We’re all about friendship here at HEYMAMA, but no one told us just how hard it would be to a) make friends being moms and b) build meaningful connections with those friends. It can be tricky to navigate the shifting relationships of your pre-kids friend groups with your post-kids friend groups and everything in between. Truth is, your friend groups come in all shapes and sizes… and that’s a beautiful thing. Whether your soul sista is brand new, a work relationship turned bestie or a lifelong pal, nothing nurtures a friendship quite like travel.  

Oasis rental house in Marin County

Oasis isn’t a new player to the market, but with their recent integration to the World of Hyatt program, staying with Oasis is  becoming increasingly popular. In fact, they’re creating the next generation of accommodations that suit every travel scenario: friend trips, family travel, business travel or our favorite (a mix of all three!), we stayed at one of their premiere San Francisco properties so you could get the scoop. (It was a hard job but somebody had to do it!!).

The girls trip was already riding high with a killer high energy one can only attest to have strong, hilarious and down to earth woman staying together, but enter in an architectural masterpiece and NYC girls seeing (gasp!) trees (!), and Oasis made the girls trip exponentially more memorable. Our entire stay was so seamless, you feel like you’re in a hotel, but you’re really in someone’s beautiful home.

HEYMAMA Senior Editor Nancy Deane, Oasis rental in Marin County

A few things we loved:

  • Safety. We’ve all stayed at a house rental where you didn’t know who was on the other end of your key. Our Sidekick was there to check us in and show us around, so we felt right at home (you would too in this house!).
  • Amenities. The quickest way to lose me is with bad shampoo. I mean, a good hair day can make us rule the world and my luggage is a jam packed vegan sausage if I ever did see one. I believe (and please call me dramatic) that good shampoo and conditioner is part of the vacay amendments. It makes a great trip, so I was very pleased to see luxury toiletries in every bathroom.
  • Service. If you need anything during your stay, your Oasis Sidekick is just a text or call away. Sidekicks are local experts, they show you around your home and share their neighborhoods’ hidden gems and even make reservations for you. They will make sure your trip goes smoothly from check-in to check-out.
  • Location location location. ‘Nuff said. Bottom line, when you travel you want to be placed in an amazing property. Oasis operates in 20+ destinations across the globe and they handpick every single one of their homes. Their team visits all of their homes in person to make sure they really look like the pictures and that they’re in the best neighborhoods. Our San Francisco stay had us outside the city in Marin County, but for our needs of shooting content, hosting an off-site meeting and relaxing, it was spot on. They have so many properties to choose from, all in great ‘hoods.
  • Keep it all in the family. Oasis has thought of everything for families too. On this go around we just had our grown up selves to care for which involved my main job of keeping my team caffeinated and taking Instagram pictures at a moments notice, but normally with the kiddos we just need so many things. Oasis will help you with everything from a Pack n’ Play, to your kids favorite snacks, high chairs, beach toys and even those cool teepees you see on the ‘gram.
  • Cleanliness. Professional cleaning, crisp towels and bedding that help you to start (and end) your day feeling awesome….you know, all that stuff you shouldn’t have to think (or worry) about when renting a private home. Only good surprises here.
  • Perks galore. From wellness, to organic food, to massages, they’ve secured discounts at things you need so you get hooked up just by staying.
  • Points! This is the final point (also my favorite point), because for every stay, you earn Hyatt points which can be redeemed for even more perks around the world. How’s that for amazing?!

Dining Room at Oasis home in Marin County

There are so many options for travel these days, but as busy working mamas (aka the busiest women on the planet), we want it all. Location, great prices, beautiful design and service. We’re thrilled to share our amazing Oasis experience with our readers and community. Give it a try, they’ll definitely take care of mamas and their families when they travel. Traveling with kids is hard enough, so we sure appreciate all the family love.


HEYMAMA co-founders Amri and Katya in their Oasis rental

Thinking about where to go next? Grab your mamas, your families, your husband, just grab anyone why don’t you… and check out a full list of properties here.

Photos by Sabrina Bot.


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