Haely White is a writer, director, and actress. She’s also half of the comedy-duo and content studio Don’t Call Me Mommy, along with fellow HeyMama member Sam Gutstadt. 

“What’s your secret to juggling it all?” a podcast host asked me in a recent interview.

Rather than saying what I really wanted to say, I kept it safe and replied, “A nanny, a good partner, and 8 hours of sleep a night.” My internal bullshit meter was totally going off. Sure, my answer was partially true, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the answer I held back might help others who were struggling. The truth is microdosing has improved my mood, my sex drive, and my stress levels. Should I have shared this crucial information?

Welcome to a new era of cannabis consumption.

Like a fine wine, think of cannabis as a highly evolved plant with different types (Sativa vs. Indica), different effects (head high vs. body high), and a variety of outcomes depending on the dosage. It’s time you understood cannabis differently. It’s time we talked about microdosing.

First things first: What exactly is microdosing?

As Forbes put it, “When it comes to cannabis, tiny doses of THC can be used to help reduce pain, promote sleep, improve mood, increase creativity and treat depression, stress and anxiety. It’s a good introduction to cannabis for people who may have no experience consuming it or those who want to try it again after decades of abstaining.

Consider these must-have tips for microdosing the right way:

1. Know the difference between Sativa and Indica.

Here’s an easy way to remember: Indica = In Da Couch. It’s good for evening relaxation, so don’t expect to be dancing on tables. Sativa is an energetic high, good for socializing (i.e., dancing on tables). Start small. We’re talking as small as it comes: 1mg. I love the Tetra mints which come in 1 mg doses. Breeze also offers low dose options around 2.5 mg.

2. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT…

Commit the cardinal sin of taking one dose, then prematurely thinking it’s not affecting you, and taking more. We’ve all either experienced this ourselves or heard the stories. Great stories. Terrible IRL. Give it an hour at least for the effects to set in, and if you want more, then slowly step it up. You can thank me later.

3. Don’t drink alcohol while you are trying this.

To truly feel the effects, it’s important not to mix with alcohol so you know your baseline.

4. Only you know what’s right for you.

The size of your ideal dose depends on a variety of factors including your weight and metabolism. I suggest trying this with low dose edibles to start. Trust your internal cues, and remember that what’s right for someone else may be different than what’s right for you, boo.

The truth is, yes, you can still be a kick-ass mom, business owner, partner—and microdose cannabis, too. In fact, I happen to think it could make you better at all of the above.

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