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Lina Galvao

Curated Nest Interiors/Home Brooklyn, NY
About Lina
I spent almost a decade in management consulting traveling all over the world, and while I thought I was working, I was really just gathering inspiration. Now I am an entrepreneur and interior designer, co-founder of Curated Nest. Turns out there is beauty everywhere.

If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it.

How many kids? Ages?

Jonah (age 2)

Interested In

Collaborating, Finding a Mentor, Friendship, Hiring Talent, Networking

Words you live by/quotes you love

I live by the philosophy that if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of anyone or anything else.

Best advice you've ever been given

“If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it.” – wise words of my husband

Personal Passions, Charities, Hobbies:

I would have to say my current hobby is my two-year old. I mean, is there time for anything else? (Is that sad?!) But I try to incorporate my passions into my parenting. We do lots of arts and crafts, cooking, and playing / training our two rambunctious dogs.

I support the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation, and two refugee charities in Israel to provide free health care and technical skills to women who have fled Eritrea (Physicians for Human Rights and the Eritrean Women’s Center).

What are your personal/brand goals for this year?

Goals for Curated Nest brand – achieve enough success that we could garner outside investment
Personal goals – feel strong enough and healthy enough that I can get pregnant again

Name one thing that scares the shit out of you:

Something terrible happening to my child (I know it’s trite, but it is truly my biggest fear).
PS I was going to say Trump becoming President, but…too late…

What is one thing that would be game-changing for your business right now?

-Marketing and generally getting the word out – as a new business, this is very challenging! -Partnership with a complementary brand. -Could use help in achieving outside investment.

If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be?

I would tell 20-year-old Lina to meditate! Meditation has become a big part of my life in managing stress and a chronic illness, and I wish I had learned it earlier. But, I had a blast in my 20s so I am not complaining one bit!

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

Being a part of a community of diverse and vibrant moms is like a dream. I am a curious person and love hearing other people’s stories. Love the idea of being a part of community of engaged women as a chance to network, build business collaborations/ opportunities, and make friends with people I would not have met otherwise. I also really enjoy a good time (wine, anyone?).

xx Lina Galvao

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