Olivia Trewatha started her blog, Corporate Catwalk, because she wanted to inspire the modern day corporate woman across all aspects of her life, with a particular focus on fashion and beauty. Originally from Kansas City, she moved to NYC in 2012, where she lives with her hubby, their french bulldog, Batman, AKA their first child, and now she’s expecting a new baby in December. We partnered with her and NYDJ to give you the best looks for an expecting mother on the go, just in time for fall.

Thursday marked the first day of fall and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to pack up all your summer clothes in preparation for the cooler days ahead. As an expecting momma, one of my biggest concerns is having nothing to wear for the last trimester of my pregnancy, but not wanting to fill my wardrobe full of maternity pieces just to get me through the end.  One of the ways I’m able to avoid this potential hazard is by picking up a few key pieces to extend my wardrobe till my little one arrives in December. I’ve partnered with my friends at NYDJ (check out my last post with them here) to share the Ultimate Fall Wardrobe for the Expecting Mother, featuring their maternity line of denim. In the photos below, I’ll be wearing the the Ami skinny maternity leggings five different ways.


When it comes to staples in your closet, this little number will get your through those tough days when your baby bump grows overnight. I opted for a 3/4 length dress that can quickly transition from fall to winter with a pair of tight or leggings.

WORKWEAR: Throw on your favorite blazer or in my case, tweed jacked, comfy heels and oversized workbag for the perfectly chic workwear outfit.Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

DINNER WITH FRIENDS: Catching up with a friend on all the latest gossip, throw on something that will get your through dinner…comfortably.Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

OUT & ABOUT: If the only thing you want to wear is your tennis shoes, throw them on with your favorite hat and jacket and you’re ready to take on all your errands for the dayFall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha


Ever since I saw Kristin Cavallari debut this dress during her pregnancy, a white fitted dress has been on my radar. This one in particular goes from day to night with minimal effort. As we know, white gets dirty easily, so I’ll probably have to keep this for date nights after the little one arrives. For these types of dresses that don’t have spandex, I always order a size up.

Workwear: Easy to throw on a long sleeve blouse for a daily workwear outfit.Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

Business Meeting: An easy dress to transition into business attire by adding a professional blazer and jacket.Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

Running Errands:  Feel like dressing up to run a few errands, love this casual and comfy look! The heels can easily be switched out for flats.Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha


I’ve always heard that maternity jeans are a lifesaver during your pregnancy, oh were they ever right!  The Ami skinny maternity leggings are ultra soft and comfortable for the expecting mother. Since this little momma is 5’1″, a little hem at the bottom was needed, but the fit was perfect, especially for my busy lifestyle. A little difficult to see in photos, but the pants hugged my hips and legs in all the right places, leaving room for me to move without them feeling too baggy. These jeans fit in perfectly with my wardrobe, they can transition from casual Fridays at the office to cuddles with my kitty!

Casual Office Style:  Yes ma’ma, these are the perfect fit for those casual days at the office. Pick up a fancy blouse and heels (if still comfortable) and close our your workweek looking like the stylish momma you are!Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia TrewathaEveryday Outfit:  The black cami is till a staple in my closet during my pregnancy, especially with these longer vests. If you’re a little too cold, try a long sleeved top, like here.Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

Colder Days: I’ve found peplum tops are flattering and stylish for the growing bump. For colder days, toss on your favorite trench coat, especially if rain is in the forecast… just don’t forget the umbrella!Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

Dog Park with the Pup: Fall is Batman’s favorite season, mostly because he can breath better (yay! no more humidity!). We love to walk down to Madison Square Park to play with all his friends. Anyone who’s been to a dog park knows, keep it casual, you never know what little pup will come jumping on your lap with muddy paws. That is Batman’s favorite way to meet people and get momma in trouble!Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ

Cuddles at Home: We all need those days to just relax and unwind with our family, the NYDJ denim are comfortable enough for lounging around the house with a knit sweater or cardigan.  For these days, I typically need lots of forced cuddles from Pfeiffer (and a lint roller). If you ever meet her, you’ll know why, she’s so soft! Fall wardrobe expecting mother NYDJ Corporate Catwalk Olivia Trewatha

NYDJ is a brand founded by women for women. They make jeans that actually fit in all the right places, that truly flatter your body so you look and feel confident and chic morning to midnight, good day or bad day and every moment in between. Using their exclusive Lift Tuck® Technology that flattens you in the front while also lifting and shaping in the back, creates a fit that makes you look one size smaller. Check out the new NYDJ denim collection right here.

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