When you think of boho-chic, Shiva Rose is one of the first people that comes to mind. Half American, half Persian, she was born and raised in the countryside of Iran. Shiva and her family lived as refugees before settling into a new life in the United States. Finding solace in old films, fashion and books, Shiva expressed herself through film and theater, launching her Hollywood career. Now, Shiva can be found wandering barefoot in her garden in the Santa Monica Mountains with chickens underfoot and a commitment to clean living that is enviable, to say the least. Lucky for us, Shiva is generous with her knowledge and shares regularly on her blog, The Local Rose, and her award-winning (not to mention stunning!) line of all-natural products, Shiva Rose Beauty & Skin has been added to our must-try list for 2017.

We have the best intentions of living a clean lifestyle but feel a little intimidated by it all. What are three easy changes we can make in our daily routines?

I would say the three most vital ways of transitioning into a more conscious, cleaner lifestyle, would be:  

1. Switch to organic, unprocessed foods, as much as you as you can. Honor your bodies and your spaces as temples and show gratitude by maintaining your body with nourishing sustenance.

2. Eliminate (to be best of your ability), toxic creams, fragrances, lotions and anything that is filtering directly into your bloodstream and liver through your skin.

3. Begin to faze out negative thought patterns. Just as we wash our hair when it gets dirty, so does our mind. Clear your mind with a simple meditation practice, sound bath, breath work, or consciousness. I believe we truly are what we eat and think. It will be no use eating healthy if our thought and actions are toxic and full of despair.

Shiva Rose

You were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in your early twenties which led you on the path as a naturalist and activist. Can you tell us more about that experience and what you did?

After the birth of my first daughter at the age of 26, I was exhausted and couldn’t recover my strength and health. I was then diagnosed with Lupus, scleroderma and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I was told I had a year to live. After having horrible side effects from the traditional treatments and protocols, I began to explore alternative and holistic medicines. It took me many years, but I was able to slowly build myself back up with a lot of research. This was before the internet was as accessible as it is now, so I spent a great deal of time with Chinese Medicine acupuncturists, healers, and frequented places like the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy. Also, I started to closely monitor what I ate. I was a vegetarian for 25 years but I realized I had been eating a lot of wheat to sustain my energy. When I cut out all the GMO grown grains and processed wheat, I noticed a shift in the inflammation in my body. I then began adhering to an Ayurvedic lifestyle by adding in more healthy fats and oils and I also noticed positive shifts. Lastly, I began adding a daily spiritual practice, getting into nature, shifting into all natural beauty products and balancing my hormones, and I noticed great changes.

You created your first products with ingredients from your own garden! How did you scale your company into the beloved brand it is today?

I started making my own Rose Face Oil many years ago and then I began experimenting with roses from my garden and calendula oil from blossoms I had harvested. I then started using beeswax from my honey bees and other powerful plant remedies and it began taking over my beauty practice. As my business grew, I began to look for labs that have a very strong ethical philosophy on the ingredients they use. That said, I still continue to make many of my products in my studio to ensure the high vibrational frequency, and power of the line.

Switch to organic, unprocessed foods as much as you can. Honor your bodies and your spaces as temples and show gratitude by maintaining your body with nourishing sustenance.

How did your first sale influence the direction of your business?

I was so grateful to see people enjoying the Rose Face Oil and I remember being filled with joy that I could spread beauty through an actual product. Creating the line came to me in a Kundalini Meditation, so I feel I am just a channel to get the message to others. The first sales were lovely, however I am more swayed by the comments or emails I receive about the products really working. Hearing from my customers gives me a great joy and it makes me know I am on the right path.

What is your best selling product?

So many products are being celebrated – I would say The Glow Balm has a very loyal following, as does the Sea Siren Scrub and the Pearl Rose Face Cream.

Shiva Rose

What do you think is the next trend in beauty?

I feel the next trend may be chaga mushroom since it can hydrate the face. I also am looking into obscure Ayurvedic herbs. My Saffron Rose Scrub has Shatavari which is wonderful for women both topically and internally.

If there was one food or product you wish people would stop ingesting or using, what would it be?

I would say if all of us rise up and refused the Monsanto engineered foods we could make a difference.  It sickens me to think that the same pesticide that they are killing our earth with is imbedded into the seed. When people are ingesting GMO crops, they are ingesting the very pesticide which causes cancer, diabetes, leaky guts, ADDHD, Hormonal issues and so many other ailments.

You eat foods that are 100% organic, alive and unprocessed. What are your favorite resources for finding recipes?

I love to go to the Farmers market or my own vegetable garden and build a recipe on what’s abundant and in season. I like to then use lovely oils, organic raw butters or ghee to enhance the flavors. I have some close ties to my raw dairy suppliers and Farmers Market farmers who I have known for decades. Just because we are healthy doesn’t mean we are missing out. In fact, my daughters and I also have sweet tooth’s so we love to bake, but we use our own eggs, organic flours, and coconut sugar. I love to visit my own site for recipes, or ask friends for ideas. In the colder seasons, I will make a lot of soups and bake my own bread. When the weather is warm, I love to make salads, tarts, quiches.

Winter has our skin feeling drab and flaky. What can we whip up at home to renew our glow?

I would say most of us need more oil in our diets. I would take a spoonful of ghee twice a day for the healthy linoleic acid and vitamins like K, A and E which help with dry skin. If you want a DIY face mask for dry skin, it’s easy to make your own with honey and avocado which will feed your skin in a nourishing, gentle way.

Do you have a network of natural healers or do you experiment with different experts?

Ha! Yes. I have an army of healers and am eternally grateful for them. They range from energy workers, to my Kundalini Yoga teachers, to body work masseuses. I think it’s vital for us to have self care moments and if we are on a budget, we can learn how to heal ourselves. I have posted about the wonders of Self massage or Abhyanga on my blog. I also take time out everyday for some rituals to feed myself with the source energy and self love. We all need this as mothers especially. We cannot keep giving away our love and energy at a deficit. We can learn ways to heal, clear and calm our nervous systems through self care.

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I also take time out everyday for some rituals to feed myself with the source energy and self love. We all need this as mothers especially.

You have lived life as a refugee escaping from Iran to a Hollywood ingenue, how do you stay so centered and what advice would you give to people going through their own personal struggles?

Yes, my life has run the gamut of ups and downs. I feel this has all created a resilience in me which can now help me to help others. I love the quote by Stella Adler, a great acting teacher, who once said “To be a great artist one must have the skin of a rhinoceros, and yet the soul of a rose”. We must become strong in the belief that our intuition, once honed, can lead us to the most authentic and truthful way to live. We must be strong in that and yet still be tender, open, and loving with seeking spirits. I believe we need the duality of both for a full life. Personally, my tools are a consistent practice of Living tea Ceremony, which is a meditation practice, Kundalini yoga meditation, being in nature and beauty rituals. For people struggling, I would say self love is vital which will come from a spiritual connection to the source.

Finding your mama tribe is the first order of business for new mamas everywhere. Do you have any rituals with your own girlfriends? How do you make sure to fit them into your busy life?

I feel so blessed to have a small community of mama friends nearby. We don’t often meet, but once in a while for a new moon, or season solstice, we will gather to have tea, make a mandala, and sing songs and play drums. For me, that is bliss. I have other mama friends who are more in the Hollywood/Fashion world and with them it is just as deep, but we will have a nice dinner and talk.

Your blog, The Local Rose, is filled with beauty tips, recipes and advice for anyone looking to make healthier lifestyle choices – not to mention, gorgeous photos. What has been your most popular post? How do you find your inspirations?

My posts on beauty and yoni eggs have been the most popular, as are the recipes. I am constantly inspired and always want to be creating content, but my problem is time and manpower. I get inspired all the time, from taking Olive Leaf extract to keep parasites at bay, or discovering new holistic ways to screen for cancer using Thermography. I will never tire of discovering the incredible healing remedies that are being offered to us when we are seeking. I also feel holistic living has finally become chic! When i started my blog seven years ago, I was told it was too granola or hippy, but now it makes me want to dance when i see the tide changing. I am inspired by nature, healers, flowers, music, books, animals, children, love . . .

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Heymama right image

We must be strong in that and yet still be tender, open, and loving with seeking spirits.

You believe in the positive vibrations given off from crystals. What are your favorite crystals and why?

Yes, I believe in crystals and the energy they transmit, and you can use various crystals for various issues. For example, to bring in more material wealth, place citrine in an area that is about work. For love and healing the heart, use rose quartz and amethyst. For keeping EMFs lower and to release negativity, use black tourmaline.

How do you support your two girls in living a clean lifestyle? What advice do you give to mamas trying to steer their kids away from Cheetos on the playground and trips to McDonalds?

I try to have a toxic-free zone at my home, but when my girls are away from me, I have to let them be independent in their choices. We cannot become so rigid that they want to rebel and go the other way. I feel we can lead by example, and then say that hopefully they will honor their temples while they are elsewhere. I try to always have healthy snacks for them to take with them as well. That helps.

What is your morning routine? Evening routine?

My morning routine on a school/work day will be truncated but will involve a short Tea meditation and a small Kundalini Yoga set – I like to connect and keep the energy flow of the day moving in a positive direction. I will also spray my face with my Radiant Rose Water and use my Blue Crystal Eye Cream

to release any puffiness around my eyes. For evening, I like to have a bath ritual where I can dry brush my skin and then release the negativity, if any, of the day. I will then nourish my skin with my body oils and loving intentions. Before bed, I try to practice gratitude for the blessings of my day.

3 pearls of wisdom


1. To act from love not fear.


2. To teach my children how to use their intuition.


3. Turn off the Wi-Fi or any phones before bed and take time to be in nature. It is the best balm, teacher and therapy session.

xx Shiva

Shiva Rose

Photos 1 & 4 by Lily Glass Photography and 2, 5 & 6 by Mel Blanchard

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