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Sophie is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert, and is certified as a raw food chef and yoga teacher. Sophie founded her wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. She has taught yoga for 10 years in the Los Angeles community, has led yoga retreats and yoga workshops all over the world, and has trained with top yoga leaders including Baron Baptiste, Jill Miller and Tamal Dodge. When Sophie isn’t developing revolutionary products from the world’s most potent superfoods, she is sharing her insights on the Philosophie blog and savoring every moment with her two beautiful children and loving husband.


1) It Makes You More Calm and Less Snappy

Waking up with meditation makes you a more calm, peaceful, and centered parent. Meditation grounds you with a solid foundation for the day ahead. After giving yourself self-love and starting the day on the right foot with meditation, it allows you to give more fully to your loved ones.

2) It Gives You More Energy to Chase Your Children 

You are suddenly able to play with your kids and not feel frustrated and short-tempered. Instead of feeling anxious about the million and one things you need to get done, you feel calm and in the present moment.

3) It Makes You More Present

Meditation allows you to be here, NOW! As busy working mamas, it’s easy to feel like we should be working when we are playing, and when we’re working we feel like we aren’t giving fully to our kids. It’s really hard to strike a balance and to not feel guilty one way or the other. I find that when I start the day off with meditation. I no longer stress about what I SHOULD be doing when I’m doing something else. Instead, I welcome my day centered with breath, and take it one moment at a time.

4) You are Practicing what You Preach to Your Kids

I try my best to lead by example for my kids. They are little sponges, and they absorb everything that’s happening around them. It’s amazing to see them learn and grow into the people that they are. The person that your child will grow up to be is a mirror of how you raise them…how you show up for them, how you treat others, and how you treat yourself. Showing your kids by example that self-care should be a priority will demonstrate how they should love themselves. Not only that, but instilling the importance daily rituals will help them someday do the same.  

5) It’s Easy and Convenient With Meditation Apps

Recently I had the privilege of getting on this great new app called Yoga Wake Up, that actually helps you start your day with a a little bit of yoga or meditation.  On those days when I feel uninspired or EXHAUSTED, I turn to the app to give me a little push – want to wake up with a little Pranayama breath work or a groovy flow by my soul sister Rachelle Tratt?  I can set the app right when I wake up or use it as my alarm the night before, in case the kiddos don’t get me up first!

When Yoga Wake Up asked me to be on the app I decided to give users what I find helps me out most in the morning and that’s a little “Parents’ Reset” – just a short meditation that reminds me that I got this!  Try it out next time you need a pep talk.  @PhilosophieMama is here for you!

To try out a sample of the “Parents’ Reset” meditation, click here.

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