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Alexis Scott

Scott Rose Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Sherman Oaks, CA
About Alexis
I'm a mom of two (a 4.5 year old boy named Wyatt and a 2.25 year old girl named Rosie) and a wardrobe stylist. I've held a lot of different jobs in my life and finally settled into being a stylist about 8 years ago. I started a business with a partner who eventually left to get married and refocus her career goals. While having kids I took a sort of hiatus from working to also focus on my family. However now as the children are getting bigger and more independent I'm ready to dive back into my career aspirations. My goals include finding where I fit in the fashion world after a few years off, making meaningful connections and mostly being brave and trying new things. I would love to eventually design a line of clothes, this is a long term goal that I really need help with in terms of planning and focusing.

How many kids? Ages?

/ Male / 4 years old
/ Male / 2 years old

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the community?

I have a keen eye for fashion and what makes a woman feel beautiful. I see that style goes far beyond the trends and I hope through my career and connections to encourage women to take risks style wise as an avenue to explore their individuality. I also offer enthusiasm and a real desire to connect with women. I went to an all girls high school in Los Angeles, was a cheerleader and a member of a sorority. Having meaningful relationships with like minded women is at the core of my person.

What is your biggest business challenge right now?

Time Management & Productivity

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

By joining the Hey Mama community I hope to make connections that inspire and motivate me. I hope to offer a safe space for people to bounce ideas off of and look forward to doing the same with the existing community members. I also hope to make meaningful connections which lead to collaborations and synergy.

xx Alexis Scott

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