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Fallon Carmichael Santiago, like most entrepreneurial parents, is no stranger to hardship or the power of perseverance. As a mom of two and the creator of Casa de Fallon, an online destination where style and motherhood intersect, she understands the pressure of at least appearing to “have it all”. She’s also experienced firsthand how separating #MomLife from #BossLife is, to put it bluntly, simply impossible.

“As a lifestyle and motherhood blogger, my work and life are very much intertwined,” Santiago told HeyMama. “Currently I am working on bringing more and more of my content back to my website, which will help me create more of a balance, as I can easily schedule the time I spent on the site.”

Being candid about the difficulties — and the beauty — of motherhood is an essential component of Santiago’s online presence and carefully crafted brand. And it’s her website, created on the online platform Squarespace, that has allowed her to connect with her readers and better provide outfit inspiration, beauty tips, inspirational and poignant personal stories, and travel tips to and for moms like her.

HeyMama recently interviewed Santiago to gain a better understanding of how she has managed to cultivate a captivating, informative, and communal online presence, how she manages to continue to persevere and overcome the obstacles of both entrepreneurship and motherhood, and her website has become a vital component of her continued success.

HeyMama (HM): Your business is all about celebrating style and motherhood. How does one impact the other, and visa versa? How can motherhood be a celebration of style, and style be a celebration of Motherhood? 

Santiago (S): When I started my brand back in 2012, the focus was purely fashion. Then, through the years, as my life evolved so did my approach. Today, my focus is motherhood and finding the ability to “style” your life in a way that works for you, from how to style your living space to how to present yourself to the world through fashion. I think it’s important for mothers to know that your style will evolve when you become a mom, but it doesn’t need to disappear.

HM: How did your Squarespace website help you grow your business? 

S: Squarespace has been a tremendous help in providing me a platform to easily create the look and flow that I want with my site. I am able to make changes when needed easily and effectively. I also love that I can have everything in one place, from hosting to site maintenance to newsletter publication.

Even though the majority of my business is done through social media these days, I view my website as essential because at the end of the day it is what I own and can fully control. The more I pour into the site, the more I get in return.

HM: Had you used Squarespace before? 

S: I switched from another popular platform a few years ago to Squarespace, and I haven’t looked back. Squarespace is extremely user friendly, which I needed as a mom to two small kiddos close in age. I can easily add a new page when needed and I am very grateful for that.

HM: Your website has an entire section dedicated to mental health. How important is it for moms to care about and tend to their mental health, especially in the era of COVID-19? 

S: Extremely important! I have dealt with mental health issues on and off my whole life, but I hadn’t really had to face them head on until becoming a mother. As mothers, if we are not in a good headspace it can be very difficult to give our children what they need. The energy we put out, our children feed off of, so it’s imperative that we protect and nurture our own energy first. Especially now, during the COVID era, I encourage all moms to not be afraid to ask for “help.”

HM: How do the majority of your clients or prospective clients contact you?

S: For me, the majority of my clients find me first through Instagram. But having a website is extremely valuable for landing a contract and increases my income. My website is like my portfolio and shows the type of work I am capable of doing. Also, when pitching to clients, a website is a must.

HM: Since your focus is on motherhood and style, how important was it for you to be able to create a sleek website that reflected the mission and focus of your business? The overall look of my website is very important to me. Finding style in every aspect of your life is part of my brand, therefore my site must match accordingly.

HM: How has motherhood made it easier for you to “put yourself out there,” online and, especially, as an entrepreneur?

S: In the beginning, after the birth of my first, it was tough, as I went through postpartum depression (PPD) and lost control of everything. About a year into motherhood though, I finally started to gain a bit more control and at that point it was easier to “put myself out there.” I went through an even harder phase of PPD with my second, but was able to open up more with my community and share my struggles and, as a result, connect on a much deeper level. Now I look at motherhood as my motivation when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

HM: What do you want your kids to take away from watching their mom work and grow her business online?

S: I want them to see that you don’t have to follow a conventional path to be successful. I want them to know that it is possible to carve out your own path and create something that works for the life you want to live.

HM: What would you say to a mom who wants to start her own business, either now or in the future?

S: Stop second guessing yourself and just go for it! Depending on the type of business you want to start, there may be more planning involved, but with things like social media, it’s easy to gauge how well your business will be perceived before you dive all in. And with services like Squarespace, you can easily secure [your own] URL and start building your brand.

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