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Carlie Lawrence

Shopbop Fashion New York, New York
About Carlie
Originally from Australia and a permanent resident of the UK, I met my American husband in Peru and now we live in NYC (but there's also a piece of me in Japan after living there in my teens.) It's fair to say I have always been a wanderer (50 country stamps and counting!). I am a reformed strategy consultant, now pursuing my passion with a post-baby career change to the world fashion e-commerce. For now, I am building up my expertise and my rolodex in-house while plotting what my own venture will look like in the future. After 1.5 years running Digital Marketing & Social Media at BaubleBar.com, I have recently joined Shopbop to head Social & Influencer Marketing. I am the mom to 2 year old twin boys, Aubrey & Sullivan, as well as my furry dog/daughter, Wilma.

Life is about the roses you stop to smell on the way, not the destination.

How many kids? Ages?

Two; twins. Sullivan & Aubrey Theodore (age 2)

Interested In

Collaboration, Mentorship, Mentoring, Friendship, Playdates

Words you live by/quotes you love

I'm not someone who has specific quotes or mantras, but I am so grateful for my husband for always helping me put things into perspective when they seem overwhelming. So he would probably say "Just breathe"

Best advice you've ever been given

From my Dad, who was a workaholic father often absent during my childhood - something he later regretted deeply... "I got it all wrong. Life is about the roses you stop to smell on the way, not the destination"

What are your personal/brand goals for this year?

My personal goals this year are to continue to juggle mom life, relationship, and a career I love while fitting in time to look after myself as well.
My career challenge is to grow Shopbop's social media presence in a BIG way!! Stay tuned for exciting times ahead.

xx Carlie Lawrence

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