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Casie Moore

Moore Than Happy CEO Family Miami, FL
About Casie
My name is Casie Moore (pronounced Casey, not Cassie), and my husband Bobby and I live with our son, Huddler, and two amazing fur children, Stella and Daisy, in Miami, Florida.

Although Moore Than Happy originally began two years ago as our clever little wedding hashtag, it has since evolved into a way of thinking and a creative space for this Southern mama from Georgia to share the things I enjoy and love. Simply put, what you will find here are the things that make me (and hopefully you) Moore than happy!

From all things lifestyle, home, mama, and travel related, it is my goal to share a little positivity, humor, offer recommendations, and share my inspirations with other women.

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the community?

I am a teacher and public speaker at heart. My background is in education and before becoming a stay at home mama-ceo, I was a consultant. I believe through my personal journey for knowledge I will be able to give back by sharing my new (and old) interests with others in hopes to encourage women to never stop learning.

What is your biggest business challenge right now?

Marketing & Social Media

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

I am interested in surrounded myself with positivity and like minded women who have an entrepreneurial spirit. It is my hope to learn from others as well as contribute through my strengths.

xx Casie Moore

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