When we first met Sai for coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company, we were instantly pulled in by this no  BS, down to earth and energetic mama.  One thing stood out, no matter how many off the runway inspired looks her daughter wears,  Sai and London’s life is really just like yours.  After our initial coffee, we’ve seen this mama and toddler duo in action on photo shoots, playgrounds, and chasing our kids up and down the streets of Tribeca.

For those unfamiliar with her blog, Scout The City is really the first of it’s kind. She started less than a year ago, and has since been featured on The Today Show, NBC, BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post.  We wouldn’t be surprised if London’s Elmo phone is actually Moschino and has a direct dial to Karl Lagerfield. 

The blog is more than just toddler fashion, it’s about that bond between a mom and her little girl, her life in New York City and their lifestyle.  What we were fascinated by is the powerhouse mama behind the brand and her spot on social media business savvy.

We wanted to shoot Sai in her hood, taking us to their favorite shoot locations and living a day in the life of the “scouts’.

After spending time with you and London, we can say that London is really as cute in person as she is in photos! Besides the fact that your daughter is so adorable and better dressed than most new yorkers, what would you attribute the viral success of Scout the City and @scoutfashion to?

I think one of the reasons Scout The City took off so quickly is because London dresses in clothing that adults would want. Although they are kid friendly pieces, most adults are inspired to dress in a similar way. She also looks like she
’s genuinely having a great time in her photos, which she is.

At what point were you able to start doing this full time? Was there a certain amount of revenue that you started making or an amount of followers that made the decision for you?

I knew that there was nothing like my blog in this space, and that is huge in the blog world. I believed if I put more time into it then there was a possibility that it could really take off and it did!

Was there anything specific that you would call your big break?

I would say, being featured on the Today show!

 Is there anyone that you would call a mentor that helped you get started? How did you meet this person?

Unfortunately I never had a mentor. I taught myself everything.

Is there any simple advice you can give to those trying to build up their instagram following?

My biggest word of advice is to leverage followers from like minded accounts! What I mean by this is to contact or comment on pages that you feel would relate to your aesthetic, make sure they would feel the same way about your account.  Ask them if they have any interest in doing a s4s, which is short for “share for Share” or “Shout-out for shout-out”. Giving one another shout-outs is a great opportunity to gain their followers and vice-versa. This method creates an active and healthy targeted account. Quick tip, only contact accounts that you think would realistically be willing to give you an s4s. If you’re expecting an account with over a 100K to do a s4s with you and you have 1K it’s unrealistic and most likely will discourage you from contacting others.

What are some brands that have been really supportive of you? How did you start out working with brands? Did you reach out to them or did they start contacting you?

To be honest, every brand that we have ever worked with from Stella kids to Guess has been extremely supportive and love what we’re doing in this space. For us, it’s a bit different since there are not many bloggers doing what we are. I didn’t reach out to brands until I had an active following of 10K which showed that we had a dedicated fan base. That means, our followers liked and commented just as much as a 50K account would. Afterwords, I created a blog and reached out to small brands who could benefit from my social stats. I worked with brands from etsy to start-ups that I found on Instagram who handmade all of their pieces. I made sure to create lasting relationships and still work with some of them today.

London seems like a natural in front of the camera, she really loves it. Did you teach her this or how did it evolve?

You’re right she’s a complete natural! She’s naturally photogenic and I just photograph her being herself.

Talk to us a little about your background and skill set and how you’ve transferred these talents over to your new role?

I owned an online accessory store, which I started from scratch with no prior experience or knowledge. I learned from Google and reading as many articles as I could get my hands on. Two years later, my company was featured in numerous publications such as People Stylewatch, Elle girl and Cosmo to name a few. I found myself being interviewed by Business News Daily for my social media efforts and expanding my small business across social media platforms on little to no budget.  I learned how to look for influencers and leverage followers as much as possible. I found the importance of pinning on Pinterest and how to get accepted into collaborative boards. I outsourced web designers and assistants and hired a herd of interns to create a functional business on a very low budget. As the demands grew, I became weary and lost my passion for e-commerce. I immediately launched a social media marketing company that took off instantaneously which needed zero capital to launch. I helped small fashion related businesses get to where they wanted to be. A few months later, I launched STC on the side as a creative outlet and digital diary dedicated to my daughter and children’s fashion. I implemented all of my past experiences and knowledge immediately and within 9 short months I landed on the front page of Buzzfeed. It wasn’t long before my days consisted of interviews by Jennifer Busch Hager from NBC today’s show and Skype Chats with Ellen Degeneres’ office.

Tell us about “Scout the City,” what it’s about, and where you want to take it.

My blog is all about my daughter, London Scout as well as an editorial story between a curly haired mother/daughter duo who express their bond through fashion and city scouting. We create all of our own content, photograph children’s street style as well as give modern cool moms tips on being chic. With the rapid success of Scout The City we find our self expanding and creating more content in different areas. We plan to roll out our YouTube channel in the next few months which will showcase curly hair tips for adults and children, last minute make-up for moms on the go as well as simple yet healthy lunch recipes. We have also began to implement kid-friendly resorts for traveling. In the very near future we hope to create a mommy/daughter capsule collection as well as expanding to a full fledged lifestyle brand. 

We plan to roll out our YouTube channel in the next few months which will showcase curly hair tips for adults and children, last minute makeup for moms on the go as well as simple yet healthy lunch recipes.

We’re impressed that you take care of London and do everything yourself. Can you tell us your secret for time management and juggling your personal life with work? Do you find it hard to separate the two things being that work and family are one?

I think when you have a child, you just make things work because you have to. When she’s in school 3 days a week, I try and cram in my work load and I also wake up 3 hours before her every morning to tackle emails and write new posts since my mind is fresh. I think my blog is about our life so in a way I really don’t separate them as I document our life on social media.

I think when you have a child, you just make things work because you have to.

It’s clear your husband is supportive of your work, was he always on board or did you have to sell himi on it?

My husband has always been supportive of my work. He knew that I was very successful with my social media company and how natural the transitions has been for Scout The City. My biggest tip is to pursue something you’re passionate about that will naturally incorporate into your life.


1. Zara long trenchcoat $129 2. Aldo SAOWIA sneaker $49.98 3. Theory “Zeyn” leather pleated skirt $1,125  4. Longchamp calfskin printed leather coat  5. The Cambridge Satchel Comepany 13″ zipped satchel off-white $185  6. The Cambridge Satchel Company mini satchel in off-white $195


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