Mamas, let’s keep it real. Summer is officially over, the kids are settling into their back to school groove and we are totally exhausted! Our summer glow has been replaced with a dull complexion and under eye circles that we can’t seem to get rid of. Thank goodness for heymama members like Dr. Lara Devgan who we recently interviewed and provided us with a non-invasive treatment.

As a self-professed beauty junkie and top-ranked female plastic surgeon, she makes regular appearances on The Doctors, ABC News and is the go-to expert for all of your favorite glossy magazines. She also has over 100K followers on her highly addictive Instagram feed and if that’s not enough to peek your interest, she’s also a mother of five. (Yes, you read that right — five). We popped into Dr. Devgan’s offices a few weeks ago for a little re-fresh (otherwise known as Botox!) and below she shares some of her favorite non-invasive plastic surgery trends to help you look your best. Read on…

As a plastic surgeon, the main focus of my career is the delicate balance of aesthetics and the human body. Many people wrestle with the concept of plastic surgery because, truly, we are all perfect in our imperfections. And yet, inhabiting a body that doesn’t reflect how you feel can make even the strongest person feel a bit out of sorts. 

Real, complex, intelligent, sincere women and men care about their appearances. There is no shame in wearing makeup, getting your roots colored, buying fashionable clothes, or losing weight for the purpose of looking better — and there should be no shame in getting plastic surgery either. As Elle writer Elissa Strauss wrote, “The way we talk about women who get plastic surgery is based on the assumption that caring about our looks and caring about our souls is a zero sum game. It’s a logic that suggests that external fakeness is a symptom of internal fakeness, and all we can do when we see a woman who has gone the surgery route is shake our heads in fear and repulsion (and just a smidge of self-righteousness). But why? We are more than capable of searching for internal truths with lipstick on, being feminists with face lifts, or choosing something a little fake while also being very real.”

I love the way Strauss defends our decisions to do what we want to do with our bodies, faces, and minds. That being said, as a woman and mother, I also think a lot about the idea that no one wants to have a surgery that they don’t need, and we all gravitate toward the idea that less is more. I understand that my work is not for everybody, but many of my women friends ask me about what can be done to look amazing without going under the knife, so these are my thoughts about the five most innovative trends in plastic surgery — all of which are non-surgical.


1. Hyaluronic serum

Hyaluronic Serum is an amazing topical skin care product that has been in development for decades. It is derived from hyaluronic acid, the major component of our body’s own collagen, and it absorbs over 1000 times its weight in water. I personally use my own hyaluronic serum (Platinum Hyaluronic Serum from Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty) on my skin every morning, and this is my secret weapon whenever someone has an awards show or photo shoot that requires minimal makeup. If you are looking for a replenishing product to smooth fine lines, tighten the skin, and nourish soft tissue—but you are not quite ready for Botox — hyaluronic serum is the way to go.

plastic surgery trends

2. Non-surgical rhinoplasty

One of the most popular injectable procedures in my practice is a non-surgical rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a “liquid nose job.” By using a fully dissolvable injectable filler and carefully measuring facial proportions and nasal anatomy, I can make a crooked nose appear straight, soften the appearance of a bump, and even lift the tip of the nose—all without any incisions, surgery, downtime, or scars. This is a procedure that you have to see to really appreciate, and some of my videos on this procedure have gone viral because it truly looks like a surgical rhinoplasty. This is a great option if you don’t love your nose but you’re not ready for the bigger leap of surgery.

plastic surgery trends

3. Microneedling

Microneedling is often referred to as “the next big thing in skin care.” It is an innovative procedure during which your doctor uses a mechanized device to make thousands of controlled-depth needle punctures in the surface of your skin in order to stimulate collagen production. It’s a best kept secret of celebrities and supermodels, and it is an amazing way to build collagen and elastin, reduce fine lines, minimize large pores, soften acne and other scars, and even out the texture of the skin.

4. PRP

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and in the medical world, we think of this amazing substance as “liquid gold.” PRP is a derivative of blood, and in order to harvest it, we draw a sample of your blood, spin it in a centrifuge in specialized test tubes, and allow the red blood cells to precipitate out. The remaining yellowish clear substance is the PRP, and it is rich in growth factors that stimulate stem cells. PRP has been used to regenerate cartilage in arthritic joints, regrow hair in bald areas, and stimulate healthy skin. I use it in the context of microneedling, where it makes the skin dewy and luminous and beautiful.

5. Tear trough augmentation

One of my most popular procedures among busy (and tired) mothers is tear trough augmentation, an injectable procedure to reduce signs of dark circles, under eye hollows, and tiredness around the eyes. With numbing cream and a gentle technique, this procedure is painless, and patients are truly surprised by how rested they can look just minutes later. Results last for 1-2 years, so while it isn’t permanent like eyelid surgery, it does allow you to return to work and social functions almost immediately.

plastic surgery trends


To learn more about Dr. Lara Devgan and her highly sought-after work and products, click here. 


plastic surgery trends

Images courtesy of Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty

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