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It can legit be exhausting to get through a work day. Glitter Guide’s Taylor Sterling totally gets that but has figured out a few ways to “hack” the whole mom/work life thing with the help of some mom must-haves. Featuring fashionable finds (as well as those for productivity), you’re going to want to check out some of the go-to products that she swears by. Read on…

Working Mom Must-Haves from Taylor Sterling

1. I live by my Google Calendar but I also like to use a ban.do agenda as a backup. Plus, writing things down twice tends to help my scattered brain. Planners are essential for working / parent life; I can keep track of all my daughter’s school activities and work events and deadlines. I don’t want to forget even the smallest of things like “Crazy Sock Day” at school!

2. I wish I could go out bare-faced, but since having kids and working all the time, I feel like my skin is really in need of a boost. Light Wonder by Charlotte Tilbury is lightweight and gives me that much-needed glow.

3. Having a bag that can carry my work things and my kid things is essential for me. I love this chic backpack by Honest. When I used to pump, this would have been perfect for lugging that stuff around.

4. I never drink enough water. This Yellow Gold water bottle from S’well helps motivate me!

5. Sneakers are such a staple for me. Whether I am running after my kids or fetching samples for an upcoming photo shoot, these Vans are what I live in!

6. Sunglasses. Because, you know, I’m always looking tired.

7. I love supporting brands that are made by working moms. Dôen is one of my favorites.

8. With my first, I didn’t use a baby carrier as often as I think I should have. The second time around I made sure to take full advantage of it by using this chic sling. It was especially helpful on photo shoots or when juggling my two kids out and about.

9. I did a lot of emailing and social media from my phone when my kids were really little. Having a portable charger like this Cosmic one was key!


What are some of your must-haves?

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