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Consulting New York
Bennett & Parners Bespoke Relocation, LLC Founder/Owner
Rachael Bennett
Design New York
Masala Baby CEO
Dipali Patwa
Wellness San Francisco
her vital way ceo & founder
Amy McKelvey
Marketing New York
Glossier Executive Director, Influencer Marketing and Talent
Roya Weiner
Public Relations New York
NA Freelance
Sophie Ferrero
Fashion Orange County
Z Supply President
Mandy Fry
Design New York
tiny bones press owner / designer
Megan Lorenzo
Family Missouri
Babyation Co-Founder + CEO
Samantha Rudolph
Design New Jersey
Sunday Morning Design Strategic Branding & Packaging (Graphic) Designer
Theresa Lennahan
Food Connecticut
Heather K. Terry Consulting & papergreats Founder and Co-founder
Heather K. Terry
Wellness Westchester
Caroline Zwickson Coaching LLC Women's Health & Life Coach
Caroline Zwickson
Social Influencers San Francisco
Glitter Guide creative director / founder
Taylor Sterling

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