Expanding your family from one baby to two can throw even the most seasoned of mamas for a loop. What worked for your first, may not work for your next and your arsenal of tried and true tricks sometimes need to be re-evaluated. We checked in with Shift Stirrer, Tinamarie Clark who gets, well, vulnerable with us on the truth behind transitioning from one babe to two (hint: it’s not easy!). Thankfully our partner Munchkin not only has the most user-friendly and beloved products for the littles, they also just launched some products to support new mamas as well. Read on for the sweet scoop on life with Tinamarie and her boys. 

Tinamarie Clark and her babies at home

Congratulations on your new baby! Tell us about your birth story.

I had the absolute luxury of giving birth via C-section with my best friend. I was in for a routine check up and the monitoring showed that my baby was in fetal distress. I needed to have an emergency C-section. 28 minutes later, I had Lex in my arms and had given birth with my best friend, Bernadette by my side.


Wow! That’s intense! If you could describe becoming a mother the second time around, how would you explain it?

I was very surprised with how my heart was able to multiply. I couldn’t conceive of the idea of loving another child as much as I loved my firstborn, Max. When Lex came, it was as if my heart grew exponentially. It amazes me to love them both so abundantly.

Tinamarie Clark and newborn son, Lex

What was the transition like from one to two babies? Easier? Or harder than you had expected?

Much harder! One child is one. And two…? You may as well have a hundred. Even though I’d gone through the different stages of raising Max, every baby is different. I had to pull out my old tricks but they didn’t all work the same with the new baby as they did with Max. Also, with only two years apart between the two babies, my firstborn still very much needs me and is dependent on me just like the newborn, so it’s doubling the demand which can be hard to meet as only one person.


So true! Tinamarie, you share the most beautiful moments with your boys on your instagram feed, many of which are of you breastfeeding your new son. What do you do to make breastfeeding easier?

Breastfeeding is a priority to me. Not only is it a gift to my child but it’s also a gift to myself. I love that I have the confidence of knowing that I can use my lactation cookies and bars to build up my supply. Life is dynamic so depending on the week, depending on my stress level, depending on what I’ve had to eat and drink that day or week, my milk supply changes. It’s so nice to have a product that can support me when I see that my milk needs a little boost.

Tinamarie Clark and her boys

For breastfeeding moms, what are your thought on the Munchkin products you tried?

I had so much fun testing out everything and was surprised by how much I loved everything! The Latch bottles are the most like a natural breast than any other nipple on the market and my son took right to it. And like I mentioned earlier, I really love the lactation cookies to keep my milk supply up especially when I see it dipping. It doesn’t hurt that they’re delicious.


We know that mamas often have their “go-to” baby products. What things have been your faves this time around? Has it been different than with your first?

The snack catcher is amazing- it catches everything that is normally making your car and house a mess. It’s so great. Also, the sippy cup is a great practical item. I always put half coconut water and half water in his sippy cup and I love that it doesn’t leak so I don’t have to worry about it in my car or handbag. This sippy cup also has a great design. As a fashionable mom, it’s important that it not only functions but that it looks great.


What 3 things do you always have in your diaper bag?

I always have the munchkin sippy cup, snack pack and I alway always have Max’s iPad with a bulletproof case. 🙂

Tinamarie Clark and baby Lex

How did Munchkin play a role with the arrival of the new baby?

No matter if it’s your first, second or tenth baby, bathing your newborn for the first time can be terrifying. The design of the bathtub made me feel safe and confident because it’s not awkward and I could maneuver that little baby body with ease.


What are your favorite moments where you can spend quality time with both of your boys?

I love bathing with both of my kids. I put Lex in the shower with the little bathtub and I allow Max to wash the baby. It helps teach him to be gentle and allows them time to bond.

Tinamarie Clark and baby Lex

That’s so cute! Do you have any daily rituals and/or mantras that you have incorporated into your routine?

Yes! I believe you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. I believe that life has lessons that show up in different ways at different times and can often repeat themselves if not learned the first time they present. Therefore, reminding myself that I am one part of the bigger picture helps in my daily rituals.


It’s good to remember to stay in the moment. Do you have any advice for mamas about to become second time mothers?

Don’t think it will be just like the first time, it’s a brand new baby, brand new experience and a brand new you. Make sure you have a support system and help so that you are able to do self-care even with a new baby and especially because you now have two.

Tinamarie Clark and baby Lex

Tinamarie's Picks for Baby

Photos by Stevi Sesin

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