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Arlene Easterwood

Arlene Easterwood Photography Owner + Photographer Photographer Vallejo, CA
About Arlene
I’m a Bay Area lifestyle photographer living in Vallejo, CA with my husband and two kiddos. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked in the administrative field for 8 years. Throughout my work career, I’ve always felt the need to get my creative side out and I would do so by coordinating weddings, helping friends and family plan events, and baking cakes for birthdays. After I had my daughter and became a stay at home mom, I started a (very small) online bow company where I handmade each bow. I’ve always had a love for photography, but it really came into play when trying to create social media and website content for my bow business. As soon as I realized out how much fun I was having taking photographs, I offered to snap photos of friends and families and that’s when my passion for capturing real life and authentic moments for people bloomed.

Go where you feel most alive.

How many kids? Ages?

Penelope Ava / Female / 3 years old
Oliver Ames / Male / 1 year old

Interested In

Collaborating, Friendship, Networking, Playdates

Words you live by/quotes you love

Go where you feel most alive.

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the community?

I would love to photograph mama entrepreneurs and capture their stories of momming while running a business.

What is your biggest business challenge right now?

Marketing & Social Media

What is one thing that would be game-changing for your business right now?

Commercial photography, for sure. I would love the opportunity to create images for brands who are looking for a real-life, everyday feel in their photos.

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

To be a part of a community of like-minded creatives in order to support, learn, grow, network, and collaborate!

xx Arlene Easterwood

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