As motivated and multi-talented mamas, we’ve taken it all on. We’re leaders at home, loyal friends, and successful businesswomen always working towards our next project. Yet, amidst all of this, we have to ask ourselves: Are we going through the necessary motions to get by? Are we really living to our full potential? These are the questions wellness maven, doula, and Mama Glow founder, Latham Thomas, encourages us ask, which she also highlights in her new book, Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning The Queen Within. An incredible read, Latham inspires us to seize, what she calls our “glow power,” so we can not only work hard and achieve our goals, but to live, thrive, and be good to ourselves at the same time. In honor of her recent book launch, Latham shares four tips to get us mamas on track so that we can design (and live!) the life of our dreams. Read on…

design your dream life

We all know an alpha woman and super mom, one who is doing it all. She’s driven, focused, “making it happen,” striving — but not necessarily thriving— her way to the top of her game. The woman who sacrifices her own dreams so she can attain success is celebrated in our culture. One who is well-behaved, who says yes, who is an outputting machine able to outperform everyone else no matter what the circumstances, and she does it all in a pencil skirt or a pantsuit and with a smile. She might be single, an overworked mom doing it all, or a woman whose marriage to her work has been one of many factors leading to divorce. She is powerful beyond measure but lacking tether to her vulnerability. She is living a life that others would envy on the outside, but within, she is longing for connection, an anchor to something deeper. She wants to expand beyond the confines of the path that was set before her, one that outlines her destiny as others see it. She wants to awaken the dormant parts of herself, shake her past, and become new. She wants to become a woman living her dreams, standing fully in her glow power, and defining an arc of success and spiritual fitness on her own terms.

Women are the most powerful resource on the planet, and when we access, utilize, and harness what I call our ‘glow power’ — our intuition and creative feminine edge — we can impact every aspect of our lives for the better, whether career, finances, love and relationships, spiritual life, body, or exercise.

Are you ready to awaken to your dream? Are you ready to rise up to your greatness? Are you prepared to raise your own personal bar? If you answered a big yes to all three of those questions, then you are in for a beautiful and soulful ride, my friend. Now is the time to embrace boldness, confidence, and risk. I see a lack of women embracing their unique feminine advantage. Women are the most powerful resource on the planet, and when we access, utilize, and harness what I call our “glow power” — our intuition and creative feminine edge — we can impact every aspect of our lives for the better, whether career, finances, love and relationships, spiritual life, body, or exercise. Go with your inner fire and be bold. Sometimes you have to put on your super heroine suit even when you can’t yet fly. You have to be able to see yourself and envision what is possible and have hope even beyond that. You have to be willing to stand up for yourself and your potential and own your glow.

Now the question is, who are you, really? What are you passionate about? What is missing that’s keeping you from living your best life? The first step to embracing your glow lies in answering those questions.

Have you ever been in that place where suddenly nothing you’ve been doing makes sense and you just don’t have the pep-in-your-step for your current job or relationship? You are afraid to explore the unknown, but you find it intriguing. You are here to find your passion and express yourself through that passion, to make a mark on the world and make a difference. Each of us has a mandate at birth, and not one of us was sent here without the capacity to achieve it. When you find something that excites you, something that makes you rethink your footsteps and feels like play, then you’ve tapped into your glow, a force within you that will guide you toward your wildest dreams. Here are four practices that can help set you on course for designing the life of your dreams:

1. Plant the seed. 

First we need to define a seed goal, one we’ll reach for throughout this personal growth journey. A seed is encoded with potent information and is suspended in animation until it is planted. A seed goal is a dense goal that we nurture through our intentions and actions, giving rise to a potent version of ourselves in the process. As women, we have an innate desire and need to create. When we merge our creative energy with love, we find passion taking us to new heights. It keeps us in a place of wonder. You may have started on your path toward success with someone else’s dreams hovering over you; perhaps your parents had ideas of what and who you should become. That parental or societal vision may have molded your childhood activities, shaped your goals, and dictated your aspirations. But you’ve outgrown your kitten heels and stepped into your big-girl stilettos, and the world is much different than you imagined. And on this journey, we’re working to harness the divine creative force within us so we can bring that extension of ourselves to fruition. Our goal might be a promotion, a new career, a new relationship, a better version of our current relationship, a healthier body/lifestyle, expanding your family, or a more relaxed/organized existence.

2. Don’t just think it, ink it! 

Writing down our goals and desires has a peculiar way of activating them in the world. Keep a journal so you can write down all your goals, what you desire, and what you are feeling. It gives the Universe a clear indication that you are ready to take your thoughts to the next level and spin them into action.

3. Embrace self-care!

Self-care is a critical aspect of reclaiming your queendom. We need to protect ourselves by erecting boundaries, not to trap ourselves inside, but to allow ourselves to filter what we allow into our lives. Pampering, or what I call “glow time”, is an opportunity to practice loving ourselves, to improve our relationship with our bodies and honor our physical needs. Intimacy can be a fulfilling aspect of our lives, and love and sexuality can help fuel our passion for our mission.

4. Round up your vision doulas for support.

Create a support system for where you are right now. In the birth tradition, the doula is a woman whose role is to “mother the mother.” She is to serve as a grounding emotional and spiritual support for the woman who is transitioning, crossing a threshold into motherhood. Your vision doula holds the same role — to be an emotional and spiritual support for you while you hold space for something greater that is coming through you.


design your dream life

Latham Thomas is a women’s wellness maven and founder of Mama Glow. She is also the author of Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning The Queen Within.
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