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Motherhood and denim have had some not-so-sexy associations. Somewhere along the way, “mom jeans” came to represent the idea that with motherhood comes a loss of personal style and identity. With the help of a few women we admire, we’re ready to take the term back and redefine what “mom jeans” really look like.

Enter Beverley Mitchell, Shalice Noel, Christina Brown, and our own Amri Kibbler. Ahead of Mother’s Day, they gathered at rag & bone on Melrose for an honest dialogue on how they carve out their own identities as mamas. While motherhood inevitably creates shifts in the way we’re seen by others—and the way we see ourselves—it doesn’t mean giving up who we are. How we dress is a huge part of how we communicate our sense of personal identity. That’s why we asked each of these mamas to define what “mom jeans” mean to her.

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Shalice Noel

What are your biggest challenges in buying jeans?
FIT, stretch, length, and is it overall flattering?

How does finding a great pair of jeans make you feel?
Like I wanna wear them every day!

What do you love about rag & bone jeans?
I’ve been wearing and loving the Dre jeans for a couple years now, and I love the wash and fit.


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Amri Kibbler

What are your biggest challenges in buying jeans?
I don’t have time to shop so rag & bone’s new concierge service is super helpful.

How does finding a great pair of jeans make you feel?
On top of the world! When I have a fave pair of jeans I wear them on repeat. Right now it’s the Ruth.

What do you love about rag & bone jeans?
The fit is amazing they are cut so well! There is also a lot of variety in the fits so there is pretty much something for every body type. I personally love the high rise styles because they feel really good.


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Beverley Mitchell

What are your biggest challenges in buying jeans?
It is always tough for me to find the right fit because I am petite.

How does finding a great pair of jeans make you feel?
I want my jeans to first, be comfortable, and second fit well. A good pair of jeans is the foundation of a good outfit for me. If I have a rockin’ pair of jeans I can create millions of outfits that make me feel both confident and comfortable.


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Christina Brown

We’ll close with a word from Christina on how she’s cultivated her own motherhood identity, on her own terms. 

I’ve created my own motherhood identity for myself by not limiting myself to society’s perceptions around what motherhood is supposed to look like. I get so many questions about my decision to move across the country with my kids to LA to pursue my dreams. I use my motherhood journey to encourage others to live their own truths and not to feel stifled by other’s opinions. Motherhood is a unique and personal journey and everyone should feel empowered to do it their own way and build community with others who share their experience.

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All photos by Katee Grace Photography.

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