Who better to crack the summer music festival lineup than two mamas married to rock stars. No Brainer right? We got the inside scoop on all the gear you need and the best festivals to hit up from Mieke Dumont and Erin Lokitz; founders of Things We Heart and married to awesome guys in a band you might have heard of.. No Doubt.

Summer is our favorite season. Not just because of the sunshine and sandy days, we also love it for the music. Summer is the season of the music festival and having kids doesn’t mean that you can’t still dance your days away, you will just have the cutest, tiniest dancing partners.

With five children, nine years old and under between us, we have definitely learned to maneuver some tricky situations. We have been partners in Things We Heart for seven years, but we have been friends for much longer. We met through our husbands who are in the band, No Doubt. Needless to say our little ones have been to their fair share of rock shows…

Over the years we have perfected the art of concerts with our kids.  We have learned that the trick to an enjoyable experience for everyone, is keeping yourself and your kids happy throughout the day. Luckily, we have some tips for doing just that.

Coco & Koa- Photo: Things We Heart

Coco & Koa- Photo: Things We Heart

Most importantly you’re going to want to make sure your children’s ears are protected. We CANNOT stress enough what a great investment quality sound filtering earmuffs are. You will rest easy knowing those little eardrums are protected. We love the 3M Pelter for kids.

Many kids resist wearing  them, so make it fun at home by putting them in charge and letting them take them everywhere. “Oh, we are in the car! I’m going to turn the music up really loud on the radio! Do you want to put on your earphones?” Have your little one wear them off and on for a week or so before the big day, it will help them get used to them.


Comfortable and stylish footwear for the whole family makes chasing your toddlers down so much easier. Save the heels for a romantic date night and go for a Mama & mini-me look with these Nike high-tops.


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.49.27 PM

Sun protection is key and what could make protecting your little ones sweet cheeks more fun then Zinka? This colored Zinc Oxide like we had when we were kids is back! Trust us when we say that kids will line up to have this mineral based sun block put on their faces. Score major “cool mom” points.



Remember to have your kids drink lots of water throughout the warm day. You too Mama, the more hydrated you are the less tired you will feel. It may call for more potty breaks, but that’s a lot easier to deal with than heat stroke!


We are obsessed with great sun hats for ourselves and our kids. Janessa Leone is one of our favorite milliners these days, and her beautiful Panton hat will keep you looking and feeling as cool as a cucumber.



For an equally stunning look for way less of a splurge, we also love Brixton hats.



And who could resist this cute panda hat? Perfect for boys and girls.



Being a Mama requires you to carry a whole lot of Mama necessities with you. Our top pick for an easy-to-carry, light-weight tote is this beautiful Wayuu bag from The Little Market


Besides throwing your sunglasses, lip balm and sunscreens into this beautiful bag, you are going to need one more important but much forgotten essential. The Ban.do mobile charger. Never let your cell phone run out of battery power again with this cute super charger.  With this little trick, you won’t miss a single photo opportunity!



If you still have a little, little one then of course you will have to bring your baby carrier. We are huge fans of the Ergo Carrier. Pair that with a chic shawl style wrap to keep you and baby warm, and you can sway your babe to the music as the sun sets in the distance.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.55.45 PM

We love sharing adventures with our kids and can’t tell you how much fun they have dancing and moving to the music. We hope this little list inspired you to take your family out to a festival or concert this summer. The energy is contagious, and it’s fun to watch your kids make these amazing memories of their childhoods.


Now that you have all the essentials for a fun festival trip with your family, its time to pick a festival!   Here are our picks for the best festivals to bring your children to.

  1.  Kidzapalooza at Lollapalooza (Chicago IL, US)- They have their own festival area, a complete band lineup just for the kids as well as arts and crafts!
  2. Austin Kiddie Limits at Austin City Limits (Austin TX, US)- Its a festival within a festival with a lineup just for the kids as well as creative and fun activities to keep them happy and inspired
  3. Global Citizens Festival (Central Park NY, US)- There is nothing like this festival.  It is free to get in and perfect for all ages.  Your time and commitment to your community, the environment and the citizens of the world is your payment for the ticket.  What a beautiful way to teach our children to love but through music.
  4. Kaboo Del Mar (Del Mar CA, US)- Kids are 1/2 price at this fun festival.  Who knows, you may see our baby daddies rocking out on the main stage while we watch in our ponchos snuggling our mini-mes.
  5. Loukidz at Loufest (St Louis MO, US)- Tons of fun things for the kids like face painting, arts and crafts and of course dancing!
  6. Splendour in the grass (Sydney Australia)- All ages welcome, and kids under 11 are free at this multicultural music fest.  Show your little ones the beautiful people of the world and amazing music and cultural events at this not-to-miss fest.
  7. Family Place at Festival d’été de Québec (Québec Canada) This 11 day festival (yes 11!) is a little piece of heaven for families.  You can fill your kids’ days with dragon and circus workshops, graffiti classes, amusement rides and short films!  Sign us up!
Things We Heart- Photo: Steve Erle

Things We Heart- Photo: Steve Erle


To learn more about Things We Heart, check out their site, their Instagram and their heymama profiles here and here.

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