Whether we’re taking on new challenges or killing it in a role and industry we’re comfortable in, there is always room for growth. An outside perspective can help us get where we want to go more efficiently— and more enjoyably. That’s why executive leadership and life coaches provide value to ambitious mamas as we make big moves.


Coaches assist us in honing the tools we already have in order to help us maximize our potential. On the leadership side, they help us find more proactive business solutions and promote positive company cultures. Working with a coaches can have a remarkable impact on our problem-solving skills and conflict resolution. Beyond helping us develop our ability to lead, coaches help us align the ways we’re spending our time with our goals. They help can improve our confidence and, ultimately, our bottom line. Making every effort to lead with self-awareness and investing in developing our emotional intelligence pays dividends.


Of course, so many mamas in our community already know just how beneficial leadership coaching can be. When mama boss and member Julie Weber, COO at The Helm and founder of LOKAH / CO, asked for recommendations on our members-only forums, the community jumped in right away to recommend the coaches who have helped them level up. Ready to meet a few of the coaches HEYMAMA members love working with?


Anna Sulzmann is a certified executive coach who has a background in the tech industry with over 20 years of experience. 11 of those years were spent at eBay, where she moved from product management to customer insights, then to growth marketing, and finally to HR. Now, she provides guidance for both individual and team leadership through her coaching business, Desired Path. She particularly enjoys helping women starting their own businesses.


Melissa Anderson is the founder of boxtheoutside, a creative consulting and coaching brand built with a passion for people and products. She has contributed to global brands such as J.Crew, True Religion, and BLK DNM. Her executive coaching strategy revolves around developing transformational skills that promote synergy, taking advantage of knowledge capital, and generating sustainable long-term opportunities.

Recommended by Jamie Grossman.


Alexandra Phillips takes pride in the fact that her first name means “helper and defender of mankind.” As a creative performance and business coach with her own consulting firm, she pushes her clients to achieve their dreams through a time-tested method: hard work. Read more about her coaching philosophy on her website.

Recommended by Elisa Pupko.


LA-based Certified Life Coach, Empowerment Specialist, Speaker and Author Andrea Quinn has over a decade of experience in executive coaching. She is guided by the principles of authenticity and truth.

Recommended by Bridget Wiley.


Strategy Consultant and Certified Executive Coach Farrah Mitra spent  twelve years at Bain & Company—first as a strategist and later as part of the global professional development team. She implements a structured approach that enables clarity and seamless decision making by her clients, and believes executive coaches should be focused on the usability and practicality of their advice.

Recommended by Kristina Gentleman.


Barbara Barna Abel is the founder of talent development company Abel Intermedia. She helps her clients develop innovative personal brand strategies because she believes passionately that everyone has a story to tell. She has a background as a casting director, and helped jumpstart the careers of Amy Schumer and Chrissy Teigen, among others.  (recommended by Rebecca Shapiro)  


Executive Leadership Coach and Life Coach Regan Walsh focuses on helping women live their best lives. She believes in helping people learn to use the unique gifts they already possess in new and more effective ways. Just a few weeks ago, she led New York HEYMAMA members through a transformative Your Life, Your Terms workshop. Learn more about how she guides people and businesses through transitionary times here.  

Recommended by Lauren Sweeney.


Heidi Stevens is a coach for creative and professional women entrepreneurs. As a mother of two under the age of five, one of the most successful realtors in Los Angeles, and business coach for creative women entrepreneurs, Heidi understands the constant juggle we all face and the importance of support. Recently, Heidi opened her LA home to members and supported mamas from our community in creating their personal visions for 2019.


One & Many, co-founded by sisters Antionette and Renee Beauchamp, empowers clients to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. They work with their clients to identify their biggest gifts and help clear any blocks preventing them from making the most of their strengths. In addition to private life coaching, they offer energy leadership consults to assist in cultivating positive work environments.

Recommended by Amri Kibbler.


Lisa Abramson is an executive coach and mindfulness teacher based in Silicon Valley. She focuses on helping overachieving, Type A, go-getters like herself find joy in the hustle. She works 1:1 with individuals and has lead workshops at organizations like Cisco, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her popular meditations have been streamed around the globe over 750,000 times and she has been featured in Fast Company, NPR, Health Magazine, Refinery29, The Guardian and numerous other publications. Find more about Lisa here.

Recommended by herself!  


We can vouch for the fact that every coach on this list is absolutely amazing, but we know this list is far from comprehensive. Reach out to tell us about other amazing coaches you recommend and we’ll help spread the word. Yes, you can recommend yourself!


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