Before going to the Hamptons, we weren’t quite sure what all the fuss was about. Questions about whether we’d be spending any time “out East” were frequently met with blank stares and eye rolls. But then, we went. The Hamptons are nothing short of magical and we finally get it. In fact, we’re trying to figure out how we can spend ALL of our time “out East” next summer. Wouldn’t that be grand? For some, this is a reality — we got the low-down on where to go, what to do, and how to spend every moment from our favorite ladies who know the lay of the land. So before you pack your bags for our Strong Like a Mama retreat at The Surf Lodge, plan to spend some time before or after exploring lovely Long Island. Read on…

Nadine Abramcyk

Nadine Abramcyk, Founder, tenoverten

I love to wake up with the kids on Saturday mornings and head straight to Amagansett Square, where I grab a coffee and some breakfast for the kids. The square is amazing because the kids can run around and there are always other kids to play with. I often pop into Botanica Bazaar for any natural beauty products I might need while out at the beach. We usually head to the beach around 3 or 4pm and then grab an early dinner with the kids at Clam Bar or La Fondita. Once home, the kids are exhausted and we rest up before going out for date night. We’ve been loving the Eleven Madison Park Summer House for a late night dinner.


Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone, EyeSwoon

Most Saturdays I can be found at Poles in Montauk, watching Jivan surf and hanging with friends until sunset. I am obsessed with the new yoga studio in Montauk called ByogaOrganic Krush in Amagansett is a new local fave for acai bowls and smoothies.


Tinamarie Clark

Tinamarie Clark, Model & Shift Stirrer

My Saturday mornings normally start with an iced coffee from The Golden Pear and then I’m off to find as many yard sales and estate sales as I can find. I also love vintage jewelry and need my fix shopping at Trujillo Barbara in Bridgehampton. Barbara has the most unique collection of vintage jewelry that she herself has selected from all over the world. I’m a sucker for vintage Chanel, so I’m in there every Saturday seeing what new stuff she’s found.  I also enjoy watching the sunset over the Sag Harbor marina at Le Bilboquet. It’s a beautiful French bistro, best known for their out-of-this-world Cajun chicken.


Rebecca MinkoffDesigner

We spend most of our time in Quogue, so we like to hit up Dolphins Lane Beach where you can surf and have a low-key hang. Then, we have drinks at Cowfish Restaurant where the outdoor pirate ship playground doubles as babysitter and let’s us picnic right on the bay. We also rent bikes from West Hampton Bike ‘n Kite as they make it easy to rent with kids. We love to pack a picnic lunch from Sunny’s and head out to Dune Road and watch the sunset.


Sylvanna Durrett

Sylvana Durrett, CEO and Co-Founder of Maisonette

We love being in the Hamptons during the summer – it’s such a nice escape after a long week in the city. The kids have endless activities and are outdoors from morning ’til night. A typical Saturday for us begins with a family trip for coffee and doughnuts in Sag Harbor at Jack’s. Some mornings, I’ll sneak a way for a workout class at Tracy Anderson or Flywheel. My kids love the beach, so usually we head to Sagg Main Beach and spend a couple hours building sandcastles and playing in the water. Afternoons are spent at the bay in front of our house, and if I can squeeze in some “me time”, l’ll run into town to stop by some of my favorite shops: TENETAerin and Homenature. I’m looking forward to exploring some new pop-ups this season as well. The Line is coming back and Goop Amagansett looks great! Speaking of pop-ups, we will be launching our first pop-up with Theory at their store in East Hampton – look out for the Maisonette Back to School Pop-Up this August 18-27. Bring the kids, I’ll be there all week!

Nights are generally spent cooking out, but we are excited to try Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor (I am obsessed with their Cajun Chicken!). One of our all time favorites is Crow’s Nest in Montauk for relaxed drinks by their fire pit and dinner. We are also excited to try EMP Summer House, which my friends have been raving about. And, of course, when we’re feeling adventurous on a Sunday morning, we’ll head to Sunset Beach for brunch — great for kids and parents alike!


Rachelle Hruska

Rachelle Hruska, Guest of a Guest

On Saturdays in Montauk, (if it’s sunny and nice out), we go to the beach and eat a picnic on the sand. We usually pick up food from Naturally Good Foods & Cafe or chicken from Herbs Market. If it’s cloudy, I may stop in to see what’s going on with my friends at Surf BazaarMelet Mercantile*Share with…Montauk Mainstay and Cynthia Rowley — oh, and FINWe’ve also been known to hike around Shadmoor State Park and go to the salt caves. At night, we love to have dinner in, or at the Crow’s Nest!


Leilani Bishop

Leilani Bishop, Co-Founder of Botanica Bazaar

I, of course, love Botanica Bazaar for all things health and beauty. Sag Harbor is one of my favorite towns, and a perfect Saturday there is spent chartering a boat with loved ones with provisions from Harbor Market. You also have to check out The Interior Shop — it’s my new favorite home store!


Carlie Lawrence

Carlie Lawrence, Director of Social, Shopbop

My favorite spot for brunch with the kids is LT Burger in Sag Harbor. They are super accommodating with the littles, but it gets busy, so go early. For lunch, Duryea’s Lobster Deck in Montauk has amazing lobster rolls and a perfect perch for sitting outside over the water. It’s great with or without the kids. For a night at home, I love cooking up seasonal salads with delicious local produce from Round Swamp Farm. And their jumbo shrimp is sooo delicious! When we want to fit in some exercise for the kids, Fresh Pond Park in Amagansett is a great bay beach and a local secret. I also love to go paddle boarding with Weekend Warriors. Just give them an hour’s notice and they’ll recommend the best spots to paddle that day and bring the paddles there for you. All you need to do is meet them there. For a family outing, berry picking at Hank’s Farm stand in South Hampton is perfect.   


Lanie List

Lanie List, Founder, Lovely Bride

Summer days can be really long with the kids, especially with the sun being up past 8pm, so we stretch out our Saturday afternoons into evenings in Sag Harbor. We’ll walk around Sag and hit up some of our local favorite shops like Matta, for the breeziest dresses for mom, and Stella and Ruby, the sweetest kids store with tutus galore. We buy all of our kids’ party supplies there too. SagTown Coffee is the perfect hangout spot to stretch out and relax, and thankfully it just reopened after the fire in Sag last Fall. Then we’ll hang for a bit at the beach right by the harbor and afterwards get dinner and cocktails (for the parents) at the outdoor terrace at Baron’s Cove. There is often live music there too, with a totally open seating situation which is awesome.


Rachel Blumenthal

Rachel Blumenthal, Rockets of Awesome

My perfect day starts with the Hot Vinyasa class in Bridgehampton at Hamptons Hot Yoga. Then, I walk over to Round Swamp and buy food for the house – BBQ Chicken Balls, guacamole, chicken salad, the corn fiesta salad, mini blueberry muffins, Lisa’s Cookie Jar Ice Cream (new this year and insanely amazing!) and cut-up watermelon (which I eat on the drive home). In the afternoons, we love to walk around East Hampton and go into the Eric Firestone Gallery or Kirna Zabete. We have an open door policy at our home and friends frequently stop by, but if we head out for dinner, we will either go to EMP Summer House, Vine Street, Crow’s Nest, Nick & Toni’s or The Palm. On nights we have dinner with the kids, we’ll opt for Bostwick’s Chowder House or Clam Bar for an early dinner outside and ice cream from Scoop Du Jour after.


Have any recommendations or favorites to add to the list? Comment below. See you in the Hamptons, mamas!



Header image courtesy of Eye-Swoon

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