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Our girls, Mari and Lili, are pals with our delivery people because, let’s be honest, packages arrive at our homes at an embarrassingly daily rate (thank you, Amazon Prime!). Unfortunately for our girls however, these boxes are most often filled with boring necessities and not with gifts for them (gets them every time!). But, when a fun graffitied box arrives addressed especially for them? We’re thanking those FedEx gods just a little bit more.

Rockets of awesomeRockets of awesomeRockets of awesomeRockets of awesome

Enter our latest obsession, Rockets of Awesome. First of all, I would pretty much like anything with this name, it’s just plain, well… awesome! Secondly, it makes shopping for your littles as easy as 1-2-3! Enter your child’s likes and dislikes into the site and wait for an awesome box of expertly curated pieces to arrive. You can also send back anything you or the littles ones don’t want to keep with the enclosed self-addressed label. That’s it! You only get charged for what you keep, there is no annual membership fee, and you can cancel at any time.

Rockets of awesomeRockets of awesomeRockets of awesomeRockets of awesome

The first of our four annual boxes arrived in a cool blue box, packed with the most adorable stack of clothes and accessories. Mari and Lili had fun mixing and matching their selections and decided to be twinning with matching pink and silver metallic skirts before heading out to one of our favorite hangouts in Brooklyn, Sweethaus. Even though Katya and I work together all week, we try to make room in the schedule to share some downtime with our girls. It turned out to be the perfect double-date as the girls loved loading up on sweets and hot chocolate and even found little cakes to match their sweet pastel outfits.

Rockets of awesomeRockets of awesome Rockets of awesome Rockets of awesome

As busy working moms, having a box of cool, fun, well-curated and affordable pieces (everything is under $40) arrive on our doorstep seriously made our week. Rockets of Awesome is perfect for finding cute outfits for your littles for any day and any event that could come your way.

Rockets of awesome

Photos by Stevi Sesin

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