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at{mine} co-founders Ia Bergman and Helena Benelbas give us a glimpse into their new members only design platform, that’s giving Pinterest a run for its money among the design savvy set.

Tell us your story, we’d love to hear little about how at{mine} came to be?

at{mine} came about because we loved scouting out homes of friends and hearing the stories behind their interior decoration, but we couldn’t seem to find a great experience like that online. Of course there were lots of ways to scrapbook inspiration or share snapshots of your life, but there was no dedicated place to share real homes. We wanted it to be more like stepping inside the home of a friend, but with the benefit of having access to thousands of beautiful homes of other design lovers from around the globe.

Where did you meet?

In what feels like a previous life when we were both working at Goldman Sachs. We sat next to each other for years and shared many long nights, coffee breaks and some cliché bathroom crying breaks too. But it was a fantastic place to start out a career, and we owe a lot to that experience, not least the means and confidence to found a start up.2

at{mine} is members only. How does that work and who are your members?

We originally launched at{mine} in beta to a closed group of tastemakers – inspiring individuals, designers and brands – to see if people actually liked the idea (they did!) and to seed the site with some amazing content. We also took the members feedback on board to build additional features.

Having just launched the new site publicly we wanted to maintain the community spirit by keeping our membership model. So while everyone can now get a first glimpse of the site, you still need to request an invite to become a member and join in the fun actively.

How do you imagine members using at{mine}?

We hope members feel at home on at{mine}, that it’s like an extension of their own and others homes. We love seeing when members get inspired by something they see on at{mine} and reinterpret it in their own homes in a personal way.

So much love and care goes into decorating a home, and we’d like to think at{mine} has a part in breaking down the physical barriers for homes to inspire beyond their four walls.

We’ve really enjoyed peeking into other’s homes on at{mine}. Can you share what your personal design aesthetics are like?

We have quite different styles – Helena’s is modern and colourful, while Ia’s is more muted and ‘rough luxe’. Nevertheless we are continuously inspired by each other’s homes and actually often make similar purchases, but style them in a different way.

at{Helena} ©Emma Lewis


at{Ia} ©Cara Connell

What inspires you when you’re decorating a space?

We hate to follow rules when it comes to decorating, but are instead driven to create a certain emotion – be it joyful, calming or inspiring.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – art, nature, film and of course other people’s homes!

Favorite design related shops?

Ooohh there are so many, it’s hard to pick favourites. But if budget was no issue we could definitely go bananas in the shop of at{mine} member The New Craftsmen, who feature the best in British craftsmanship.

at{The New Craftsmen} ©Anna Gustafsson

Any favorite spaces that have been featured on at{mine}?

Now you’re putting us on the spot again! Really difficult to pick favourites, but we love the wonderfully creative space of French visual merchandiser and mother-of-four Benedicte Clouet of {Indigo VM}, who also shot the pictures for this story in her home.

Ia & Helena at{Benedicte Clouet}

Who is your favorite interior designer?

Ilse Crawford, both for her style and philosophy.

What’s was your biggest home find?

Ia has a knack for auction house bargains like a ginormous Victorian frame for $50, and Helena loves art and has a keen eye for spotting emerging artists before their big break.

To learn more about at{mine}, check out their site here, their Instagram here, Ia’s profile here and Helena’s profile here

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