As a kids swimwear designer and Arizona resident, Uyen (pronounced Win) Carlson knows how to keep her kiddos safe from the hot summer sun. With their favorite Supergoop! products applied and adorable Crew & Lu suits in tow, Uyen, hubby Lance, and their dynamic duo Crew and Ella love to infuse each day with fun and family time. Read on to find out how Uyen and her squad (including their goats Ricky and Cal) are keeping cool at home this summer, and how they keep their skin in tip-top shape — even amidst 110+ degree temperatures!…


We’re so excited that you’re part of our partnership with Supergoop! What are your summer plans?  

Our summer plan is just trying to soak up as much family time as we can. We love spending time at our home altogether.

What is summer like in Arizona? How do you and the kids stay cool in the heat?  

I love Arizona so much, but it’s just three months out of the year that can get pretty brutal at 110+ degree temperatures. Keeping hydrated is key, and sun protection is always on my mind.  If we aren’t in the water during the day, we like to do different activities inside. At least we have dry heat and it’s not too humid!

Going from wet to dry can spell trouble when trying to stay safe in the sun! What kind of sun products are you using this summer, and why are they perfect for a day of backyard play in the pool?

I have so much love for Supergoop! products and I love each product for different reasons. I love the Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen for our daily wear. It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky. I also feel like it lasts so well throughout the day. I’m also obsessed with the Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C. It smells amazing, and has such great coverage for when the kids go in the water. Even though it stays on really well in the water, we are super careful to re-apply! It’s really important to apply often when the kids are outside running around all day.

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Do you have any tips for getting the perfect application on the littles?

The kids love applying their Supergoop!. Ella loves being like mom and likes to put the Everyday Sunscreen on her face. She feels like a big girl and we talk about taking care of her skin — you’re never too young to have this kind of a talk! They both have mastered their “T” stance when using the spray, and say it feels like tickled kisses on their skin. It makes me happy to hear their sweet giggles with each spray and know that they are staying safe in the sun.


Crew & Lu
Crew & Lu
Crew & Lu

Your mini modern farm looks like a summer retreat! Are you still renovating? Any funny stories you can share?  

We our loving our little homestead. We have been here for about eight months and there is always something to do. We did our major renovations before we moved in, and are now just polishing the rest slowly. I feel like spaces are always evolving so I don’t think there will ever be a real endpoint, but I do feel like this is our forever home. Lance and I think we are like another version of Chip and Joanna Gaines [from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”]. Like I said, “think”…haha.

Who are the cute animal friends we see on Instagram? Do the kids love to play with them? How are they with helping out with the animals?  

The kids are smitten with their farm babies. We have two fainting goats (Ricky and Cal), two chickens (Speedy and Little tiny), and our sweet pup, Bucket. All of our animals are the sweetest. We’ve engaged with them from the beginning so they are super friendly. I’m not going to lie — it’s a lot of work, but I feel like this will build a childhood they will remember forever. The kids do their chores which include collecting the eggs and helping with feed time. It makes me happy that they find fulfillment in helping around the farm.

Uyen Carlson

We love the adorable swimsuits your daughter is wearing on Instagram! Do you design those? Can you tell us about the line?

Yes! I do have a children’s clothing brand called Crew & Lu that I started when Crew was young. It has evolved into great mix-and-match pieces for everyday wear. The summer swimsuit is one of my favorites to design. I love creating bright, fun pieces of clothing where kids can stand out and feel some individuality.

What is your inspiration for the suits?

I love the vintage feel, and creating fashionable yet functional coverage pieces is important to me. I want to make suits that they can wear all day and be able to play in, and of course I love to keep patterns and colors in mind when choosing fabrics. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about clothing is making the designs unique and fun.

Your little ones look like best friends! Can you share any fun shenanigans they’ve gotten up to?  

Crew and Ella are 22 months apart and they are the best of friends, but they also have their moments. The last thing they were up to was sneaking chips and hiding them under Crew’s bed. I found the stash a week later, but hey how can I blame them? I’m a chip-lover too!

Uyen Carlson

What’s in your summer “beach” bag?

Honestly, my summer beach bag is my everyday bag now…and I must have:

Are there any summer pieces you are obsessed with?  

I am loving my Copper Birkenstocks — I wear them pretty much everyday. I also love my Nena & Co bag. It fits everything and is so cute.  

Uyen Carlson

3 pearls of wisdom


Embrace each moment, both good and bad.


Learn to be flexible. Sometimes things never go as planned!


Schedule date nights. Creating "you" time with your partner leaves you rejuvenated and fresh for family time.

xx Uyen Carlson

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