Being present, balanced, and mindful is essential for any entrepreneur and any mama–even more so for those of us who are both! Read on for gratitude practices from our friend and life coach Antoinette Beauchamp at One & Many to build presence at home and at work. 


One of the biggest pain points among entrepreneurial mothers is presence. The question: how can I be present with my family and my work? Oftentimes it feels challenging to juggle both, to be FULLY IN both worlds with a whole heart and full attention. It makes sense if both feel like your babies! There are many mindfulness practices and tools that one could practice to become more present, but first I’m going to offer you the simplest: desire.


If you’re reading this because you want to be more present for your family and for your business, you’re already halfway there. Building awareness around what you want in life seems small, but it’s the strongest tool you have because, as the Law of the Universe states, “what you give your attention to, you attract.” The more you talk about presence and acknowledge that it’s important to you, the more of it you’ll have in your life. The more you prioritize being in the moment, the more involved you will feel.


Some of you may be thinking right now “but, I do want it, I’ve been wanting it, why hasn’t it happened?” And I’d like to ask you–how committed have you been to this desire? Do you have one foot in, one foot out? Have you doubted your ability to be present in both areas of your life?


Doubt is a silent killer. Once your mind fills with negative thoughts like “it’s impossible for me to disconnect from my phone” or “there’s no way I can do that,” they will be so. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. But when you watch those negative thoughts try to come in and you stop them by saying, “I can do this,” “I can be present and I will be present today,” or “I can disconnect from my phone for the next hour, no problem,” you’ll see miracles.


Be empowered to:

  • Put your phone away when you’re having downtime with your kids or in a meeting
  • Set aside 1-2 hours in the morning or night where you have “me” or “we” time that doesn’t involve any technology
  • Practice meditation, even if it’s 2 minutes a day. Learn about our tantric meditation practice here.
  • Watch your mindset and decide what you want to focus on–the positive or negative possibilities, what you can do instead of what you can’t

Try one or all of these and you’ll start to feel a shift. And if you don’t, ask yourself why, and get to the root of what is holding you back from now.


Okay, so now you’re present. You’re enjoying time with family and work and feeling more grounded. How can you make this time increasingly special and positive? Gratitude. Science has proven that your brain releases serotonin and dopamine when you express gratitude. What this tells us is that you can feel an amazing release on your own AND take it a step further to collectively create more positivity and joy within your family unit and your business.


Family gratitude practices:

  • Each morning at breakfast, everyone goes around saying 3 things they’re grateful for. These things can be general, such as, “my family.” They can also be more specific, such as, “my sister gave me a hug this morning” or “the sun is shining.”
  • Midday (and this could just be between your partner or if your kids are at home), choose to start the trend and express to your partner or child that you appreciate them. Offer them something specific so that they know exactly why they’re so special to you.
  • At bedtime, ask your family what the number one thing they’re the most grateful for that happened to them that day.


Employee/work gratitude practices:

  • When someone in your company or on your team succeeds in something big or small, send an email to everyone celebrating and acknowledging that person and expressing how much you value and appreciate their hard work.
  • Open the door to connection and say “thank you” to someone who’s not on your team or who you have less daily contact with who may do things for you and serve your company in a big way.
  • Go out of your way for someone to show your gratitude, whether that’s writing them a thank you card, sending them flowers, or taking them to lunch.


As you begin to incorporate small practices like this into your life, you will naturally bring more joy into your encounters. A little bit goes a long way. Remember: “what you give your attention to, you attract.” As you continue to speak out loud what you’re grateful for, more of it will come your way. More love, more joy, more goodness. And it’s massively special when that love, joy, and goodness is shared.


You can keep up with Antoinette on her instagram and her websiteLooking for deeper guidance/want to chat? Email her at

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