Ask any parent and they’ll likely tell you that to care for a newborn is to experience the most emotions in the shortest amount of time. Whether it’s excitement, fear, love, frustration, pride, or doubt, there is no steady emotional footing in which to tether yourself as you navigate late-night feeds, exciting milestones, and everything in-between. 

HeyMama brand partner H&M shares, embraces, and supports the full range of emotions that come with the parenting experience of having a newborn, be it the everyday moments of joy, wonder, bonding, and intimacy, but also the undeniable worry and insecurity. From that dreaded moment following a blowout in which you realize your child has miraculously outgrown their newborn onesies in what feels like a matter of seconds, to that very first baby clothes purchase that marks the beginning of a brand new life, H&M is there to support parents emotionally, but also practically, by providing them with everything they need to know when it comes to baby clothes.

HeyMama is proud to share with our members H&M’s Newborn Collection, featuring sets and ”room to grow” designs for babies up to 9 months, and H&M’s Baby Collection, featuring garments for babies and children up to 7 years of age. And given how quickly our littles grow, every parent will be happy to hear that the collection is sourced in a sustainable way, featuring organic and recycled materials.

H&M’s Newborn Collection 

The time we spend with our babies is both frustratingly long and painfully fleeting, and as parents we are often left searching for ways to both make our way through it relatively unscathed and mark the moments in any way we can as they pass us by. One way is through clothes, from the “first outfits” we preserve in plastic bags and locked-away safes to the favorite outfits our children adored sometimes defiantly so that we were asked to cherish. 

H&M’s Newborn Collection gives parents those “first” outfits, and beyond, for babies up to 9 months. The collection is sourced in a sustainable way and features organic or recycled materials sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). At an age when epic blowouts are inevitable, spit-ups are a common occurrence, and clothes cannot always be worn more than once, H&M’s environmentally-conscious collection gives parents some peace of mind when throwing away the latest casualty of a far-too-full diaper. 

The majority of H&M’s newborn garments are made from organic cotton, which is certified by the Organic Content Standard or the Global Organic Textile Standard. In other words, new parents can feel secure knowing that they’re providing their babies with clothes that are safe and comfortable when purchasing from H&M’s newborn collection. 

The collection also features their new “Room to Grow” 3-piece set, also available for babies up to 9 months. The set features a fully open wrap-over bodysuit with no side-seams, for the squirmy babies among us who, against all odds, can Houdini their way out of the most intricate of baby wraps. The set is also sourced in a sustainable way, via the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and is made of organic cotton. 

H&M’s Baby Collection

One minute you’re bringing a potato-like newborn home from the hospital or birthing center, and the next minute you have a crawling, teething, reckless explorer on your hands. And as your baby continues to grow and find new yoga-like ways to move their body, they need clothes that will move and grow with them. 

Available online in sizes ranging from 4 months to 4 years, H&M’s Baby Collection focuses on soft and stretchy materials that allow your baby to move around, play, and explore the ever-expanding world around them. The collection also features soft seams for your baby’s comfort, elastic waists so you can easily and quickly dress (or undress) your baby, and fits that give your baby the room to make that first crawl and take that first, unforgettable step.

When motherhood is nothing if not a slew of contradicting feelings, HeyMama and H&M both know that anything that can give you a more equal emotional footing while helping to mark the moments of joy is a hard win. And at a time when it behooves us all to work smarter and not harder, a collection that works with and for parents and babies as they learn and grow is a collection HeyMama is proud to champion. 

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