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It’s no secret that super foods are super important right now. We can’t go a day without seeing a story in our inbox about the latest adaptogen, blend or powder with health, beauty and zen-inducing properties. We’re intrigued and have dabbled in a few things here and there but truthfully, we still feel a little overwhelmed with the plethora of choices. But, we had to look no further than to our very own community to find Sophie Jaffe, the founder of Philosophie and expert on all things superfoods to help break it down.

Inspired by her customers at the organic raw juice bar that she managed, Sophie developed a passion for making people function at their highest level. Already a certified yoga instructor and raw vegan chef, Sophie combined all of her knowledge and in 2008 started Philosophie, a health and wellness brand with a mission to help people achieve complete nutrition in every meal. Now, with a booming business, a supportive husband, two little boys and pregnant with a baby girl due this summer, Jaffe shares the one thing that was pivotal to her brands growth, what gets her out of bed in the morning and her tips for feeling centered amidst the frenzy of it all. Read on…

Sophie, we love following your day on Instagram Stories! You are so open with sharing your world. Tell us more about your background and how you got started in the health and wellness space.

Thank you! I love sharing! It’s an honor to welcome others into the world I created. My wellness journey began at a young age. My mom is a holistic nurse practitioner, and I grew up appreciating and taking homeopathic medicines, flower essences, essential oils, and other natural forms of healing before western approaches were taken (I didn’t step into a hospital or see a “real” doctor until I had my first son at 26 years old.). To me, healthy is a state of mind. It’s being connected to your best self, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe health is something that starts within your body, mind, and spirit, and then the outside glows from within.

After college, I began working at an organic raw juice bar down the block from my house and eventually became the manager of the store. I was so excited to help change the eating habits of others and was also able to change my own habits and find a path to curing some of my own discomfort that I faced with dairy, meat, and other foods that weren’t working for me at the time. I became a certified raw vegan chef and my passion for healthy eating lead me to create Philosophie.

Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe and her perfect breakfast bowl

How exactly did you go from living and loving this healthy lifestyle to starting your own business?

Philosophie began with me just wishing that I could have an amazing blend of superfoods and proteins together in one, convenient jar. I didn’t want to run out of camu camu or another specific ingredient and then feel like my smoothie wasn’t complete. I traveled all over LA looking for high-quality, fair-trade, organic superfoods and then began packing them together into mason jars and little bags. I started giving the blends to friends and family and making everyone workout and nutrition guides. One day, while on vacation (I was in the sea in Israel with my hubby), Adi turned to me and said, “You should really grow what you’re doing and share it with more people, make it a company.” And so I did!


Where do you get the inspiration for developing each of your products?

I receive inspiration from my environment, which I view as being the people in my life and the moments and experiences I encounter, from the positive to the negative. The Berry Bliss blend, for example, was inspired by my trip to Thailand and falling in love with its exotic fruits, like mangosteen, whereas Cacao Magic was influenced by my mother’s battle with cancer.

When I started creating the superfood + protein blends, I noticed that all of the vegan protein powders on the market were loaded with sugar or soy. I wanted to make a blend without any added sugar and soy while also ensuring that I could eat it raw and love it. The Philosophie superfood + protein blends (Green Dream, Berry Bliss, and Cacao Magic) are all vegan, raw, gluten-free, and have absolutely no filler ingredients. They contain nothing but the purest, most healing ingredients that have been deemed “superfoods” due to their exceptional nutrient density.

Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe outside with her kids

We love that you derive inspiration from your travels and personal journey. What do you think has been integral in scaling your business?

Social media has been incredible for Philosophie. I have found an amazing and inspiring community that are helping me grow and perfect my business everyday. What started as a superfood business has transformed into a brand and a way of life. I also believe that Philosophie and my personal business as a social influencer could not have grown to the level it is today without remaining entirely authentic in everything I do (hello 107K followers!). I don’t work with a brand or partner unless I fully believe in them 100% and because of this, I’ve gained a loyal customer base that continues to make way for new opportunities.


There are so many different adaptogens and superfoods on the market. How do you figure out which ones are best for you and which brands to trust?

I practice intuitive eating and teach it to all I work with on their own wellness journey. (I have an e-book available that details this entire program). It really comes down to listening to your body and tuning in to its needs. Try a lot of brands and pay attention to how you feel and how your body reacts. Pay attention to the ingredients. Our products, for example, are organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and have absolutely no filler ingredients. The detoxifying Green Dream blend, beautifying Berry Bliss blend, and energizing Cacao Magic blend contain nothing but pure, healing ingredients that have been deemed “superfoods” due to their exceptional nutrient density. Because these blends can be added to absolutely any food, it’s really easy to enrich any meal with the health benefits of these potent superfoods.

Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe and her son

If there was one healthy change that you could inspire mamas to make in their lives, what would you want it to be?

Do everything from a place of love — which means working out because you actually love the way your body moves, or eating because you love how food tastes and how it makes you feel. The moment you do something that’s “good for you” without having any passion for it is the moment that it loses some of its power.


What has been the biggest lesson learned in working with other women?

Embrace being a woman; never stop being ambitious, strong, and compassionate. Ask questions, seek guidance, and don’t see this as a weakness. Build a tribe and be there to support other women — success and happiness is not a finite resource, there’s more than enough for everyone.


What is your weekday morning routine? Weekend?

I’m lucky because no day is exactly the same so I don’t live by a hard and fast routine.

On weekdays I wake up with my kids, have a dance party, eat breakfast and am surrounded by chaos. I then send the boys off to school with “abba” (aka dad) and I get some solo time to journal, light Palo Santo, clean up from the morning, and set intentions and sacred space for the day. Some days I go to a workout, others I stay home and jump into instagram and emails. Three days a week my assistant joins me and we work from my home, sprinkled with events, speaking on panels and Philosophie meetings. Between 2-4pm my day becomes kid time and then we go to auditions, a park to play or hang at home. Then, it’s the dinner/bath/bed routine followed by time with my husband and catching up on the day and watching a show together. I’m usually asleep around 10:30pm.

Weekends are much more mellow! I wake up slower, and have no phones right away. I make a nice breakfast with the kids, abba plays the guitar or music, and we hang around the house in PJ’s. Eventually we make our way to the gym where we work out together and the kids go into kids club. We grab lunch together or come home for lunch and the kids typically play with the neighbors outside or at one of our houses. We love to have date night on Saturday evenings when we remember to! Sunday’s we sometimes hike as a family, or go to the farmers market. It’s slow, yummy and connected. It’s deep family time.

Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe picnics with her family

What supplements or vitamins do you swear by?

Not many. My superfood blends are my only must-do.


Do you see any healers? If so, who do you see and how often do you go?

I see healers when I’m in a place I need to. I have a healer named Peter who lives in Santa Monica and he cured my anxiety last year. When I’m in an off place I will get colonics, see tarot card readers or astrologists, whatever needs to happen to get myself on a good path again.


You have two little ones and are pregnant with your third, congrats! How do you encourage healthy habits with your kids?

Thank you! I’m taken aback everyday at the thought of bringing another little human into this world and feel immensely blessed because of it. I’ve passed on healthy eating habits and wellness practices to my kids by teaching them the value of food and the importance of their health. Instead of creating a “healthy diet” based on limitations, I show them how to eat, move, and breathe from a place of love: love for themselves, their communities, and their larger world.

The trick is offering them a plate of colorful, wholesome food and allowing kids to completely pick which foods they want. I always watch closely to see what their bodies naturally gravitate towards. For example, I’ve noticed that my son Kai eats more like me and thrives on plant-based food, while Leo needs more eggs and heartier foods. It’s essential to understand that we are all unique and we each have different metabolisms, caloric needs, digestive systems, and blood types. I also love taking them to farmers markets and fruit farms, so they can see for themselves where their meals come from and cultivate a healthy relationship with their food.

Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe's gender reveal

We all talk about finding balance in our work and home life. Do you have any life hacks that keep things flowing?

I embrace every moment as it comes. In ultimate times of stress I stop everything and slow down. I meditate, I take a bath, I step onto my yoga mat and envelop myself within my practice. If I can’t fathom doing yoga, I step outside for a walk. I breathe and center myself on my breath. Over time I’ve learned when to say “no” to things that don’t make me truly happy and are not what I need in that moment. Phones on airplane mode by 830pm every night is a non-negotiable.

3 pearls of wisdom


I believe that feeling good (feeling nourished, healthy, vibrant, and self-empowered) is what fuels us to work to be better people—better mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and active contributors to our world.


You absolutely must give yourself as much self-love as you need without a grain of guilt. Until you are filled up, you can not give fully to your little loves, friends, husband, and others in your life.


Thirdly, as long as your kids are safe, loved and happy, everything else is extra credit. Take it easy on yourself.

xx Sophie Jaffe
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