volume and then nurse Baby Boy while it dries. To finish getting ready, I will strap baby to me and apply my 5-minute makeup routine using a mix of organic products from One Love Organics and Beautycounter—specifically the serum, tinted moisturizer, and bronzer. Side note: I started getting eyelash extensions right before the Lonny photoshoot. It’s a game changer. Yes, it requires a bit of monthly maintenance to keep them up, but I wear ZERO eye makeup now and it’s so liberating! Huge time saver too!


With baby number two on the way, you turned a space in your home into a home office. What’s the space like? What do you love about it and what makes it a great creative space for you? Is it just as bold and colorful as the rest of you home?

It was really important to me be able to work from home. I know it may sound crazy to some to want to work from home, but nursing is important to me and well—let’s just say that the pump and I aren’t best friends.  I’m pretty sure that maternity leave doesn’t really exist when you are an entrepreneur, so having my office at home seemed like my best bet. That said, of course I wanted a space that felt as on-brand as possible. During the renovation of the house, we converted the entire 3rd floor into BURU. From the white hardwood flooring to the brass shelving, the essence of BURU definitely shines through. It’s clean, simple, inviting, and leaves room for finding inspiration. I’m sure in the next few weeks it will also become a bit more baby-friendly! In fact, I already have a space cleared for the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Sensory Gym so Sweet Boy can get some play time while I “attempt” to catch up on emails!

morgan hutchinson of shop buru's gorgeous home

There are so many glam and fun details in your home like the printed ceiling, bold colored drapes, leopard on the stairs and bold art. What are some of your favorite details and where did you get those ideas from?

I really love the draperies in the living room—an around the room ombré effect, created from silk panels sewn together.  The idea came to me out of necessity when I couldn’t find the right fabric to tie in all of the colors I was using in the room. So—I asked the workroom to create what I couldn’t find and I think it really worked! (Totally could have gone the other way though!) I also love the rug in the dining room—I saw a small sample of this yellow and black dot print on Instagram and then designer Meredith McBrearty helped make it happen! It took over 10 weeks to get the finished product, but it was totally worth the wait!

Morgan Hutchinson's gorgeous tub

We hear that you love entertaining! With a new baby on the way you are sure to have lots of visitors dropping by while you have your hands full with the kids. Can you share some quick tips for pulling things together fast when friends stop by? Any funny entertaining stories?

Always have these items: good cheese, good wine, Pellegrino and lime. If you have these simple things stocked in your fridge, then you can always welcome a drop-in guest. It’s also a good idea to visit your local party supply store and stock up on nice paper cocktail napkins and high quality clear plastic cocktail plates to have on hand. Avoid themes and seasonal colors. Keep it simple so that you can dress them up or down depending on what’s in your fridge that day!

I might also suggest having a comfy, standby ensemble that you can easily throw on so you don’t have to answer the door in a robe or spit-up covered jammies. Not that your real friends expect it, but it might make you feel a little more “you.”

Your home is full of incredible art! Any special pieces that mean the most to you? What do you plan to hang in the baby’s room?

How could I possibly pick one! Our art is a curated collection of our travels and our memories. If I must, I will go with the first piece that I gave Brett, right before I moved to China to be with him. I commissioned a painting of a pink horse with an olive on her head (our first actual dinner date was at Todd English’s Olive’s restaurant in Union Square) by Brooklyn based artist Jonathan Blum. The title is “Pink Horse with Olive Traveling to China for Love”. It’s quite whimsy, but I love it even more now than the day I picked it up from Jonathan’s gallery. It hangs over the sofa in the sitting room off the kitchen—the space that we pretty much live in!

We actually don’t have a ton of wall space in baby’s nursery due to the interesting rooflines of our 1920 Tudor, but I am having black and white prints of our underwater bump photo shoot by the talented Leigh Weber (based in Charleston, SC) framed by Simply Framed. There are two full walls of windows that create there own version of art with the Hunt Slonem bunny textile!

Morgan Hutchinson's stunning closet

As a second time mama, did you feel like the experience of getting your home ready for baby was so much easier than the first time? Can you share some useful lessons you learned with Olive?

Actually—this time around has felt a bit more intense. When Olive was born, we had just arrived back to the US after almost 4 years in China (I was 35 weeks pregnant). We moved into my mother’s because our decision to move back was based on a really quick sale of Brett’s company and we had to act fast. Olive didn’t actually have a proper nursery. She had a bassinet in the guest room next to my old room at my mom’s. There were so many moving parts in getting us home and re-patronizing that her nursery fell way down on the list of priorities.

This time around, I have definitely felt more pressure to “properly plan a nursery”, but I carried all of my mom knowledge into the design and planning. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it simple (they really don’t need that many toys!)
  • Use black-out lining in your window treatments
  • Stock up on cute storage bins that you can load up with diapers, blankets, and other necessities
  • Create a comfy nursing station—good chair, side table, My Breastfriend Nursing Pillow
  • Find a way to have a twin or daybed in the room so you can occasionally sneak in a quick power nap while baby naps without having to leave the room (in case you don’t want to!)
  • Don’t over accessorize- in fact, you may want to under-accessorize in the beginning!
  • Find a soothing night light or toy that lights up the ceiling—Olive loved this! The Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Projection Mobile does it all! Plus, it’s simple, yet classic Adler style looks modern and fresh. It also easily attaches to basically any crib and who doesn’t love a dummy proof install!
  • Keep a spot in mind to mount the baby monitor—you will be addicted to it and it should have a dedicated safe place with all cords out of baby’s reach!


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Morgan Hutchinson! Check out her awesome company, Shop BURU for more.


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