When we launched our San Francisco community earlier this year, The Girl in the Yellow Dress blogger Latisha Springer was right there with us as an official HEYMAMA Ambassador. We have been long-time Insta-friends with this mama to three and when we needed someone on the ground to rally the troops and spread the word about our community, we knew just who to turn to. Fast forward several months later and we’re so excited to feature Latisha in our latest #SocialBoss interview. With approximately 250,000 followers, this mama knows a thing or two about nurturing and growing a community and we’re so excited to shine the spotlight on this hair-stylist turned blogger. Read on…

Blogger Latisha Springer and her kids

LaTisha, you were doing hair and lashes when your blog began to take off and you had no choice but to jump in head first. Tell us more about how it all began.

Yes! I was so busy doing hair and I felt like I needed an outlet. I started my blog because I loved fashion and it was a way for me to journal about that. I didn’t start the blog thinking that I would make any money doing it, it was just a fun hobby. A few years ago, things really started taking off and I stopped doing hair to focus full-time on the blog. Once and a while I’ll still do hair, but not nearly as much.


What was the tipping point that really took you from daydreaming to knowing you wanted to take action and turn your passion into a business?

I’m still pretty new when it comes to blogging and my blogging journey really just started. Once I began getting campaigns, I just ran with it and built on the momentum. It was a huge jump and ended up working out really well. It’s all about having faith and doing what you love.

Blogger Latisha Springer and her kids on the farm

You now have almost 250K followers on Instagram (amazing!). Was there a certain post and/or period of time you can point to where you really started to grow your following?

I would say my feed took off about a year or two ago when I partnered with different brands and was getting featured on a few big accounts.


Partnerships are key! How do you manage the sheer volume of engaging in an authentic way with your followers? Do you have any apps, hacks or assistants?

I did everything by myself for a long time, basically treading water and I finally realized that I couldn’t be a mom of 3 and do all this stuff at the same time! I hired an assistant and now don’t stay up till 3 am anymore! I get more sleep and have been able to grow my business a little more too which has been great.


Blogging is so much more than pretty pictures. What advice would you give to a blogger (ie. hire a lawyer, use WordPress, hire a professional photographer etc).

I would recommend using WordPress over any other site builder because SEO is a big part of blogging and WordPress offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to optimizing your website. I would recommend using a photographer to get professional looking photos or getting a DSLR camera and a good lens if you plan on having a family member take your pics. One thing I’ve learned though is that sometimes quick spontaneous iPhone pics can be more interesting to people than staged photos!


Speaking of photos, who takes most of the photos on your site? Did you have to learn photography too?

My assistant takes a lot of my photos for campaigns, or I hire a photographer if she’s not available. My everyday quick pictures on instagram are usually iPhone photos!

Blogger Latisha Springer and her kids at Target

How has becoming a mama influenced how you approach your career?

I started blogging after Rowen was born, so I’ve always been a mom while doing it. 3 kids takes things to a whole new level though! It’ all about learning how to balance your home and work life, when to turn it on when to shut it off. I usually work in the morning, take a break after school through dinner, and work again at night.


Now that we are up and running in SF, we’re on the hunt for great places to check out. If you had a day to wander anywhere in the Bay Area where would you go?

The main tourist places are all good options from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf. My kids love the sea lions! My all time favorite thing I’ve done was biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, it was so beautiful. You really can’t see the city in a car.


You’re a HEYMAMA ambassador (yay!).  Why do you think it’s empowering for women to work together? What have you learned most by working with other women?

I think its great to work with women because you can relate so much with each other! I feel more empowered and motivated when I know I’m not in this alone and that I can bounce ideas off people going through the same things.

Latisha Springer and family at Disneyland

What’s your beauty secret/obsession right now?

Maskcara Beauty makeup all the way! It’s so quick and easy, I literally put it on in the car in less than 5 minutes. I also love my Live In Leggings from Nordstrom… I literally live in them. haha There is a self tanner that I like a lot.


What are you coveting for Fall?

I have an obsession with hats, and I’m also loving booties, cardigans, fluffy fleece jackets, and leggings. 


You and your husband  have been married for 10 years. How do you carve out special time for just the two of you? Any secrets for a happy marriage? 
We have a hard time with this! We’re so busy, but literally what we do is that we try to get a sitter every few months for a date. And on Friday nights we watch a movie and do laundry! It sounds so lame, but at least we get time together!

Blogger Latisha Springer and family

3 pearls of wisdom


Clean at night time not during the day or else you’ll just get frustrated when it gets messy again!


Take time for yourself once in a while- get your nails done, have a girls trip.


Don’t sweat the small stuff!

xx Latisha Springer
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