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The mamas of SELF Magazine having a meeting

The mamas of SELF Magazine having a meeting


Liz Plosser at SELF Magazine

Liz Plosser, Deputy Editor

Working at a fitness oriented magazine like Self you must have access to every new trend and class, what classes are you currently obsessed with?

 Yes, I literally try everything. Major job perk!
My go-to for the past couple of years has been The Class with Taryn Toomey. It’s a full-body strength-and-cardio workout that weaves in spiritual elements like meditation and deep breathing and mindfulness. I leave feeling completely energized and peaceful and calm…it’s amazing.
I’ve always aspired to do more yoga and Y7 Yoga—candlelight, excellent playlists, challenging flow—is the one studio that’s finally gotten me hooked. I can’t wait to check out their new studio the next time I’m in L.A.
Recently, I’ve really gotten into Exceed Physical Culture for HIIT workouts. The classes are always full and the activities at each station change up, so 45 minutes flies by. Plus, I love using kettle bells and every one of their classes utilizes them!
Finally, SoulCycle is my happy place to break a big sweat. I never ever tire of their “you do you” vibe and the energy in the room.

What kind of workout can you do if you only have 20 minutes?

I interviewed Bob Harper, the celebrity trainer who’s on the Biggest Loser, for self.com last year. He gave me a 10-minute turbo workout that he swears by, and it’s savior on days I cannot squeeze in a full-fledged workout. Essentially, you alternate push-ups for a minute then and jump squats for a minute with little to no rest. It’s ridiculously hard—which is good! You definitely feel happy, strong and clear-headed after getting through it.

What would you will sacrifice to squeeze in your favorite work out? Sleep? Night out?

Sleep…I’m forever sacrificing sleep for fitness. I try to meet a friend at 6am SoulCycle once a week, and run at 6am twice a week. With a baby and toddler twins who are often up in the night, that 5 a.m. alarm is pretty brutal, but I never regret getting it done. The rest of my weekly workouts are at more sane hours.

How are you able to fit fitness in your schedule? Do you have any tricks or rules that help you to manage your time?

 I feel like I’m a better person—mom, wife, friend, editor—when I’ve gotten my endorphin fix. So it’s not a question of whether I’m going to work out, it’s how and when. Every Sunday, I canvas my upcoming week and figure out what workouts I’ll do on what days and at what time. I try to do three super-early workouts on weekdays so I’m home before my family wakes up in the morning, one lunch-time workout, and then I puzzle in one or two others. I have dumbbells and a yoga mat at home so I can always build myself a workout if it’s too crazy trying to get to a class or the gym.

Is community a part of your fitness lifestyle with Self? Do you work out with your co-workers?

 One of the most amazing things about working at SELF is that we’re all living and breathing the wellness ethos you see in the magazine. So we’re constantly supporting each other in our fitness goals—whether that means finally trying dance cardio or signing up for a half-marathon. When we moved from Times Square to One World Trade Center last winter, we organized a “fitness crawl” with a weekly SELF class at various nearby studios to get the staff familiar with all of the awesome nearby fitness options.
Over the summer, we launched SELF Run Club, where we brought in coaches from different brands like New Balance and Brooks to lead evening jogs once a week along the West Side Highway.
Instead of a breakfast or drinks meeting, I love to set up a sweat date and then talk over a juice afterward. There is nothing like endorphins to prime you for a productive meeting.
And staffers will often do impromptu or scheduled workouts together. Editor-in-chief Joyce Chang and I have done sessions with various personal trainers, and Entertainment & Special Projects Director Rebecca Sinn and I often meet at The Class or SoulCycle. It’s amazing how much easier—and more fun—fitness is with friends by your side.

Favorite healthy snack on the go?

I love the Gladiator Cookies at JuicePress. They are often sold out, so it’s a score when I can find them.

Morning or evening workouts?

Morning! Life almost always gets in the way of a late-day workout, so I don’t even give myself the option of scheduling one. Plus, when I get it done early I get to enjoy the positive vibes all day long.

Mariel Osborn

Mariel Osborn, Photo Director

What’s your motivation to be and stay healthy?

My kids of course! I want to be limber and able to run around for them for years to come. Also we just bought a house with 3 floors so I need to be able to get up and down the stairs for at least 30 more years.  Plus, when I work out I am happier, and being happy makes everything better.

Has working at Self influenced this?

Working at Self with so many likeminded, inspirational moms and women has definitely influenced a healthy life style. I was drawn to working at Self because of the positive, overall voice of being well in your whole life, not just physically, but well-being in your overall health, mental health, etc.

How do you incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle to your home?

I have two kids and two dogs so I am constantly running around. We are outside being active as much as we can. We can often be found outside playing with the dogs, but on rainy days we have been known to work up a sweat with a good dance party.

What tips do you have for any mamas that are trying to start exercising, while still spending time with their kids?

Liz Plosser, our amazing deputy editor and mom of three, has ALLLLLL the answers. Whenever I feel like a slug I can go to her Instagram and learn how to use my baby as a weight. Strap your kid in a baby carrier and do some lunges, you get cuddle time and a leg work out at the same time. Sneak in a squat or a baby overhead shoulder press whenever you can. Every little bit helps.

Favorite fitness class?

 I love a sweaty yoga class or SoulCycle for an efficient sweat.

Favorite healthy snack on the go?

I’m not above eating one of my son’s fruit/veggie squeezy pouches.

Morning or evening workouts?

Morning for sure. whenever I work out in the morning I find my head is clearer and, let’s be honest, as the mom of a four month old, I’m asleep by 9pm most nights…9:30 is pushing it. As we say at Self, get #upnout!


Rebecca Sinn Rebecca Sinn

Rebecca Sinn, Entertainment and Special Projects Director

Working at a fitness oriented magazine like Self you must have access to every new trend and class, what classes are you currently obsessed with?

The Class from Taryn Toomey. Besides being like visiting a therapist and the gym in one, I love the sense of community and people it brings together, too. I’ve learned so much from these strong, entrepreneurial spirits on life, acceptance and forgiveness.

What kind of workout can you do if you only have 20 minutes?

 I’ll do a circuit from my friend who you can find on Instagram FitKitty74. Her workouts are efficient and very challenging, perfect for a limited amount of time.

What would you sacrifice to squeeze in your favorite work out? Sleep? Night out?

 Definitely a night out, but more recently a manicure. With a toddler, sleep can be unpredictable, so I learn to give up more personal time in order to fit in a workout and it’s not that hard to do your own nails in front of Downton Abbey!

How are you able to fit fitness in your schedule? Do you have any tricks or rules that help you to manage your time?

 When I think about setting a schedule for myself, I often get bogged down in the rigidity of that, so I just try and think about how much better workouts makes me feel and make more time for them- start from a positive, so it’s not about what you can and can’t fit in. If I have plans with someone, I’ll try to get them to come with me to a workout instead and grab a juice after. Yes, it’s less time to chat, but you feel so much better, it makes it worth it. We’re also really lucky, the city offers so many options, it’s a wonderful thing to have at your fingertips; I find that if I have a meeting in a different part of town, I’ll look to see if there’s a class near there I could do to make it feel like I’m not traveling all over the place to jam everything in.

Is community a part of your fitness lifestyle with Self? Do you work out with your co-workers?

 My favorite person to work out with is my coworker Liz- as a mother of 3, and one of the most hardworking women I know she motivates me constantly. But, I love hearing about what other colleagues are into or are trying out – everyone has their own spin on fitness and what makes them feel good.

Favorite fitness class?

Eve’s Soul Survivor at Soul Cycle and Taryn Toomey’s The Class

Favorite healthy snack on the go?

A banana, or Clean Green Protein at Juice Press

Morning or evening workouts?



Erin Hobday

Erin Hobday, Managing Editor

What tips can you give us to stay fit and healthy while also having a jam-packed schedule?

Get up really early. My day starts at 5:15 AM. I find that fitting my workout in before the crack of dawn guarantees I’ll get it done, and it gives me energy for my day. I workout mostly at home now —I have weights, bands, a mat and few workouts and DVDs that I use, and that helps me save a ton of time and it means I have no excuse not to workout.
Make a fitness date. Making workout plans with friends helps keep me accountable, and it’s a way to multitask. On the weekdays, I workout with my husband —which is good for both of us. We encourage each other and keep each other motivated. I also have a good friend who I go to SoulCycle with on Saturday mornings. I look forward to spending that time with her, and it feels like a real treat at the end of a long week. After class we go get a juice or a coffee and talk —it feels indulgent (girlfriend time!) but it’s also a super healthy habit.
Prep healthy basics on Sunday. I plan a week of healthy dinners over the weekend and post the menu in our kitchen. And I totally rely on Fresh Direct —it’s such a time-saver and prevents impulse spending on junk food. I also make a few healthy lunches for the week on Sunday, so it’s easy to grab in the morning on my way out the door. And we use the slow-cooker at least once a week to make healthy dinners.

Do you have a go-to exercise that you do everyday? If so, what is it?

I  do a combination of cardio and resistance training using BeachBody DVDs at home. I like T25, the 21 Day Fix, and lately I’ve gotten into Insanity Max 30. I used to go to the gym every day, but since becoming a mom, I find working out at home to be so much more convenient. I also love to run outside when the weather is nice.

What was you routine like to get in shape post baby?

 I decided to run a half marathon when my son was 6 months old. I was also working out with a trainer —doing strength moves, etc —but the race really pushed me to be consistent and make time for running. I started training right around when I went back to work (my son was 3-months old or so) and I would do my long runs early on Saturday mornings. It was helpful to use that time to let the stress of the workweek go, and take a little time for myself. I’ve run the race each year since with my sisters, who are also both moms. I love that we have this fun fitness tradition!

What do you love about working out? How does it influence the rest of your day?

I love how working out makes me feel both in the moment and throughout the day. It reduces my stress levels, and gives me tons of energy. I would be a very grumpy person without exercise. It’s so important to take care of yourself first so you can take care of everyone and everything else. Exercise is how I take care of me.

Favorite fitness class?


Favorite healthy snack on the go?

Hmmmm…. Fresh fruit and Trail mix. I have a few I like from Nature Box, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s that I keep at my desk so I have something to grab on busy days.

Morning or evening workouts?



Kari Molver
Kari Molvar, Deputy Editor

What do you love about running?

My approach to running has really changed over the years. I don’t run to change the way my body looks anymore (although that’s a nice bonus!) but how I think and feel. It gives me such a mental boost—during those long runs, I can think clearly through whatever is on my mind (what should I cook for dinner? What are my goals for the month?). I rarely get time completely for myself, so I savor my runs as a chance to recharge my mind and body.

How has fitness changed in your life when you became a mom?

Yes! I used to view it as a chore or something I “had” to do. Now it’s a treat to have that time for myself. I also think it’s important for my girls to see how being fit and active is a priority in my life. They know it’s workout time when mom has on her windbreaker and sneakers. And I can’t wait for the day when we can go on runs together! #SquadGoals!

What do you do when you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with everything?

I try to break down any problem or situation into steps, and then move 1 step at a time. I make tons of lists, so I know exactly what I need to attack first and stay on track. This helps when I have multiple stories I’m editing and writing on my plate at once.

What helps you relax and release?

Talking to friends, and other moms who can relate to the pressures we all face! This helps put everything perspective and reminds me that I have a lot to be grateful for, and very happy about!

What’s your beauty regime like? Any tips to help keep a well-rested complexion even when we’re always on overdrive?

My beauty routine is VERY simple. I’m all about the basics. I find that washing my face every night during the week is the single best tip for clear skin, although not that interesting! I also think that finding creams that do more than one thing—like exfoliating and hydrating at the same time—helps cut down on time.

Do you incorporate fitness into your family and social life? If so, how?

When the girls were young, my husband and I used to pile them in the stroller and take long walks to the park. Now being “social” about fitness means following other friends on Instagram who inspire me to live healthy. Everyone should follow @LizPlosser!

Favorite fitness class?

I’m a SoulCycle rookie, but plan to do more Spinning this year.

Favorite healthy snack on the go?

That’s It dried fruit bars. I have a sweet tooth so this is my healthy fix. There are no less than 3 bars in my bag at any time!

Morning or evening workouts?

Morning, but I’ll take whatever I can get!


Melissa Martin SELF Magazine

Melissa Martin, Fashion Director

How does keeping active influence the other aspects of your life? Do you feel like succeeding in your workouts and fitness goals reflect on your career and home life?

Working out for me definitely comes from a desire to improve my overall health and strength, but even more so it’s mental – I do it more for the soul than the body. My daily workouts enable me to operate at peak performance in other aspects of my life.  They improve my energy level and confidence, and I’m more patient and positive throughout the day. I also look at my workouts as much needed quality time for myself – more a luxury than a chore. All of these qualities make my work and home life more valuable, and an added bonus is I have more swimsuit options come summer.

What’s your favorite place to shop for fitness gear?

Net a Porter sport. Current favorite brands are The Upside (most comfortable sports bra), Laain, Outdoor Voices, Tory Sport and Ballet Beautiful.

What kind of music do you listen to when you work out?

 I listen to a large range of music and it really depends on the type of workout or the season. In the summer, I tend to run outside more and I like to listen to more mellow music or Seventies rock – I think the hippie vibe makes me more reflective (I mean, if I have to push myself an extra mile or up a hill, I’ll switch to Miley Cirus or old Wu Tang Clan). For dance cardio, it’s hip hop all the way and if I’m doing ballet, I’ll listen to piano concertos. So the mood really dictates the music for me.

Fitness wear has been infiltrating fashion for a while now are there any fitness/fashion pieces you wear on the street and vice versa?

Yes, I have a Tory Burch Sport track jacket and track pant that I mix into my wardrobe. I also love ballet leotards equally in the studio or with a boyfriend jean.

Favorite fitness class?

Tracy Anderson Method

Favorite healthy snack on the go?

Raw almonds

Morning or evening workouts?

Both, but I definitely prefer the morning. I love starting the day with a feeling of accomplishment and getting it out of the way







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