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There’s no denying, San Francisco is a magical city. Located in the Northern part of California, this beautiful city is home to so many iconic places; from the tranquil gardens in Golden Gate Park to the food scene in the Mission, there isn’t a neighborhood that isn’t begging to be explored. Although the city is rapidly changing due to the explosion of tech companies, there are still so many gems (old and new!) to check out. In the next installation of our Heymama Neighborhood Guide series, we got the scoop from heymama member and founder of Mrs. Patel’s, Anhoni Patel. Read on to check out some of her favorite spots in our San Fransisco guide…

What’s your name and tell us about your company?

Anhoni Patel, I’m the founder of Mrs. Patel’s that makes treats and teas for women (pregnancy, lactation, women’s health). Our products are based on Ayurvedic recipes that have been passed down from mother-to-mother within my family for generations.

san francisco Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights, San Francisco

san francisco Bernal Heights

What do you love about San Francisco?

I love its creativity and quirkiness and its enthusiasm for nonconformity. I both love and hate the hills! The hills can be brutal to bike, run, walk, park and navigate, but when you crest a hill and are rewarded with a breathtaking vista then you love the hills! And, of course, I love the food – the importance on high-quality, fresh produce, the bakeries, the restaurants, the amazing coffee with outstanding cafes and bakeries in practically every neighborhood!

san franscisco where to go
What are some of the best places to go with the kids?

On a rare hot day – I love taking them to the beach! There are several great beaches in the city and they are all kid-friendly but we love China Beach, Fort Funston and Ocean Beach. We love hiking in the Presidio or Glen Park Canyon. There are a lot of excellent playgrounds in every neighborhood; there are three amazing playgrounds several blocks away in each direction from our house! The city also has a lot of great ice cream shops and bakeries to grab a little treat as you are walking around. Our kids also love going to the California Academy of Sciences, climbing at Dogpatch Boulders and going to the San Francisco Zoo.

What is your favorite undiscovered hot spot in San Francisco?

Well, if I revealed it here it would no longer be undiscovered! I will say that there are at least two secret swings – one on the top of Bernal Heights Park and the other near Twin Peaks that are super fun. I also love going for a hike at Heron’s Head Park and then grabbing a treat at the hidden cafe within Flora Grubb Gardens. Another little gem is going roller skating at the Church of 8 Wheels!

Little Bee Bakery, San Francisco

Little Bee Bakery, San Francisco

Little Bee Bakery, San Francisco

If you had a free weekend in your city or town, what would you do? 

If we were up for an adventure I would go across town and take them for a hike in the Presidio then go to Pretty Please Bakeshop for a treat, Green Apple Books for some book-browsing and then for some Korean or Japanese Noodles on Clement Avenue or Geary Blvd. If we wanted to keep it mellow we would walk up to the Bernal Library Playground, visit the library, drop by STEMful (an amazing STEM-oriented playspace) and Little Bee Bakery for a treat and then get  dinner somewhere on Cortland Avenue.

Where would go without the kids?

I would make sure to hit up Tartine Manufactory or Le Marais Bakery for breakfast, catch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, go bowling at the Mission Bowling Club or just walk around Hayes Valley for some amazing window shopping or an indulgent massage at the Earthbody Day Spa. For a quick dinner (without reservations), I would head to the Mission District to Souvla or Curry Up Now. For drinks, I love Casanova Lounge, The Royal Cuckoo and The Knockout. And for dancing, I would head to The Cat Club or El Rio ending the night at Taqueria Cancun for some late-night eats!

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