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Jackie Cohen

My Story Fine Jewelry Founder, Creative Director Fashion New York, NY
About Jackie
My collection, MY STORY, came about from a simple piece of sentimental fine jewelry I designed to commemorate my very unconventional journey into motherhood.

Always go barefoot in the sand, nothing better going to bed naked with the feeling of sun kissed skin and drink rose, and for baby Julia, ice-cream :-)

Interested In

Business, Collaboration, Sponsorship, Mentorship, Mentoring

Words you live by/quotes you love

Always go barefoot in the sand, nothing better going to bed naked with the feeling of sun kissed skin and drink rose, and for baby Julia, ice-cream :-)

Best advice you've ever been given

Enjoy every moment of Julia. The days go slow and the years fly by. (It's true!)

Personal Passions, Charities, Hobbies:

I was an avid traveler and hiker before Julia and have every intention of showing her the world! This summer, we are going to Spain and Italy for three weeks. She loves traveling on an Avion!

Name one thing that scares the shit out of you:


What is one thing that would be game-changing for your business right now?

Marketing, social, networking and building my e-commerce website. I wasn’t on social until recently and I am just learning about these social influencers and how amazing they are. They basically created a category/business out of having great taste, or showing the world their mom/experiences/life/wardrobe etc. I find it fascinating. I don’t have the time or creativity to document all my moves, plus I think sometimes, everything is moving so fast! Aside from the creative and sales role in my office, we have almost 85 employees to attend too. But I am working on it, and would love the opportunity to collaborate with some moms, and their business. I have to learn to think outside the box and how two brands that seamingly have tnothing in common can collaborate, like a diaper company and my moms jewelry to doa giveaway! I love that learning about social has brought me to HeyMama and I can find other working mamas who are building their businesses and balancing work, mom life, and building a business

If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Have fun, do what you love. Honestly, I have followed that mantra. I never was scared to quit my job and start a new career. I was really fortunate to always have a little bit of luck (comes with hard work!) And have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff. I never put pressure on myself to get married or have the perfect life, because no ones life is perfect….just take one day at a time, and every day take one moment to appreciate something are grateful for. Now with Julia, that’s super easy!
And always appreciate and call your mama :-)

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

I love the idea of women supporting women and networking to help each other in either their personal life and/or professional life. I also love being around strong, smart women who inspire me to be a better person. To grow professionally and achieve my goals and to hear how other successful women balance work, life, passion, travel, personal time (of which I have none) and stay in shape and look great!

xx Jackie Cohen

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