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Here at HEYMAMA, there’s nothing we love more than hearing member collaboration stories. As soon as we heard every mama’s favorite food delivery service, Sakara Life (co-founded by Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise), teamed up with Daphne Oz, we had to hear more about the program they created together and how it came about. 


First, tell us a bit about the 10 Day Reset! How will it help us feel good?

Whitney: On our respective journeys from “rock bottom” to having our lives transformed through food, we recognized how critical it is to heal your microbiome. Your gut, and the 37 trillion bacteria thriving in it, are responsible for everything from your immunity to your mood, to your energy levels, hormones, adrenals, how you absorb calories, your skin clarity and more. This knowledge helped guide our nutritional philosophy at Sakara Life, and it’s why microbiome health is at the heart of the 10 Day Reset. We provide the tools to create your best body. Within the kit, you’ll find our Sakara Daily Probiotic Blend, which include digestive enzymes, prebiotic fiber and 11 diverse strains of a probiotic; our Detox Tea to help support your cleansing organs; our signature Detox and Beauty water concentrates that help to mineralize your body and hydrate on the cellular level; Energy and Detox bars, our functional nutrition bars to help you snack smarter and provide clean, plant-based protein and whole food sources of fiber; Life Source nutrition Super Powder, which includes alkalizing greens, collagen-promoting phytoceramides, B12 and digestive enzymes so your morning smoothie is the most nutrient-dense meal it could possibly be. Beyond these essential wellness tools, we’ve also created many Sakara-beloved recipes to help you feel amazing and nourish all of your senses (especially taste!).

Danielle:  Ultimately, we are giving you the tools to heal yourself. We like to say our organic meal delivery is your personal chef and nutritionist rolled into one (sexy) package; the 10 Day Reset lets you get in some kitchen time and make everything yourself, the Sakara way. This way of eating changed our lives, and [the 10 Day] was another way we could share that light and love with Sakara clients and people seeking change.

Daphne: The 10-Day Reset is all about vitality. It’s a chance to experience the benefits of limiting some of the most inflammatory, acidifying, and addictive elements of our normal diets—  gluten, refined sugar, and animal protein— while flooding our bodies with the live nutrients of plants for better digestion, less stress on the body, less bloat, better sleep, glowing skin…the list goes on and on. It’s also about giving ourselves a mental pause to reset bad habits, get conscious about what we put in our bodies, and choose positivity. It’s about nourishing yourself on every level, NOT deprivation.


Whitney and Danielle, we know this is your first-ever chef collaboration. What was it like to choose the right personality to partner with for the first time?

Danielle: Daphne is an amazing woman, entrepreneur, chef and mama. We connected with her because she never sacrifices pleasure for health. She celebrates food as an experience, and knows the power of feeling strong in your skin. More than anything, Daphne knows how to make delicious food. Her innate understanding of making what we all crave to eat— that delights senses and helps us be our brightest selves— makes her a woman after our own heart. She juggles it all, so the recipes have to taste good, give results and be easy enough to cook up after a long day. We are so honored to share her talents with Sakaralites, and help further the mission of indulging in what tastes soo good while feeling unstoppable.


Daphne, what do you look for in the brands you choose to partner with?

Daphne: I only partner with companies I feel I can genuinely support and spread the word about because I have consistently used and loved their products. I am incredibly protective of my community’s trust, and I only want to introduce them to products and services I know they will love because they will make their lives a little healthier, more beautiful, more delicious, more funor ideally all of the above!  I live a healthy lifestyle, but I also like to have fun, and inevitably the brands I partner with have the same approach to life.


How has motherhood impacted the way you relate with other women in your work life?

Danielle:  I have a newfound respect for women. I am in awe of woman’s ability to mother, juggle, love deeply and do it all with such grace.

Daphne: With or without kids, many women I know spend their time thinking about the needs of others and trying to juggle meeting those with meeting our own. Adding kids to the equation compounds this feeling that your success is ultimately about how well you supported everyone around you.

When you’re a working mom, you’re constantly thinking about tradeoffs and managing time, and it often feels like there are multiple categories of never-ending to-do listswhich is overwhelming! For me, the happiest and most fulfilling balance has been allowing myself to feel good in whatever role I’m playing that day: some days are really work-focused and I’m 100% on, and some days I get to be home with my babies and my husband and I am 100% mom. I’ve had to practice trying to live in the moment and not feel the creep of mom guilt, and I have definitely sought out other mothers in the workplace to look to for inspiration, advice, and because I feel like it’s really nice to have someone you don’t need to explain yourself to. They get it. They get that you leave work and go home to your real job and your real love. They get that you’re never “off-duty.” They get that you’ve had to make sacrifices and shift your priorities and figure out a way that feels good to you and makes YOU happy, and they support you making that choice.  It’s wonderful to be able to have that community of mutual understanding and support.


In order to really make work/mom life balance work we need to take care of ourselves, but so many mamas feel like there’s just no time for that. How do you make it work in your own lives?

Danielle: Right now my baby is small, so I bring her EVERYWHERE. Last week I brought her to my facial. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. She had a blowout on my lap but my pores look great. 😉

Daphne: Life is a balancing act and some days your performance is perfect and some days you drop all the balls….and then you get up and do it all over again (hopefully better) tomorrow.

My insanely talented and mom-of-3 pal Rebecca Minkoff was our first guest on our podcast Mom Brain, and she said she’s all about “boundaries, not balance.” That gave me a lot to think about. Moms everywhere can relate to this idea that if you don’t set boundaries, you can never win. I think boundaries help us rewrite the rules of the game so we actually have a chance of going to bed at night feeling like we did a good job, rather than keeping a running tally of all the things we should have gotten to. I try not to take a meeting before 9am so I can have breakfast with my kids and take them to school, and I try not to look at my phone after 9pm so I can have uninterrupted time to focus on my husband and my home life. Some days work is insane and I can’t stick to these, but I try to. That’s where the balance part comes in. My New Year’s resolution this year is to spend 15 minutes before bed doing something that makes me happy.


For so many of us, community is a key ingredient in finding balance and joy in motherhood. Where do you find yours? What does community mean to you?

Daphne: I couldn’t agree more! We are in this together, and that’s so much a part of why Hilaria [Baldwin] and I started recording Mom Brain. We wanted to create that community and provide a space for moms to build their virtual “village.” Our all-time favorite is when we get reviews or emails from women who say they listened to us on the way home from school or while out doing errands or nursing a baby and we made them laugh or cry or not feel alone and be amazed at how similar all our experiences have been. That’s such an incredible spark of joy and connection.

I have found a similarly supportive, fun, inviting community through social media and instagram especially. I’ve been really open throughout my pregnancies and my post-baby body journey with my recipes and workouts and highs and lows (and also a lot of fashion and beauty and family moments haha), and I feel like so many women who follow me are on very similar journeys and we can support each other and give each other good ideas. I just love that.

3 pearls of wisdom


Be as gentle with yourself as you are with your children.


There's no such thing as a perfect mother, so be forgiving.


There's no such thing as a perfect child, so be compassionate.

xx Daneille Duboise

3 pearls of wisdom


Balance AND boundaries.


Don't let anyone steal your joy. Aim to make choices that make you happy -- happy kids have happy parents to show them how it's done! -- and then own them. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone.


I genuinely believe quality over quantity, and the most important thing is how you make the people you love feel. So here's to extra love and lots of fun!

xx Daphne Oz
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