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We are so excited that heymama is growing where we have members all over the U.S. and even in different countries! We love to get to know our members, learning more about what they love to do and the hot spots in their city or town. Today, we are kicking off our new weekly neighborhood series with Samantha Saifer Berngard, a Chicago-based marketing executive and mama of two. Read on to check out more about her go-to spots in Chi-town…

must see chicago from samantha berngard

What’s your name and tell us about your company?

Samantha Saifer Berngard, I am the co-owner of Boldface Co.a boutique lifestyle event, PR & marketing agency based in Chicago.

What do you love about Chicago?

Chicago is truly the city that has everything and is also livable. I love having our favorite shops, work out places and restaurants on our street, yet we also have outdoor space for the kids to play. I moved here 12 years ago, and the city has transformed – new hotels, restaurants, start ups and clubs are opening everywhere. We compete with the coasts now and international and national businesses are looking to Chicago to open new locations first. It’s fantastic!

Deep dish pizza? yea or nah?

I do love a great piece of deep dish pizza but sometimes it’s so intense – it’s almost like eating a dessert! My favorite pizza in Chicago is hands down thin crust Lou Malnati’s with the corn crust. But we like going to Stella Barra with the kids because they can cook their own pizza and eat for free. You really can’t beat that!

family fun must-see chicago samantha berngard

What’s your favorite undiscovered hot spot in Chicago?

Our favorite neighborhood restaurant is a place called Antico in Bucktown. It’s very low key – you would never even notice walking by, but step inside and there is a gorgeous outdoor patio. The pasta is homemade. The service and staff are beyond nice. It’s our family’s special place (and two blocks away). But I do have to say – there are so many gems in Chicago. Our neighborhoods are so great and all have different energies and vibes! The restaurant scene in Logan Square is blowing up!

You have a free weekend in Chicago! What would you do?

On a nice weekend in Chicago, we would hit up the Farmers Market, go out to a fun brunch (the Ace Hotel just opened and their new restaurant City Mouse is SUPER kid-friendly), we would probably swim at our favorite pool at Midtown Tennis and end with a homemade meal on our deck. Life feels like vacation in Chicago – there is so much to do. The options are endless!

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