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When sharing the stories of the mamas in our community we are often met with wide eyes and the oft spoken refrain, “how does she do it all?” so we thought it would be fun to share a glimpse into the busy lives of our members. This month’s feature is on Ashley Freeborn, the Canadian, now Californian transplant who founded Smash + Tess along with her own mama (love!) and her BFF. The result is a super comfy, super cute loungewear line with rompers that can transition from hanging with the littles to a night out with your mama tribe by layering on a cute motorcycle jacket and boots. With her new Fall collection launching today, we wanted to catch up with Ashley to see what a day in her life is really like. Read on…  

Ashely Freeborn, Founder of Smash + Tess

6:00AM- We’re usually woken up by joyful cries from my one year old daughter, Frankie. She likes to play with her bunnies in her crib for a good 15 minutes before firing them over the top of the crib. The thuds of their little bunny bodies means it’s time for Mama to come and get her out of there!


8:30AM- After a couple of hours of milk, playtime, and breakfast, my hubby exits and my nanny arrives. This is when my transformation from disheveled mama to headstrong entrepreneur occurs. I settle into my workstation (usually wearing a romper), thankfully located at home, check online sales and fire off about 1 million emails.


9:30AM- After a quick shower and some makeup, I kiss Frankie goodbye as she goes down for her morning nap and head out the door to HQ. I usually rock loud hip hop on my way to work to really get my blood flowing. I thought I’d grow out of this somewhere in the mid 2000s, but I guess it’s just in my soul.

Ashley Freeborn, Founder of Smash + Tess

10AM- I do my quick recap with my Operations Manager and check in with my wholesale reps either via email or on the phone. I check in with my fulfillment team in the back and ensure everyone is smiling, having fun, and working hard. I’m always amazed at how efficient and determined our team is (all while rocking rompers, of course!). We are a small, but mighty team, sometimes shipping out 300+ packages a day from our small and intimate warehouse space.


11AM- Team meeting. We usually do a conference call with our core team which includes; Digital Marketing, Tech Support and Web Development, Public Relations, and Operations. We go over the week’s objectives, strategies, wins and losses. I love using Wunderlist for keeping my team and I connected and working off of the same to-do list! 


NOON- Break time. My partners and I usually have lunch together, filled with some business chat and a whole lot of laughing. I also love to sneak in a quick FaceTime home to Frankie to get my fix!

The Smash + Tess team filling orders

3PM- After hours of reviewing production schedules, financial reports, legal documents, IG tags and DMs and marketing strategies, and planning out our social with Planoly, I usually take a creative break! To decompress, I love to take my sketch pad out and start playing around with designs which I try to do once a day. If my break is not design oriented, it can be something more interactive like a photo shoot. There’s arguably nothing more fun than styling a shoot, and we do a lot of these to update our social content, product shots, or website content.


5PM- I race home to see Frankie and relieve the nanny. Even though my husband and I often resign ourselves to UberEats, I always ensure I have whole, home cooked meals for Frankie, and LOVE cooking for her. So usually I’m home just in time to prepare her dinner and feed her at 5:30pm as we say goodbye to our nanny for the day.


6:45PM- After a couple hours of eating and play it’s time for Frankie’s bedtime ritual which is arguably one of my favorite parts of the day. We have fun in the tub, followed by a story, some milk and our final cuddles as I rock her to sleep.

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7:30PM- My husband and I usually kick back, light some candles, throw on a show and spend the rest of the evening reconnecting. I usually do a ceremonial bowl of fresh popped popcorn around 8:30 pm that we share, along with plenty of snuggles.


10PM- We are usually passed out cold while Frankie sleeps tight next door getting rested up for another fun, exciting, and full day ahead!

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