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We are obsessed with heymama, Pallavi Patil and her kiddie clothing line, Lark Adventurewear, an activewear brand for kids. Pallavi created the idea for the brand after a failed attempt at finding safe, sweat-free and comfortable clothing for her son. When she’s not running her business, she is exploring the beauty of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her family or finding down-time in her neighborhood’s peaceful cafes. Find out how she’s adjusting after making the move from the big city to a small town…

We love the adorable look of Lark Adventurewear’s toddler playsuits! Tell us more about your company.

Lark Adventurewear is the first activewear brand for little ones. We launched in July 2017 so we are very new to the market! We use an innovative fabric to create the most comfort for babies and toddlers. Our special cotton and bamboo fabric has a unique knit that is breathable, wicks moisture and super soft like nothing in the market right now. Moms love staying comfortable in stretchy pants and workout tees (regardless of if they are actually working out!) I was confused as to why something similar didn’t exist for little ones and that’s when the idea for Lark Adventurewear was born. Our customers have loved our clothing and how it keeps their little humans more comfortable – something I find so rewarding as a mompreneur.


You made a big shift from the big city to moving to a smaller town. What do you love about Pittsburgh?

I was born and raised here so I’m a little biased, but after having lived in NYC and LA I have to say, Pittsburgh is an amazing little city! Having grown up here, it was known as a blue-collar town which has since transformed itself into a technology and entrepreneurial focused city. Pittsburgh folks are supportive of their local businesses- which is great. There is a strong network of female owned business and entrepreneurs.


With all the responsibilities of running a business, we know life can get hectic which makes family quality time even more important. Where are some of the best places to go with the kids?

My husband and I love going on walks with our son, Vyan, along the Montour Trail. It’s a 45-mile wide and flat trail that runs through a large portion of the city and suburbs. It’s a quick drive from our house and once you are out there, we feel so connected to nature, wildlife and see so many people out and exercising! It’s so refreshing to connect as a family after a long week of work and weekday craziness.

What’s your favorite hot-spots in Pittsburgh?

Hmm. What I think of as “hot” in my mid-30’s, and now with my child, is a lot different! We love spending time at Draai Laag brewing in the Millvale area of Pittsburgh. They make small-batch Belgian beer and have an amazing little beer garden. It’s also totally closed off so you can have a little one run around in a safe area while still being able to enjoy a beer. They also have great food with yummy selections like smokehouse nachos and Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches!


Pittsburgh Pallavi Patel

Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

4121 Main Street


Taking a vacation may not be in your plans right now with your busy schedule but if you had a free weekend alone what would you do?

I’d probably spend one day completely pampering myself. Get a massage, take a nap and eat out alone or with the hubs at a steakhouse. My favorite meal is steak and a nice glass of red wine- yum! The next day I’d probably spend indoors reading and baking a new recipe! The ultimate stress reliever.


Where do you like to refuel and grab a cup of coffee?

I love grabbing a cup at 4121 Main, which is down the street from our offices. They make delicious coffee drinks and it doubles as a floral shop which means it always smells ridiculously beautiful. They also have no Wi-Fi (crazy right?!) so it’s the perfect place to slow down, enjoy a cup of coffee and unplug. Something that seems so hard to do these days!


Where is the best bookstore for catching up on some reading?

White Whale Bookstore is also really close by our office in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh. I love independent bookstores, they always have a great selection of cookbooks, children’s books and little nooks to read in! We love supporting local shops.

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