This past weekend was an important milestone for my little family, at least in my mind. It was my first day trip out ALONE with both girls. (SCARY!) Sure I’ve taken them each out separately and we’ve been out with my husband and friends, but with the gorgeous weather on Sunday, it was about time for a girl’s day. My new go to for kids’ classes, The Kids Passport had so many options for us this weekend like Yoga at Monkey Do!, Music at Recess, and art at the Brooklyn Museum and I decided it was time to take the plunge and give Daddy some down time. We went for a cooking class at Allergic To Salad at Stomping Ground.

The Kids Passport Cooking Class

The Kids Passport Cooking Class

The Kids Passport Cooking class
Mari and I are really into cooking together. we’re real foodies. We’re a family of adventurous eaters, but this class would also be awesome for anyone with a little one who pretends to be allergic to salad! Mari and I cook dinner together a couple nights a week (it’s our special time) and I really struggle with letting her use the peeler, knife and the grater. All shiny objects she’s dying to get her little hands on, so this was like a training course for us! First thing the teacher went over were “best practices” on how to grip and hold and be safe with all of those tools. Hurray! Mari was much more willing to listen to the teacher’s guidelines than my nervous instructions of “Be careful. Slice away from you!! Eeek! Give me that!!” at home. I have nightmares about trips to the emergency room, every time she gets a hold of the peeler.


The Kids Passport Cooking Class

Cole Slaw was on the menu. Not exactly a kid pleaser right? Mari loved it!! I guess when kids are the chefs, they are more willing to try new things and it was delicious. The kids peeled, sliced, grated and measured all on their own (under a close eye) and we sat around on tiny stools and enjoyed their handy work after.

The kids Passport

Stomping Ground where the class was held has a cute little play space we took advantage of afterward – reading, climbing and making new friends. They have a sunny little front area where I snuggled my little monkeys and read a few books before we headed back to join the daddy for brunch.


Apple Coleslaw Recipe

4 apples, cored & grated
4 carrots, peeled & grated
2 cups grated cabbage
1-cup cilantro, chopped
*Dressing (whisk and pour over apple mixture)
¼ cup of mayo
¼ cup apple cider
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp mustard
½ tsp salt


As a partner of ours, The Kids Passport treated us to some classes to experience it first-hand and we took full advantage. The Kids Passport is offering 20% off your first month subscription with code HEYMAMA. Sign up here!

Amri Kibbler with her kids Mari and River

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