Getting clear on your vision, intentions and setting goals for the year is, in my opinion, the most important thing you can do to set yourself up for actually making them happen. When we don’t have a roadmap, it is so easy to get lost and forget where we are going in the first place.

Last week at my home in Los Angeles, I was honored to host a group of heymama members and talked all things goals, dreaming big, and what it truly takes to “make it happen” in this day of being modern mama entrepreneurs. We talked a lot about the importance of “doing it messy” (the constant strive for perfection is seriously sooooo exhausting and overrated!!). We talked about the importance of having a team and support – both in and out of the house! One of my favorite things to say is, “I really believe we women can have it all but I know for sure that we can’t do it all!”. Last week we all celebrated each others dreams, our successes, our desires, and gave each other permission to truly want whatever it is each other could dream up.

Here are my tips to setting goals (I’d prefer to call them intentions) and actually making them happen and manifesting them in the year ahead.

1. Get clear on what you most desire and want from this year. It’s vital that this comes from you. Where is your fire? When we follow our own passion and desire, the energy behind it is alive and fierce and keeps us going through the ups and downs that we will inevitably hit along the way.

2. Know your “WHY.”  Meaning, if you say you want to X amount this year, WHY? It’s never about the money, it’s about the experiences, lifestyle or feeling that the money buys you. When we hit a challenge, feel defeated, or want to give up, it’s our WHY that keeps us going. If you have a money goal, know where it’s going. Money wants a place to go. When you know where you’re money is going to be spent, allocated or directed, there’s a reason for it to come in.

3. Write down your goals and/or intentions. I suggest that you write them down as if they have already happened, in present tense. For example, “I am attracting X followers to my social media following!”, or “I am earning $X by this date.”

4. Create a practice/ritual (I like to do this first thing in the morning or the last thing when I go to bed) where you literally visualize yourself already having, doing or experiencing the thing you desire. See and feel yourself earning the money, going on the trip, meeting your partner, buying the house. Visualize for a few minutes daily and affirm that it is already done. When you start training your mind and your body with the feeling of “already having experienced it”, literally the Universe goes out and starts organizing people, places, opportunities for it to happen. Your job is to have the courage to say YES when these opportunities start coming your way!

5. Surround yourself with people that will support and encourage you to keep going. This can be finding friends that are on a similar path, joining a like-minded networking group, or finding a mastermind that feels aligned.  When you’re on a mission, you’ll need to set clear and loving boundaries with naysayers in your life. You literally don’t have time for them to question or be negative about what you are up to. The more you can get clear on this, create a strong (but loving!) boundary, the less your energy will be depleted or drained.

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6. Hire a coach or mentor to guide you on the most efficient and effective steps to get you to accomplish your goal. A great coach will not only keep you accountable to do what you say you are going to do, but also help shift your perspective and mindset when you want to quit, give up or feel like it’s not going to happen.  

7. Make a decision to see every setback, door slammed in your face, or challenge as an opportunity. Come from a learning perspective, know you are meant to succeed, and know that truly there is only ONE of you in the world. You are here to live your best life and the world wants to hear from you!


Happy Planning!

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