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Lindsay More Nisbett

The Line Studios Founder + Creative Director Photographer Brooklyn, New York
About Lindsay
I launched my company, The Line Studios, in December 2015 and it's been a challenging and wonderful ride so far! I am able to apply creative thinking in a whole new way, which is very satisfying. And I can't imagine having the flexibility required to balance family and work without owning my business....it's definitely one of the biggest (and unplanned) perks.

I have also recently relocated our family to Florida to be closer to my parents, and though my 'commute' is a bit longer, I love coming back to our little tropical home.

Be you. Not them.
Live in the moment.

How many kids? Ages?

Interested In

Collaborating, Finding a Mentor, Friendship, Hiring Talent, Mentoring, Networking, Starting a New Company

Words you live by/quotes you love

Be you. Not them.
Live in the moment.

Best advice you've ever been given

As it pertains to launching a business: Entrepreneurship is gray...there is never black or white. You are always going to be in a gray area, never really knowing the perfect way or answer. You have to be ok with 'gray' if you're going to start a successful business.

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the community?

I'd be happy to provide my expertise as a creative in the e-commerce industry.

Personal Passions, Charities, Hobbies:

Currently, Interior Design is very interesting and I've LOVED the decorating process for our new home. Other than that, I am working on refining my fishing and tennis skills. I recently found Humanwire, an incredible new company to support refugee families and children, and am always looking out for other ways to contribute in a meaningful way to help children who need it the most.

What is your biggest business challenge right now?

Time Management & Productivity

Name one thing that scares the shit out of you:

My daughter when she turns 16 (she's currently 3, though, so we're good for a little while).

What is one thing that would be game-changing for your business right now?

Open a South Florida location.

If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be?

It all comes down to confidence. And if you have to, fake it till you make it (most people are faking it at some point!).

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

Be part of a group that all seem to be on similar paths – balancing entrepreneurship with families – I love being part of a community like this, where it's possible to be inspired, motivated and learn.

xx Lindsay More Nisbett

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