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Summertime for mamas is one that is filled with mixed feelings. We’re blissed out that the days are longer, the schedules can relax and ice cream is a perfectly suitable substitution for lunch every once in a while. But, on the flip side, it means that we’re left with a whole lot of time to fill for our littles and we need to call in some back up to help us get through. Luckily, new products hit the market all the time and it seems that they are getting smarter and more useful with each introduction. We snuck away for an afternoon with our very own HEYMAMA Co-Founder and Creative Director, Amri Kibbler and played hookie at the gorgeous new Williamsburg Hotel with her littlest, River, to put the newest bath toys from Munchkin to the test. Read on to hear all about what helps her girls love bath time, how she makes special time for each of her littles and what’s on her summer bucket list. 

Amri, we’re so happy that it’s officially summer vacay! What does summertime mean to you and your family?

I’m a beach and sunshine girl, so summer means getting outside and spending time with my family. We’re usually upstate making fairy gardens and tooling around in our boat. Summertime means sleeping in, swimming, staying up late, catching fireflies, dance parties, hide-and-go-seek, growing our own vegetables and hanging out.


Sounds dreamy! Do you have any summer traditions that you repeat each year?

We have a family of summer birthdays (and one winter) so we have a lot of parties. We subscribe to lots of popsicles, ice cream and cooling off in the lake. One of my favorite traditions in BBQ’ing and thankfully, my husband is really good at it!

HEYMAMA Co-founder Amri Kibbler doing bath time with Munchkin

You have two girls, Mari, 7 and River who is 2. What are some of your favorite activities to include both girls, despite their age difference.

Bath time is actually one of our favorite times! My girls are just getting to the age when they can play together so it’s getting more fun every day. They love role playing and making up some crazy games! Lately, they’ve been having some mad tea parties that River has named a “monster tea party” and they crack up and pour water on each other’s heads!


They are hilarious! We know that you have instilled a special “quiet time” in your home each night. Tell us more about this ritual.  

Ha Ha! Yes, well I try to have quiet time. That name is misleading though as it just means that we shut down the technology and dim the lights. I try to get the girls piled into one bed and reading stories but more often than not, they end up jumping around on the bed and playing “tickle me”.

HEYMAMA Co-founder Amri Kibbler for Munchkin

I don’t know about you, but my kids get so dirty this time of year! What are your mama hacks for making bathtime fun for your littles?

TOYS!! No really, we just got a bunch of new ones and they are so keen to get in the tub now. River had actually already had her bath early one day last week and I was trying to get Mari to take hers. River came barreling in the bathroom, ripped off her PJ’s jumped in and stole Mari’s bath. Hahaha! She’s really loving the Mermaid toy and Mari loves the Scuba. We’ve also been having a lot of fun with the Duck Dunk toy. River is just getting good at throwing things and she really loves it, (often throwing at me and not the net!) but it’s all fun.


Have your “go to” products changed from one of your kids to the next? It seems that there are always new products to make a mamas life easier!

Yessss. My kids are obsessed with bubbles! The bubble blower makes it to easy. Mari used to dump the bubbles in the tub and we’d go through a big bottle every bath.

HEYMAMA Co-founder Amri Kibbler for Munchkin

What 3 things do you always have when you leave the house with the girls?

I love the Munchkin Stainless Steel Sippy Cup. Don’t laugh, but I use this myself. I took it to Zumba yesterday! SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS and more SNACKS! River loves organizing them in different colored bowls. Did I say snacks? I take a lot of snacks.


Speaking of leaving the house, you have such an effortless style and we love your looks. What are you coveting for your summer vacation this year?

Thank you! I love easy floral pieces to pack for the weekend or longer get-a-ways like this one.

HEYMAMA Co-founder Amri Kibbler for Munchkin

Running a business and raising two girls is busy to say the least. What do you do to unplug and steal time for yourself?

Hmmm… hide in the bathroom? JK. I feel most grounded when I have no shoes on. I love to walk in the wet grass upstate or have my toes in the sand at the beach. I try to read for at least a few minutes every night and it’s often some indulgent fluff novel but it’s just for me! I look forward to that as a bookend to my day.


What adventures are on your summer bucket list this year?

We are heading to Greece to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! My first time…


Munchkin Diver and Mermaid bath toys

Summertime Fun with Munchkin

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Photos by Stevi Sesin. Location courtesy of The Williamsburg Hotel

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