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Lisa Hurd

FOOD. BODY. SOUL. Founder Food Brooklyn , NY
About Lisa
First and foremeost, I am the mom to a really incredible 5 year old little boy who is the love and light of my life. His heart bursts with love, joy, humor, light, creativity, inclusion, and compassion. He inspires me everyday.

I am married to a remarkable woman who is committed to LGBTQ rights, co-chairs the annual Human Rights Campaign gala in New York City, and sits on the board of various non-profit organizations.

My own involvement in our community includes a seat on the Diversity Council at Grace Church School in Greenwich Village, co-lead of the Photo + Art Club at Soho House, a seat on the Membership Committee of THE WELL, past co-chair of the Winter Fair at Chelsea Day School, and past board member of the Hudson Union Society, as well as various committees with the Human Rights Campaign.

My company, FOOD. BODY. SOUL., grew out of my experience as a classical archaeologist specializing in ancient food and wine rituals, while simultaneously hosting a wine segment and curating food and wine experiences as a sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants.

I was so dedicated to this lifestyle that I was ignoring important health issues such as undiagnosed celiac disease, chronic bronchial asthma, anxiety, depression, ADD, and fibromyalgia. I was a hot mess!

As an archaeologist, I was trained to find patterns, and to excavate or reveal beauty that was covered by years of dirt and debris covering it. I began to apply this skill set when I wanted to understand patterns that no longer served me, and uncover patterns that would help me to reveal my best self.

I became the archaeologist of my well-being and began to implement many of the elements I learned in studies and excavations of ancient and indigenous cultures. It was the first time where I really started to practice caring for myself and my health and well-being transformed.

This experience launched me into wanting to pay it forward and help others. I have found that cooking and preparing food alongside clients is a beautiful window of entry for this way of taking care of ourselves and learning to feed our souls in every area of our life (aka putting the oxygen mask on first!).

FOOD.BODY.SOUL. hosts workshops, retreats, talks, and individual sessions with clients. I have had the honor of partnering with a number of leading companies and brands including THE WELL, Philosophy skincare, Lululemon, Soho House, Brown Harris Stevens, Stribling, Gotham Greens , Catalyst Gold, The Wellness Experience, The Meditation Room, Fine + Raw, AltaMira (California), and many others.

It is my mission to bring this message - and the practical tools - to others so that we all may experience what I like to call elevated well-being: health, love, hope, joy, radiance, inner peace, and a belief in miracles.

How many kids? Ages?

/ Male / 5 years old

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the community?

I would like to give back to the community wth my experience as an archaeologist of well-being, and showing others how they, too, can learn how to put the oxygen mask on first and become archaeologists of their own well-being. This could come in the form of collaborative workshops, talks, workshops, panels, or retreats.

I am also happy to bring my experience with brand partnerships to the HEYMAMA community.

In addition, with my experience in leading art talks at Soho House, I would love to bring artists and artistic mediums to HEYMAMA. This has been such an important creative and intellectually engaging outlet for me as a mama with a young child.

What is your biggest business challenge right now?

Marketing & Social Media

Why do you want to be a part of heymama?

My intention for joining the HEYMAMA community is to connect with other moms who lead full, creative lives and value the precious time with their families. I love connecting with other mamas with big hearts and big ideas, and the moms I know who are a part of the HEYMAMA community certainly are abundant in those qualities! I would love the opportunity to be of service and share my personal or professional experience with the HEYMAMA community, and likewise to learn from your incredible mamas.

xx Lisa Hurd

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